Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!

Even after seeing his face perhaps a thousand million times, plastered all around in print ads for Globe and Smart, and in TV commercials of Greenwich, Cream-O and Modess, not to mention his being a Cosmo 69 Bachelor in 2004, I for the life of me did not recognize his name: Marvin Wijangco. This Marvin tickled my fancy with his chinito eyes when I was reviewing my collection of model photos.

First, I saw this cute photo:


Then I said to myself, this ain’t gonna cut it. We need to see some more skin, baby!

Presenting…. Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!


Marvin Wijangco removing his shirt - just that? Of course I know we wouldn’t want to see just that! So here he is, totally sans the shirt!


Then watch him here… as he walks down the runway…


… and reach for what you, yes you, yourself want to reach… hehehe!



And we’ll stop there, gentlemen. That’s Marvin Wijangco, and I hope you enjoyed that brief show.

(Pahabol: let me give a shout out to my friend R.G. who, when I told him that this is my site, did not believe me. So there, R.G., you know it’s me! It’s really, really me!) Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  digg:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  spurl:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  newsvine:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  furl:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  reddit:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  fark:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!  Y!:Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!


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59 Responses to “Marvin Wijangco, m-m-my chinito!”

  1. mandayamoore Says:

    patayin mo na ako. di ko kayang di sya makapiling. ching!

  2. Migs Says:

    ang mandaya, emote kung emote! hehehe!

  3. FF Says:

    He hasn’t been visible lately especially at the gym (FF-Fort Branch) for the longest time.

    He is indeed striking, but I’ve heard that he’s got a really serious attitude problem. Saw him once at the Powerplant Mall with a girl whose features resemble his that she MAY BE HIS sister or kin of some sort and with a baby at that. But, he and she started holding hands or he would put his arms around her. So…your guess is as good as mine yet there have been “sites” wherein “marvin” would post a somewhat blurry pic of himself and really get all the answers to my questions correctly.

    Wait and see.

  4. Bryz Says:

    si rg cruz ba ito??? (the friend, crush ko sya)

  5. Migs Says:

    Bryz nope, ibang RG yan. gusto mo pakilala ko sa iyo? hehehe.

  6. RG Says:

    @ migz

    lolz. kinakabahan ako sa yo a!

  7. Migs Says:

    RG… don’t worry di kita bubukingin dito. hehehe! people, pasensiya na po, si RG ay isang pamintang durog. guwapo iyan, may kamukhang artista, at wala daw bahid. pero pareho tayo ng hilig :) enjoy your weekend RG.

  8. chakabell Says:

    RG…RAYMOND GUTIERREZ BA??? pamintang durog (hello obvious ba!), may kamukang artista (syempre si richard ang twin niya), pareho ng hilig (bading!!!).



  9. mtguy Says:

    who’s RG? sounds interesting. :0)

  10. mutya Says:

    ay chakabell … baka nga si Ray … hehe …

  11. senti Says:

    i met marvin long time ago, payat pa cya nun… heheheanyway, he is from pampanga, he’s not been vissible maybe because after he graduated last april from sy. benilde, he went back to his hometown.

  12. jewi Says:

    i think he was linked before to jennelyn mercado… hunch ko lang, siya yung isa sa mga “knowned” talents/models na sumali for this season’s starstruck

  13. senti Says:

    nope, he did not joined starstuck… i dont think he would. =)

  14. tyson Says:

    found this link through livejournal…so drooling now.

  15. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^senti, from where in pampanga is he? i’m from pampanga rin kasi eh. :)

    btw, does anyone here know how old this hottie is?

  16. mediaprince Says:

    aww too bad I wasn’t able to catch him when he’s still in csb.. This site is so cool that it’s like the counterpart of queerclick for the philippines! Keep it up! I hope you will have a membership option wherein we can see totally nude photos if we join haha just kidding.. Good luck to you! And to Marvin? OMG type ko chinito ever! hahaha hanap nalang ako kahawig mo hehe

  17. mediaprince Says:

    btw kahawig nya pala si alfred vargas, mestizo version nga lang, anyway both of them were equally hot!

  18. ejearl Says:

    i must say that he’s really cute… gosh…. ehehe his my bet… chinito… ;)

  19. ejearl Says:

    grabe mga tol… he’s soooo yummy…. hope i cud met him personally… heheh… wish ko lang…

  20. nickster0221 Says:

    i used to got to school with this guy… damn, i’d fall asleep at the library tables and wake up to find him sitting at the table across me… good thing i nap with such decencey -saw him from the thin lanky kid that he was to this hunky guy…i must admit he looked sooo loveable eitherway…

  21. ControL_Bastard Says:

    Hmm.. he’s a good guy.. i always see him in the gym.. gwapo and mabait… approachable than his brother Mark.. kaya cguro sya ung model

  22. sphynx Says:

    Oh My Gosh! Because of this feature this is now one of my fave website! i love this guy! I want mote of him!

