Gay Blogging Tidbits

Some blogging tidbits, and a titillating tip for everyone!

• MGG reaches 5 million page views! And to think we started this blog only 9 months ago! Woohooo! Thank you to all MGG loyal readers! Love you all!
• (PGB) which just started last month is doing great too! We have more than 40 Pinoy Gay Bloggers listed – and it’s still growing! Now I realize how diverse we really are. We have in our magic list of Pinoy gay bloggers many different occupations - chef, online gamer, theatre actor, lawyer, even a wanna-be Diyosa! Special thanks to Rocky of The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything for writing reviews for PGB!
• I’m looking for a good podcasting mic so I can finally record my podcast with Janvier Daily. Salivating on the USB Microphone Snowball Bundle… but the delivery from US is such a hassle! (It’s not available locally.) Any US-based MGG reader who’s coming to Manila soon? Padala naman…
• Speaking of podcasting — here’s an uber funny podcasting duo, Dan and Rye. They are Pinoy gay guys working as dancers in Hong Kong Disneyland (Festival of the Lion King). OFW loneliness turned these gay guys into happy and hilarious podcasting supeh-stars! Ang saya!
• And now for the titillating tip…. Tiggah, a California-based MGG reader, becomes alter-ego Tigguh once again! (That means he is his exhibitionist self in a recent entry – go check it out!) Blogging Tidbits  digg:Gay Blogging Tidbits  spurl:Gay Blogging Tidbits  newsvine:Gay Blogging Tidbits  furl:Gay Blogging Tidbits  reddit:Gay Blogging Tidbits  fark:Gay Blogging Tidbits  Y!:Gay Blogging Tidbits


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6 Responses to “Gay Blogging Tidbits”

  1. leo Says:

    ei, pasyal naman kayo blog ko, pleeeasssseeee…

  2. Beaux Naigal Says:

    Anybody out there who knows the location of Question Mark (?). It used to be in Orosa Street near Court of Appeals. The place is a place where gays can choose there male companion for the night.

  3. neonego Says:

    i wish MGG will be more informative in educating all it’s viewers - in all walks of life.

  4. empress maruja Says:

    Oh my God! Si Rye may podcast…

    Umaariba ang mga Royal Tigress huh!

  5. john_aspen Says:

    Ganun 5Milion??? Si Alizon me 25Million Smart subscribers na kabarkada. I wonder ilan sa 80Million ang gays. Hehehe.

    Galeng Migs! More power! (How showbiz)

  6. saint Says:

    OMG… yung last part really good.

    a blog that features himself. kaka-inggit na meron sya ganun and no inhibitions… gogogogo.

    tnx migs!

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