Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito

Visit De La Salle University and you will notice that chinitos are all around. But if you see Trishan Cuaso in the crowd, you’ll agree with me when I say - he is definitely a stand out! Go go go, Chinito hunk!










trishan_cuaso-99.jpg Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  digg:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  spurl:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  newsvine:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  furl:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  reddit:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  fark:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito  Y!:Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito


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42 Responses to “Trishan Cuaso, DLSU Chinito”

  1. chad Says:

    hot body! kaya lang medyo naduling ata siya dun sa 4th pic.

  2. L.A Says:

    Arrgggh ang gwapo shhet!

  3. brIAN Says:

    migs.. feature naman ramon del prado…

  4. effie Says:

    nah. too chinito for my taste.

  5. amelia_vega Says:


  6. Gina Cole Says:

    pangit talaga! hipon na hipon! kumbaga sa hipon….iyung pang-gisa sa monggo!

  7. chriscapade Says:

    mabuhay ang mga chinitoo!!! yehey!!

  8. KittyQT Says:

    Meooooow, my fellow chinito, always a standout!!! Hail to De La Salle!!!
    Amelia_vega- it takes one to know one.

  9. pirena Says:

    gwapo siya in fairness…para siyang korean actor….wish kolang sana ndi cya dyutay….ha ha ha….

  10. lasenggero Says:

    new year’s eve 2005 in government… everyone was wasted out of their minds… i saw trishan on the ledge, looking unbelievably hot… so i went up to him, locked gazes with him, and began kissing him… woohoo… hot frenching that went on and on and on, for god knows how long… one of the most unforgettable new year’s eves of my life ;-)

  11. lexus Says:

    GUARD O! Me MUmooh! Guard! Guard!

  12. inday_garalgal Says:

    #%%@#&##&#%#@%#@@)(^$%@#!@! tangna shit! PANGET UN LANG!

  13. astroboi Says:

    feeling guapo yan masyado… i’d go for marvin wijancgo pag chinito!

  14. lasalista Says:

    haha. ramon del prado is hot hot hot. he’s my professor. :D :D :D

  15. rommel Says:

    Ang Chaka

  16. Teo Chew Bill Says:

    he looks dishy in some pics and a bit cross-eyed in others.

  17. leo Says:

    i don’t like him, wala lang… gwapo naman s’ya, di ko lang type.

    meron ka bang james yap pics?

  18. soopah! Says:


  19. brIAN Says:

    to lasalista: he was my schoolmate in highschool… he never had a girlfriend… i think hes a bit gay… u should see his younger brother, miguel. OMG.

  20. philippe Says:

    I so0o0o like him! psssss! hotness!

  21. meldita Says:

    ramon del prado was the ex-lover of carlos concepcion.

  22. vinvin Says:

    uh,guys, may long term gf si trishan, her name is geline. though some comments are right, this guy IS feeling gwapo all the time (admittedly, cute sya) pero talagang maangas.

  23. brIAN Says:

    to meldita: can you confirm this theory… his younger brother, gabriel is my batchmate sa elementary before he went to montessori for highschool. take note, he enjoys collecting stickers and then again, never had a girlfriend. i guess the homo gene runs in the family. :)

  24. brIAN Says:

    i ment the theory of ramon and carlos being ex-lovers…

  25. jun hipolito Says:

    too bad he’s taken. he is the boy toy of RANDY ORTIZ. Everybody in the fashion circle knows that. Randy exerts effort to give his career the right kind of push.

  26. meldita Says:

    the ramon-carlos relationship is not a theory but a fact. too bad their ralationship didn’t last long because carlos started dating einar (they met in mossimo bikini summit where they were all finalists and einar was the winner).

  27. brIAN Says:

    do you know miguel or gabby, ramon’s younger brothers?… do u have any scoop about them?

  28. jay tuazon Says:

    he is hot!!!! saw him playing sa UNIversity games! he was great! enuf sed!

  29. iloveBOOM Says:

    He’s hot..i saw him one time in gateway.

  30. cb3 Says:

    duling ba sya?

  31. Lance Says:

    Favorite model lang naman siguro ni Randy Ortiz, wag naman natin i-judge si Trishan na boy toy.

  32. thewiserfool Says:

    Gelyn, pinag-uupasan ang boyfriend mo. Kamusta naman.. :-p

  33. mediaprince Says:

    feature naman si tai tomoyuki he’s so cute

  34. Kris Says:

    I saw him sa bora kumakain sa Andoks kasama cla Guiness Nabung, Migs at Frederico ( all are models) cute siya in person parang ang bango, di lang siya photogenic

  35. lex Says:

    his hot…I saw him in the fiamma.What a hot hot guy!

  36. pokito Says:

    hi migs..hope all is well..just a new reader of your blog..i would say youre doin great and i hope youll continue to amuse and inspire us..
    kindly feature JP Calderon..he’s from the show Survivor..he’s hot..pls

  37. john_wee Says:

    kamukha sya ng jaboom twins sa 4th pic. duling version nga lng! whehehehe.

  38. Tats Marquez Says:

    Amittedly, there are bad shots and there are good shots. But for his looks, for sure, I’ll drool over him…Hmmmm.

  39. mike Says:

    duling ba sya?

  40. paa Says:

    gwaping yan in person. nakilala ko sya when i trained with the dlsu varsity team for a short time. muka syang maangas pag di mo kilala, pero pag nakakausap mo na eh ok naman :)

  41. trist_cum Says:

    he looks like a mongoloid in the 8th picture!

  42. rodier Says:

    janvier pa rin.

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