Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros


Paulo Mirasol is a 19-year-old Bacolodnon who won this year’s Hari Ng Negros, a male pageant. This broad-shouldered hunk (complete with washboard abs) is the successor of Mark Xander Fabillar.



paulo2.jpg Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  digg:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  spurl:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  newsvine:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  furl:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  reddit:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  fark:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros  Y!:Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros


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22 Responses to “Paulo Mirasol, Hari Ng Negros”

  1. rico yan Says:

    petrang kabayo…..

  2. rico yan Says:

    robby m, ikaw ba yan?

  3. Q Says:

    I just wanted to say… NEW LAYOUT! Go MGG! The guy is really hot, although I question his taste in using a malong (?), beach wrap in his pictorial. :)

  4. L.A Says:

    It’s not malong, it’s SARONG. Malong is like the the tube like fabric etc. Hmmm…older than his age but nice bod.

    Are you under construction Migs? Using Kubrick..

  5. Jhed Says:

    He looks more like.. 25 or something. But nonetheless, he’s pretty hot. :P

  6. Pravilno Says:

    wow… pretty… hot….

  7. nell Says:

    mukang matsalap!!

  8. blue_harajuku Says:

    okay naman. hot pero di kagwapuhan. but kung ikakama niya ako, why not?!?!?!

  9. Luo lan Says:

    Hipon at it’s best!

  10. juan Says:

    paolo benit was my bet in hari ng negros. any pics of him?

  11. aries Says:

    ahay parang eto ung nag overdose sa glutha. in furnace hot nga …hoooot hooooot ahihihi

  12. ewan Says:

    ywah…he looks a bit old nga lang…

  13. fattyacid Says:

    dahan dahan sa steroid uy.

    smooth nonetheless.

  14. anton maton Says:

    ang angas ng mga comment … petrang kabayo daw oh! parang gusto kong mag-agree! niyahahahaha!

    ps. hindi malong at hindi sarong ang suot niya - mukhang table cloth! wahhhhhhh

  15. Glenn Says:

    gwapo talaga… wala akong masabi… nice bod… mouthwatering… hehehehe…

  16. wrestler Says:

    he’s got my vote! :-)

  17. john_wee Says:

    ang small ng nipples nya. hehe. sarap i-lick! yumm!

  18. ralph Says:

    OMG 19 years old with this kind of body?

  19. iloveboom Says:

    tsakaness hipon n hipon

  20. michael Says:

    Paulo looks good in the beach rape. Paulo looks relaxed!

  21. cute Says:

    virgin pa kaya ito?

  22. meow Says:

    he is not hot ma-appeal siya. i bet he can do anyone he likes

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