I wish I knew more gay people

rainbow.jpg (This is a postcard sent to Postsecret, where people anonymously mail their secrets for all to see.)

I wish I knew more gay people. I can imagine myself creating this same postcard and mailing it to Postsecret. I mean, I can identify with it, at least once upon a time. Now, I’m happy I have a handful of gay friends, and some not-so-gay friends who I know me as a gay man. It is liberating.

I can only feel for those who know they are gay and yet cannot muster the strength to go against the grain and express themselves. And I do not even mean expressing themselves flamboyantly. I am so much for authenticity, and if your flavor of gayness is not that of the flamboyant kind, then so be it. It’s the very reason why the gay symbol is that of a rainbow. It encompasses the whole spectrum of visible colors, from ROY to G to BIV.

May we all be strong enough to be ourselves — and only then can we really be the best we can be — for ourselves first, and yet more specially, for others.

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8 Responses to “I wish I knew more gay people”

  1. Ghel Says:

    Gay means happy.

    I wish I knew more happy people.



  2. leo Says:

    it would really be nice to come out, but unfortunately for some of us… hindi ganoon kadali… for now, i am content of knowing who i am… kahit hindi ko pa pwede ipakita sa buong mundo!

  3. Migs Says:

    leo i totally understand your situation. i am happy to know that you are content on knowing who you are — i think that is the most important step. coming out in the open is an option, not a requirement. all the best to you!

  4. kawadjan Says:

    nice post… short but very sensible. i can totally relate. i’m out, but most of my friends are women (older women). i often wonder how it would be like to have a barkada composed of gay people my age. :) congrats for the nice blog anyway. i visit you all the time. ciao!

  5. mark Says:

    i second you Migs…coming out is an option not a requirement…thanks agin…

  6. mark Says:


  7. georgena Says:

    being out means being yourself… It is a celebration of life…. the society should know that marginalized sector should be recognized as well….

  8. barron Says:

    love it!

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