What do you want to see in MGG?

Since I started this blog, all I have been writing about are things that interest me, or things I believe will interest you my readers. But then again, I am really just guessing and taking a wild stab on the second part — on those topics that interest you. I’ve noticed that MGG has been experiencing a real growth in its readership base, and thus, as part of my desire to continuously improve this site, I’d like to ask you who make this such a successful blog — what would you like to see here?

I know some have been quite vocal about which hunk to feature — no worries, I will continue to feature beautiful people in this blog. I am more interested though in knowing what else (aside from them hunks) would you like to see here?

Please, I beg you, let me know. I cannot promise that I will follow all your suggestions; however, what I can promise is that I will give each one careful thought. Let’s all help in building this site because while I am the formal owner of this blog, MGG has become not just Migs’ — it has taken a life of its own that includes me and you all.

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46 Responses to “What do you want to see in MGG?”

  1. josh Says:

    Actually, since i started reading MGG, i learned a lot on D gay pinoy (aside frm updates on shows & events,there s true to life stories here, the most controversial of issues, updates on the IN celebs & personalities, & various tie up with other gayblog site, what more can we ask for!!!!) Just update ur blog daily and we await for your podcasts…and where the heck is andrew (mis u here!):) God bless u migs

  2. connie Says:

    wheres will sandehas,i wanna see some of his thinggy…

  3. Misterhubs Says:

    I really enjoyed your Boracay Eyeball series. I hope to see more entries like that. :)

  4. argie Says:

    yeah, I agree to the guy above me…just continue to write some stories of yours…coz ur such a great and awesome writer!

  5. mike237 Says:

    can you post more of brendan lim … he’s so hot … thanks …

  6. tina Says:

    Can you post stuff both sensually titillating but at the same time that contribute to the social well being of people, not just pure carnal yearning? :) I know a lot of gay people delving into social work or fighting for remarkable advocacies (and they’re hot, too) and a huge part of what makes them hot is the fact that they’re not… well, for carnal yearning only.

  7. Nadriamez Says:

    Migs, i like the boracay eyeball series and the bisexual/gay issues posted here. The posts are fine. Maybe we can see more of the flirty and oh-so-hot posts. Let’s not forget to balance it with something nurturing for not just the gay soul, but for the entire sexually challenged universe. Yeah, tina has a good point,
    …”Can you post stuff both sensually titillating but at the same time that contribute to the social well being of people, not just pure carnal yearning?”

    Give it a thought :-)

  8. daemoneyes Says:

    hi migs…

    while i really enjoy looking at your hunky guys post…

    it would be really nice to see “normal” people on your blog…

    you know… the average joe/jane…

    interesting people… not necessarily the hunky, hot type…


    weird noh…

  9. tubibi Says:

    Fashion, mare, fashion! Pwede ring techie gadgets and website that makes gay life easier. Bongga ka, Migs! Ngayon pa lang ako nagcomment dito pero matagal na akong lurker sa site mo. I’ll support your blog all the way. ;)

  10. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Parties! Party Pictures! Manila Gay Party Pictures!

  11. prock Says:

    i personally like the advice-column-ish articles where you and us, the readers, discuss the issues sent to you. :)

  12. Joel Meister Says:

    I want you to feature reader’s stories…ma-la “Maalaala Mo Kaya” meets Joe D’Mango. Gay Edition, of course:)

  13. spar Says:

    Guji Lorenzana! u have to feature this guy…

  14. mcvie Says:

    I want you to show your face.


    Charing lang. :-)

  15. Ace Says:

    Migs, I think your readers really want to see you bold, a la Tiggah. Sorry, Migs, I’m just being silly - I know it’s not your style. I’m in a goofy mood because I finally got my tax refund. Anyway, I was really impressed with Ricky Reyes, whom you featured a few weeks ago. I didn’t really know about him at all, but I was impressed of his accomplishments (googled), not just financially but socially as well. Perhaps, it is good inspiration for people to read more about successful, openly gay individuals who are contributing to, not only the gay community, but also to society in general. But then again, most are probably still in the closet which makes it rather difficult… Also, maybe once in a while, stories of people who overcame common problems endemic to being gay in the Philippines. I know you already addressed a lot of issues within the gay community but I don’t really know how people deal with issues when addressing the rest of society. I noticed that your readers are not shy when it comes to having their opinions heard about gay-related issues, and that’s a good thing. Overall though, I think you are already doing an excellent job of making offerings that your readers enjoy.

