Measure of a Man


What is the measure of a man?

Is it the length and girth of his tool?


The concavity of his lower back, and the convexity of his bubble butt?


Perhaps the sexiness that exudes from his intelligence?


Or maybe his sense of humor, that ability to make you smile or even laugh just at the right moment?

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23 Responses to “Measure of a Man”

  1. ree Says:

    hotness talaga si andrew wolfffff…

  2. andrew Says:

    I think at the end of the day (Duh, cliche, haha!), what still counts is a man’s inner being. And that goes for all, I believe, not just men.

    But I wouldn’t mind ’sizing’ him up down there, diba? *wink, wink*

    You’ve posted some pretty terrific pix on this one, Migz. I sOoOo have the hots for Andrew. I have that ‘Icon’ issue and I can’t resist the urge when I stare at his pix. Isang rolyo ng tissue na naman ito, haha!

  3. islandboi1983 Says:

    Sowee.. But I Can help staring at the guy on the third pic.. cnu xa Migz?

    Measure of A man.. Depende kung ang hanap mo is Long-term or Short-term happiness.. Gets?.. Thats Inner-Being and Body respectively

  4. Migs Says:

    that’s ken escudero, island boi. i featured him here na before - just search for that post.

  5. Mimi Says:

    unpublished 01…malaking flop! wla kang mahihita….kya nga unpublished eh…tpos P500.00 pa….my goodness….so flop tlga….

  6. mcvie Says:

    The measure of a man? Depends. Metric ba o english system? ;-)

  7. pirena Says:

    well…it should be wholeness of his personality….tsaka syempre kasama din un sa way down there…ha ha ha…hay…grabe ang gwapo ni andrew ndi ako makapag lunch…
    ano ba yan!!!!!!

  8. envious_freak Says:

    fOr me as a 17yr old gay..the true measure of a man is the fact that he can accept everything in an open perspective…he must understand what we are made of and accept everything that we are…

  9. anton maton Says:

    aminin na kasi … halos lahat naman tayo eh ang type yung tipong mga artistahin o kaya yung model-modelan na kahit na bobita rose (read: bobo) ay papatusin pa rin. bonus na yung malaking tarugo at siyempre dapat mayaman! sabi nga ni annabel rama - huwag naman sa mga lalaking hampas lupa! nyahahahahahaha

  10. chad Says:

    hmm sakin i think yung tapang. yung lalaking may tapang na ipahayag ang sarili at ang tunay na nararamdaman. walang takot na ipakita sa ibang tao kung sino talaga siya, matanggap man ng iba kung ano ang tunay niyang pagkatao o hindi. mas matapang, mas lalaki. hehehe

  11. anton maton Says:

    ay mali… lalaking patay-gutom pala ang sabi ni annabel … nyahhahahah!

  12. anwarai Says:

    In it’s essence, a sound mind and a kind heart makes a man a Real Man.

  13. Bewired Says:

    For me, it’s the wit that makeths a man….

  14. L.A Says:

    Loooooonger the Beeettttterr! Haha!

  15. chorva Says:

    the measure of a man… so mahirap, anyway. post more pics. go! love your site!

  16. Ace Says:

    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.
    “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”
    — Samuel Johnson
    “In the end, it seems, the lasting measure of a man is not what society thinks of him but what his actions teach him that he is. We forge our own destinies, take our own measures, and cannot face hardships or seek the meaning of life without by degrees becoming whatever we expect to find.”
    These quotes pretty much reflects what I believe what a true measure of a man are. We can all appreciate beauty, wealth, talent and intellect (each one has positives and negatives depending on how they are used), and at some point we wished we could have them all. But of course, that is no reality. The true measure of a man for me is a sum total of what he does everyday to improve himself and the lives of those around him. He may not be physically perfect but he makes the effort to be well groomed and strong. He may not be Einstein but he seeks knowledge in order to understand himself and the issues around him. He may not posses any talent in the arts himself but he appreciates those who are truly gifted. And, he may not be a saint but he is humble enough to understand his own shortcomings and emphathetic enough to the shortcomings of others.

  17. pirena Says:

    ha ha ha…for you ace i will give you A for that …nakakaloka ka talaga…teacher ka ba? ha ha ha…

  18. georgena_oz Says:

    The essence of a gay man is to love and be loved by a gay man, an individual who can love him til the end of time. It is a fact that no straight guy can reciprocate the feeling of a gay guy.It is not on the measure of a guy’s dick or the size of his body that a man is measured. It his on his ability to RESPECT you as a person despite of…..
    Physicality is very dangerous and superficial measures on the being of a person.. I have had sex with lots of good looking guys but despite of that I was and is still empty from inside… Why? Because I havent looked beyond life’s superficialities…….How do you measure yours?

  19. Ace Says:

    Thanks, Pirena (I think). I can’t recall what nakakaloka means right now but I’m sure it’s not bad. I’m actually an engineer (I know, boring stuff like equations, plans and projections)but it pays the rent. Anyway, I think the writer in me tries to come out at times.

  20. pirena Says:

    actually it means crazy…i just like the you way write..actually i always look forward to your comments because somehow it enlightens me eh…i cannot recall the topic… i think the QUERIDA issue im not so sure about it, but after reading your comments…. somehow i have felt good about my self which i really need that time…and it really hit a mark…once again thank you for that….

  21. pirena Says:

    i forgot to tag your name…the message before this is for you ACE…

  22. Justin Says:

    Bwisit yan icon Unpublished Issue na yan walang kwenta tapos 500 pesos. Tpos meron pang claim na not for minors. Eh lech mas malaswa pa ang liwayway sa kanila. I balik nyo mga pera namin FRAUD!

  23. gago Says:



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