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A gay American writer based in the Czech Republic writes about Manila Gay Guy:

I still can’t figure out why this blog (Manila Gay Guy) has so many hits. It’s so chatty, cliquey and really, really gay that all I could think of is that there’s only one gay blog in the Philippines and every single homosexual there reads it. Two or three times a day apparently.(link)

Well, well, well… amusing! But you know it isn’t true that MGG is the only gay blog here in the Philippines. In fact there are a lot of Pinoy gay bloggers. Some MGG readers, in fact, are themselves bloggers.

So I ask, Na-ga-blog ka ba? Hehehe! Here are some notable Pinoy Gay Bloggers definitely worth reading.

Corp Closet

cc.jpg Corp Closet is a new blog by Closet Case, a gay executive living in Quezon City. He’s a well-decorated successful corporate bloke, well-accomplished, well-educated, and very well-built (thanks to Fitness First). Well, well, well… go ahead and read his first 10-or-so posts - and feel free to open his on-line closet. My favorite post to-date: Unexpected Places - where he regales the story of how he met his lover of 7+ years - in a gay orgy party! Wooohooo!

Gibbs Cadiz

Lovers of performing arts gather round Gibbs Cadiz’ one-of-a-kind blog, focusing on the Philippine theatre scene. You can read a sprinkling of movie reviews as well, since Gibbs is also a movie buff and critic. He is the resident theatre guru of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and also one of the editors of their Lifestyle Section. His blog is a finalist in the Lifestyle category of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. My favorite post to-date: his Valentine post, Something Really Personal - where he publicly comes out as a gay man, with a bonus funny, funny Puerto Galera “pick up” story. Go read!

The McVie Show

mcvie.jpg Joel McVie opens his blog with this — “You can pretend to be serious, but you can’t pretend to be witty.” Oh yes, I’m the great pretender. (Pilot episode: 20 January 2004) But indeed, Joel is a witty, witty writer - and wait till you meet him in person - di nauubusan ng punchline! Hehehe! His blog is a mix of many, many things — no specific subject in particular, but some sort of on-line journal. And because of that you can peek into the intimate details of his gay life — like in my favorite post, Saturday is McVie day - where he narrates his day’s highlights - concise and complete, ends with, “…Later on, maybe CB (Club Bath) then Bed. Life is good.”

- o -

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37 Responses to “Pinoy Gay Bloggers”

  1. Q Says:

    bat silang lahat may picture, si manila gay guy wala? BOO!!! Migs we want u! hahaha. Release those pics!

  2. mcvie Says:

    Really, that’s your favorite post? Hehehe, ni hindi ko nga pinag-isipan yun eh, I just fired off stuff while sitting at a table in Burger King. And blogging using my Sony Ericsson Z610i phone. Na hindi pa in-focus ang picture, ahahaha! Really, what one writes takes on a life of its own. I suppose it was the last line that got you, huh? Or maybe because I was short and sweet–in other words, hindi verbose, ahahaha! (Mas mahaba pa nga yata ito kaysa sa blog entry ko eh, hehehe.)

  3. ian Says:

    i think we all go to MGG because, even with the sexy stuff, the blog’s still fun, intelligent, comprehensive, and — dare i say it — “wholesome,” in a gay way of course. there are so many other gay blogs out there, some of which leave me feeling like i want to take a quick shower… with rubbing alcohol.

  4. Seth Says:

    I’m a newbie in the blog world and when i grow up, i wanna be just like MGG! ü Check my blog:

  5. bernard arturo Says:

    baka burahin mo na naman tong ad ko ha. -> photoblog to

  6. L.A Says:

    Wow so many Gay bloggersss do that includes me?

    Haha count me in!

  7. rOckY Says:

    Well that’s just a stupid generalization. Clearly he didn’t even bother trying to search for other “gay” Filipino blogs and just got stuck with seeing MGG.

    The success of MGG plays on the age-old adage that sex sells, i suppose. there are a lot of blogs out there written by gay Filipino writers that don’t necessarily play to this particular practice, but it doesn’t make them as less (or more) gay. maybe he found other blogs but simply couldn’t understand what they meant since they were in Filipino. go figure.

    my own blog, while not dedicated to queer topics, does cover gay news items and related events, so i guess you could count it as a gay blog (among many other things).

  8. Chen Says:


    what do you think of BRYANBOY’s blog? too extreme for you ba??

    just curious….


  9. neonego Says:

    MGG is the philippine national gay blog!

  10. julian Says:

    MGG you rock.
    You’re not trying hard.
    You’re not trying to be anything you’re not.
    You’re kinda wholesome, but really you dig the raunch.
    You’ve been around and you’ve played the games.
    And still I bet you’re nice to your mom, you never cheat at gin rummy (but maybe a bit at Pictionary), you’ve never been arrested, and dogs, cats and secretaries like you.

    In the span of a few days, I’ve become a fan. Your site has eaten up hours I should be spending on other things…but when I think of how much laughter and hot jinks you’ve given me…the dishes, the doggy walk, the settling of bills can wait.

    MGG time is time out for me and the fun, hot, shallow, deep things I want to see on the net. Between MSG and MGG you’ve got more flavor, mister. I wonder what Mr Gay Writer in the Czech Republic has to say with this all out inflagrante pat on the back? Those who can’t muster loyalty will always wonder.

    Keep em coming MGG. I’ll say it again: You rock.

  11. chriscapade Says:

    i 2nd d motion…

  12. astroboi Says:

    don’t even click on his link para mababa pa rin hits nya. inggit lang sya. bleh.

  13. vinvin Says:

    LOL. naiinggit lang ang baklang czech. LOL.

