What do you like in guys?

What do I like in guys? Hmmm… if given the chance to put together my ideal man, much like a lego, he would be…

Good looking enough, even if not super guapo (layogenic, puwede na!)

I also prefer those who can look prim and proper, angelic at times…

… but can also be fierce-looking at other times :)

Someone who is friendly…

… and who does not care if he sometimes looks crazy!

Dahil nature-lover ako, I would also prefer him to be eco-friendly…

He does not need to be super intelligent — but someone reflective and introspective would be a good match!

Someone who dresses simply, yet elegantly…

… someone who undresses simply, yet elegantly TOO…

Lastly, I want someone mabait (kapag tulog?)

… and of course, not homophobic!

(Model in this post: Miguel Vargas)

- o -

How about you, what do you like in guys? What characteristics would you love your ideal guy to have?

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30 Responses to “What do you like in guys?”

  1. nheznhurneleigz Says:

    haay… sana meron lahat yan…

  2. AngeLLoveR Says:

    incidentally… i’ve made a similar list last year that i still fold true right now.
    at the risk of plugging…



  3. harajuku Says:

    my qualifications(?) would be:
    * someone older than me. im 21, so maybe around 25 or 30.
    * someone who is clean shaven, proper, and who dresses well all the time.
    * someone who is incline with music, although its just a plus. My ex likes music.
    * someone who will understand my behaviour, because I already know who I am so he must know how I am too.
    * someone who is capable of making me smile when Im down.
    * and someone who can spend the rest of our lives together (charing!)

  4. vince Says:

    sense of humor; great conversationalist;has wide range of interests; takes care of his physique; doesn’t need to be exceptionally good-looking–presentable with a certain appeal is enough; can hold his temper in check; isn’t “clingy” and possessive; isn’t a leech.

  5. miguel Says:

    wow this miguel vargas is hot, haha ;-)

    great way to start my morning! thanks migs ;-) how’d you get access to all these private photos?

  6. aries Says:

    i like the chest. yum yum…

  7. Saikee Says:

    Ah, so that was who that guy was. I saw him in Puerto Galera during the Holy Week Weekend. We were actually on the same bus from Manila going to the Batangas Port at “kumambiyo” siya on the way down from the bus since he had morning wood. Hahaha. He was smoldering!

    /wave to Migs (this is Tony btw). :D

  8. ice Says:

    i like someone who is older than me (im 22 by the way) so someone around 23 to 30… someone who is taller than me is also a must (im 5′9)… someone who knows how to start a good conversation…. someone with a great sense of humor… someone who isnt boring to be with… music lover… someone who is not too intelligent to boss me around but isnt too dumb to always submit to the things i say… good physique is not a must, however its a good bonus hahahaha…. sweet… understanding…. uhhmmm oh yeah and someone na mukang suplado pero manyakis! hahahaha

  9. john_aspen Says:

    3rd pic: PUSOD BA YUN? Hehehe I wonder what happens if I press that button… Akala ko another of Mig’s semi-cal features. hehehe.

    I like guys who are:
    * semi-cal
    * if cute or handsome, at least presentable
    * confident (magdala ng sarili, manamit)
    * understanding (one who understands cannot be homophobic)
    * witty and funny (doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist but at least nakakaride sa mga topics na pinag-uusapan ko)
    * of course mabait, friendly and patient
    * may wild side din

  10. Little Fish Says:

    The very opposite of me, in looks and in personality.
    I am pangit, so naturally, he must be goodlooking….admit it guys, we do go for forms….forms and sizes to matters. Personality comes in as friendship progresses.
    Semikal is a hottie! Like Janvier, Ram and etc….
    and please, dapat meron brain din and sense of humor…
    Hey! It doesn’t mean I do not have brain, Ateneo ‘yata ‘to noh! (yabang ko!) at Dean’s list pa….as Pasaway
    Anyway, MGG’s lists and everybodys’ list…

  11. Little Fish Says:

    “….forms and sizes do matters.”

  12. Dan Says:

    Hey Migs…

    I have 9 out of 12….is that good enough for you? hahahaha… Regards.

    Dan (of last Saturday’s EB).

  13. Tita Glo Says:

    Who is the chinito guy in the middle?

  14. Tita Glo Says:

    Who is the chinito guy in the middle in the last picture?

  15. jholou Says:

    there are a lot of things i want in my man…so happy to admit that being single is a must for me…as of this writing…ching!

  16. vinvin Says:

    LOL! nahanap mo na pala dream guy mo… yang si miguel. hehehe. heeeheehee. he’s cute ha.

  17. Q Says:

    hmmm… Tall, lanky, not ubermacho, yung tamang tama lang yung muscles. Understanding/ can understand me. Great kisser and preferably chinito/ mestizo and if not, has to have a straight nose (pango kasi ako). The most important thing for me is that he is a good conversationalist and can entertain me till the wee hours of the morning.

  18. GAYNGAME Says:

    parang dinescribe mo ako ah! hehehe.

  19. MsNinja Says:

    Someone that can bring out the best in me … parang na nakita ko na siya kagabi sa Tagaytay, Nyeta! Panalo kahit saang labanan!

  20. josh Says:

    anyone (desperate baga) who can teach me & show me the the f_c_s of life! :)

  21. anton maton Says:

    eto lang masasabi ko: KUNG MANGARAP KA AT MAGISING! niyahahahahaha!

  22. KittyQT Says:

    One you can discuss with anything under the sun- even general knowledge lang- gusto ko may matutunan din ako sa kanya.
    One who is thoughtful, maaalalahanin.
    Simple looks with tons of sincerity in his face.
    Trustworthy, di mo na kailangan bantayan.
    One who always thinks positively and sets aside negative vibes, without carrying any grudges.
    Lastly, one who loves CATS.
    LUCKY ME, we’ve been together for 8yrs.

  23. peterpic Says:

    my qualifications… someone who makes me want him despite the fact na kulang sya sa requirements.

    buti na lang i found him na. hehehe

  24. leo Says:

    @ice i’m 25, 5′11″, not much of a conversationalist, but i believe i have a sense of humor. hahaha!

    one only gets bored when he doesn’t like the company, when you likethe person you’re with, every minute is worth it even if you’re only sitting around doing nothing.

    and when people are in a relationship, it should be give and take, one shouldn’t boss the other around nor should he be so submissive that he loses his personality to the other.

    but in all your list the thing that fits me most is, mukhang suplado pero manyakis…. hehehehe…

  25. Boyd Says:

    Ice and Leo sitting on a tree

    He He

  26. chuchu caracas Says:

    for me as long as he is presentable, sincere and someone i would always look up to (not because i’m kneeling in front of him hehe)
    kasi diba beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so if we fall for someone we see all the great things in that person. kaya i just hope everybody else i hold dear would see that too and be happy for my decisions.

    saka sana daks… charing

  27. lasalista Says:

    Gooo Miguel!!! :D :D :D Famous naman o! hahaha :D :D :D

  28. smoothshaver Says:

    More and more models find out, that they look even sexier and handsomer shaved bald. So why dont YOU become a KALBO as well???!!!!!!

  29. Daizuke Says:

    Basta ako.. Ok sakin ang lahat bsta hindi Vain

  30. isitla Says:

    who is this miguel vargas? he is so sexy

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