  16. Indoy Garutay Says:

    Please keep on featuring HOT PICS of Filipino guys. This is one of the reasons why I frequent your site because I like to see hot Filipino guys which you just cannot find everywhere. I also like the topics that you occasionally throw at your audience to talk about and dissect. This is all about gay sharing, be it pictures, opinions and innermost secrets. I would like to see more about the WHERE ARE THEY NOW? series and find out what happened to those once upon a time HOT FILIPINO celebrities. But I want to know where they are now and what they are doing. Yun lang at mabuhay ka!!!

  17. Mo Jo Says:

    Its nice that you are taking suggestions. But I think the appeal of this site is that it is from your view… after all, that is what a blog is. If you evolve this into a community effort, it might lose its appeal.

    I say… status quouo. Even your technical back-end

  18. jonathan Says:

    Manila needs a website which would tell gay foreign visitors where to go. There should be categories like bars, sauna, massage, escort service, macho dancers, etc. If you go to google and type the words Manila Gay,your website is the first on the list and therefore, you would be doing a lot of foreign travellers a favor by featuring places to go, etc.

  19. Ador Matador Says:

    all the topics are good except for the hunky hunks because im not into hunks… i have read all the post about hardships and struggles of gay people and i now have more awareness of what is really happening in our society! i was touched by different true to life stories of successful gays and gay dad. i think i should wish for more stories like the exchange of emails stories and the like! and oohh another thing i wish that MGG would have its new look mala MBM (hehe) peace migs. i love this site over all and aside from those things stated what else could i ask for? MORE POWER and good luck MiGS

  20. Francinellyfurtamo Says:

    ackhuwally, MGG kayo ni rddantes ang gusto ko sa pinoy bloggers for the photosand the writing style kasi di ko pa nakikita at nababasa sa iba. Malamig at malongkot dito kaya naaliw kami (ako) pag nababasa posts nyo na may kasamang hot hunks, (hot hunks daw o!) ika nga ni Leandro Baldemor nung araw, Keep Up The Good Works!

  21. Little Fish Says:

    Post whatever comes into mind.
    If it is about gay sexlife….better!
    Bottomline, gaylife is happy life.
    yes, we are humans’ too and human got numerous flaws.
    MGG is inspiring…informative…and desirable!
    No..no…no Don’t ever show your face pic
    Maraming ma-inlove sa’yo!

    love yah!

  22. Lola Says:

    I wanna see male celebs or PBA players that dont really bare and dare or that we seldom see going shirtless.

  23. inday_garalgal Says:

    its obvious dear migs what gay guys want to see (at least in pics) is their honorable host(ess) no other than MIGS… minsan gs2 ko na maniwala ikaw si MIGS ZUBIRI! then ul have my VOTE harharhar! :)

  24. Q Says:

    The first time I stumbled upon this blog, I did it because I wanted to see the hunky pics, and I kept coming back primarily because of this. However, as I kept on exploring the site and stumbled upon your mix of stories, advice columns and the rants/ questioning about general gay life, I found that I could relate with it as well and came to crave for more then just the hunks featured here.

    The eclectic mix featured in this blog (advice columns, stories, gay habits, men, etc) is what led to the success of the blog, and this all happened because of your unique personality, which shouldn’t be compromised. I also agree with Jonathan that gay hotspots in Manila should be featured. Maybe you could start with gay-friendly establishments or bathhouses/ spas?

  25. Raymond Says:

    There are already websites (such as Utopia) which tell gay visitors where to go and what to do when in Manila. I think that the uniqueness of this website is that it addresses the Filipino gay man (rather than tourists) and the issues that concern us most. The pics of hot hunks are most welcome, and the reason why I logged on in the first place. But as many have said, the eclectic offerings of the site, coupled by Migs’s wonderful levelheadedness, obvious intelligence, and good heart, are what has made this website phenomenally popular. I agree with Mo Jo that this site should retain Migs’s personality foremost, while remaining open to the inputs from and exchanges with the Pinoy gay community, wherever in the world we may be. Mabuhay ka, Mystery Migs! World Peace!