  14. Glenn Says:

    i am also a blogger but i doubt if my site could ever be considered as being too gay since it is usually personal-journal type, typical of a closeted to a not so closeted type of guy at times gay at times, etc. hehehe… do i make sense??? the site is too clean… but if i qualify as a blogger since it is in the net then why not? hehehehe…

  15. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    if kinsey was right, there should be about 10 gay bloggers in the pinoy top blogs top 100. there are at least two in the top 5, and 5 in the top 50 =)

  16. AJ Says:

    hello naman sa kanya, simulan ba ang entry niya ng bitterness na walang sense of poise, rationality? hello naman. I think he needs to look at your hits based on a socio-cultural perspective. i think i speak for a lot here that the reason why we keep on coming back to (and want more of) MGG is because no matter what your subject is, we all can relate to it. Hubaran man o dramahan, Lalake o Kabadingan man, we can connect. Dapat siguro alamin niya muna ang kultura ng mga baklitang pinoy bago siya mainggit.
    mamatay na inggitera! :)

    -baklitang blogger

  17. Rasheed Says:

    I checked out the mcvie and misterhubs blogs and loved both of them! What a pleasure it is to read the intelligent and interesting entries of gay Filipino men.
    Check my latest blog entry on whether or not Sam Milby is gay.

  18. pirena Says:

    e ano bang pakialam nyang iggetera na yan kung ilang beses ako pumunta sa blog na to no….masaya ako sa ginagawa ko at ndi nya yon mabibigay…walang pakialaman dahil wala akong pakialam sa pinag gagawa nya no…basta ako happy pag andito ako sa blog na to…oks ba migz??!!!gob bless and have a nice day ahead…….

  19. alex Says:

    matalino kasi tayo. in any case, i think it’s a strong manifestation of the filipino gay community. i’ve been reading gay blogs for a long time kasi even though there are universal gay issues, there are also issues that only gay filipino men go through, understand and appreciate.

  20. jholou Says:

    at least he(czech) is one of the millions who checks this site…

    aside from checking this site i luv other gay blogs like, lastresestrellas, mandayamoore, anggandaniwanda, ultimatepinoyhunks, yajnat, kuentongkalibugan….

    and im sure there are a lot of other blogs that are also interesting

  21. khentutz Says:

    a gay blogger here but not enough to be counted as gay blog… most of my posts are realizations and frustrations… though i’m starting to post my never ending stalker mode for my lifetime crushes hahaha..

  22. josh Says:

    Aside for ultimatepinoyhunk (thx a lot bernard i luv ur site (smack)), miong21 and tiggahtigz, this is the best site ever!!! MGG rocks and tules!!!!!! i mean rules!!!!

  23. Dave Montero Says:

    @josh: Thanks dude!

    U rock Migs!

    BTW, the video clip for Nel scrubbing Bruce is here:

    Can’t find the one with Bruce & Kian in bed snogging..

  24. Christian Says:

    how come my favorite third world fag bryanboy le superstar fabuleux isnt in there? he is so famous the world over to young bloggers because of his shallow and materialistic ways…

  25. mandayamoore Says:

    ako baklang blogger din.

  26. Mikee Says:

    May PUSO kase ang blog na to. Yung kay Czechwa more ELYA.

  27. reyville Says:

    i’m a blogger as well. cge na nga… gay blogger! regular visitor of this blog, miong’s, coconuter’s (hindi toh gay blog ha! hehe!), ultimatepinoyhunks, among others. i sometimes visit bryanboy’s as well. tama ung isang reader kanina, MIGS is the national gay blogger…keep up the good work, migs…i’m sure marami kang napapasaya…^^

  28. khalel Says:

    whoa! ang daming blogger! lolz! Maybe a pinoy queer listing is in order. Pero wag ka na sumali migs dahil lalamunin lang kami ng numbers mo, i am 1000 to 1500 hits a week, i think that is only half of what you are getting! Ikaw na lang mgasponsor. lolz!

    Mabuhay ang mga baklang Blogista!

  29. Migs Says:

    WOW! I am overwhelmed by your show of support for MGG! No need to bash Mr. Gay American Writer in the Czech Republic — I’m sure he meant no harm. And always remember, WORLD PEACE!

  30. andrew Says:

    Yeah, tama si Migs, mga kapatid. You know how brutally frank Americans can be. It’s just the Kano’s observation (I hope).

    I guess the important thing is that all of us enjoy Migs — err, I mean, MGG, hehe!

    Love you, Migs. :-* *kisses*

  31. mcvie Says:

    “Overwhelmed”?! Overwhelmed ka jan ha! At 11,000+ hits versus Mr. Gay American Writer in the Czech Republic’s 2,000+ hits, may lagay ka pang ma-”overwhelm”? AHAHAHAHAHA! Go, go go, Meeegz! :-)

  32. Regina Theresa Says:

    Inggitera the American in Czech ha! :) I enjoy reading MGG and kahit na I was born with a set of ovaries, I am as gay as a sunny day!!!

  33. josh Says:

    Migs pa singgit lang…. hey khalel, i sent u a comment on your blog regarding your icons and the christian religion that your are attending… hope you got them… i really want to be and observer of the church you are describing… tnx migs

  34. Finzione Says: -gspot blogger award winner - wala lang. personal blog ko.

  35. rain Says:

    what about bryanboy?

  36. forpaulo Says:

    wish ko lang magka-blog din ako!! and maging as successful as mig’s…

    never got the chance to see bryanboy’s. but would you believe, i first heard of his blog from my cousin who regularly visits his site. take note.. my cousin is a hetero girl who was born and raised in the US.

    makes me wonder how the hell she ever chanced upon bryanboy’s blog??

  37. larrygp Says:

    reading Mr. gay american writer comments ———> ’twas more of a compliment than insult

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