  26. diggs Says:

    Ezra Blu Freeland please!


  27. john_aspen Says:

    Migs, I want to see more of your “hunt for best looking barista, waiter, service crew” hehehe.

  28. kishster Says:

    I hope you come with a segment where readers can actually submit their own hot and sexy pictures. Its up to you to select it. But of course it must authentic.

    Moderator, pls feature Ito Kish. Pls pls.

    Keep it up!

  29. dax Says:

    ei migs!

    i stumbled upon this blog (http://moodyfruit.joafruit.com) which features a gay couple’s daily adventures… much like that of tiggah and pooh’s… it has nice photographs (with captions) of their travels… the place… food… hotels… it’s nice if we could see some of your post like these ones… your own travels… own photos… own adventures… and since you yourself is a photographer… you would not have difficulty doing it… i’m looking forward to these suggestions come to reality on your future posts!

    also… i’d like to see more of those comparisons like who has better butt (daniel radcliffe or johnron tañada) or who sings better (nora or vilma)… it was so funny! hehehe… c”,)

  30. Kai Says:

    Just more pics of shirtless hunks. It’s such a therapy visiting your site.


  31. sharon bading Says:

    how about people with sexy minds….the intellectuals? kasi di ba pulos na lang physical…watcha think?

    like randy david…or even some profs….

  32. Ross Says:

    I like your blog just the way it is. It’s a good mix of pics of hunks, gay lifestyle, personal stories and questions that challenges us to embrace the diversity of gays.

  33. jholou Says:

    nah its been a toddlers wish to see you miggs…

    and anything thing that came across your mind…

  34. empress maruja Says:

    I agree with some of your readers. It’s good as it is.

  35. ghel Says:

    I want to see Monsour del Rosario.

    Nope really, I dont think I need to ask for more.. as long as we discuss issues that concern us (yes yummy pictures included) and the latest happenings about PLUs (people like us).

    And lastly.

    I want you to update your blog regularly. Just post anything you want.

    Keep this blog alive and number 1.

    Your original FAN,

  36. harajuku Says:

    Im happy whatever comes my way here in MGG. I enjoyed everything, since I started following your blog 2 months ago, and I am continuing still. I just like to see some not really known models around here (male, of course) that are visible in the tube. And just a suggestion for us loyal readers, maybe we should do EB sometimes… hehehehe

  37. greg Says:

    i enjoy your site, but, on a personal level, i would like to see pinoy with a bit, or a lot, more muscle.
    thanks for asking,

  38. shikamaru914 Says:

    love your site but do include more stories about being gay/bi here in our country, a happy ending is not a recquirement. i would also request for post that showcases different places where you can meet friends and even hookup in the metro and the like… thanks

  39. aeriol Says:

    i liked those inspiring article i really like you migs your my pinoy idol!!!!!!!!!

  40. Daniel Says:

    What I want? Nudes.

  41. mackintosh Says:

    Please feature LUKE JICKAIN! and more new pics of chester nolledo pls

  42. pokito Says:

    migs yung ke JP CALDERON..he’s frickin hot…pls

  43. ACE Says:

    hi migs,
    i am a latest convert to your blog, and i must say itsthe best. i could hardly beleive what you have featured here is what i am dying to know. anyway, may i request that you include gay activities happening inside malls and local theatres? i must say that all those hefty activities and experiences from those places would help us to locate guys at low risks. hope you could consider my suggestion and kudos!

  44. arnel Says:

    sana give us hints of places to hunt for guys… san ba ang mga gimikan ng mga very discreet gays. pls give us info…. thanks

  45. cast Says:

    hi migs,

    i really like this post… keep it up… just a simple request my dear, kindly continue featuring success stories of gays, filipino gays that is, similar to your feature on ricky reyes. gays like soxy topacio, allan k or others, basta me learnings dun sa story… and wag u mag stop magfeature ng chinitos ha…
    God Bless you Migs..

  46. Luis Says:

    Please please… feature Guji Lorenzana. I’ve been tryin to find more pics of this guy. Seen him around at the fort with the likes of Andrew Smith and Will D. HE’s also an Amboy… new recording artist and commercial model. Thanks!

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