  23. drklght Says:

    finally … a name haha

  24. ayel Says:

    di nga recognizable no pero ang lakas ng dating nya

  25. kigal Says:

    model si marvin sa tourism mtv ng pampanga

  26. mikee Says:

    he is so hot

  27. watduh Says:

    nice nips

  28. chique_a_licious Says:

    acording to my sister, marvin is nice and even his brother mark is nice sister already met them both in person way back in college [csb]..they have common friends.

  29. fom pampanga Says:

    he’s sooo stucked up…feeling sikat! its not even confidence..its an air of arrogance ang dating…like i’m model you know…as if!

  30. Bogs Says:

    Ang kyut naman nya.. may iba pa ba syang pics..?

  31. banana Says:

    huever says mayabang sha….inggit ka lang or crush mo siguro!!!

  32. blu-angel855 Says:

    wow tsarap2.hahaha

  33. marvin's_girl Says:

    have you seen this guy lately? where? i don’t have any news from him eversince he graduated from benilde.

  34. someone Says:

    saw him at church last sunday.

  35. marvin's_girl Says:

    where is that church then? i always see his commercial cream-o on tv.

  36. f**koff Says:

    i always see him :p he’s my relative eh. Hahaha.

  37. marvin's_girl Says:

    lol. are you his brother, mark?

  38. Lance Says:

    He use to hang out a lot with Zanjoe Marudo and Boom Labrusca.. pero ngayon di na sila friends.. nagka-away away ata.

  39. anton Says:

    I saw him two sundays ago at the estero in chinatown.He’s with Keren Pascual. :-)

  40. tonyboy Says:

    keren pascual is his manager….that’s why he’s seen hanging out with zanjoe marudo….i think he’s entering showbiz too

  41. marvin's_girl Says:

    where is he right now? taken na ba siya?

  42. fetus Says:

    schoolmate ko siya yung college he really got the looks siya yata yung pinaka eye- catching na guys doon dahil apart from his white skin. He’s so maporma to the highest level. I saw him once sa Maala ala mo kaya yung kay zandjo at bea extra lang siya i guess that was his first foray in showbiz world

  43. banana Says:

    galing ng dance number nyo sa ASAP kanina! you looked cute with a cap. you’re the liveliest! keep it up and i’m sure you’ll make it to top! namimisinterpret kang arrogant coz sa kilos mo…when actually you’re just being natural…wala ng paplastik o pagpapacute pa! goodluck sa “may minamahal”. hardwork and patience lang sweetie.

  44. polish Says:

    watch him sa sineserye presents: may minamahal…magaling dito si marvin.. sa baguhang tulad niya, magaling siya…maganda pa ang katawan nya…

  45. deborah Says:

    he is gay…

  46. danish Says:


  47. rinelle santos Says:

    ang gwapo mo crush kita!!! your so yummy!!!!

  48. james Says:

    hi does anybody know marvin raymundo. im his fan and i have an heart ailment.before its too late pls.pls.just email me at lx_raymundo thanks
    i just want to know what is hes friendster or email add. pls.

  49. fetus Says:

    80% ng mga lalaki ay bakla, that was supported by my sociology teacher from U.P. the fact you start to test your curiosity on same sex, you’re one of them because you have something, to look for that once more. I could even attest that claim because I even have special friends with superior looks in fact, they once became a product paradigms and much prettier than Piolo hehehe, No trace of homosexuality at all. It’s no longer on their actions or puberphonic voices it s how they make sex in bed. Sorry guys, that was based on my experiences hehehe.

  50. More Cosmopolitan Hunks | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Marvin Raymundo (more Marvin) […]

  51. creselle Says:

    mabait yan si cm… “bosing” oh im sure kilala moh na me.. msasabi ko lang sa kanya msya xang ka online khit na ng artita ulit xa hd ngbabago yung treatment nya sa mga kfriend nya sa ym…. take care always and good luck sa career…

  52. Calvin Says:

    shit! hottie wet look! nakakatunaw! :D

  53. Calvin Says:

    awesome! gwapo! and a nice body to boost! ;D

  54. Calvin Says:

    additional: nice sexy body, especially when wet! :D

  55. banana Says:

    yung mga nagsasabing gay sha…huhuhu!!!! dika pinansin o pinatulan noh???

  56. tons Says:


  57. prinzeace Says:

    member sya ng star magic batch 15..marvin raymundo screen name nya..kasama sya sa cover boys ng asap.

  58. lanz Says:

    ya…i remember him na…

    una ko xang na-sight dun sa (2nd ish ng) Metro HIM (cover si Piolo) (may kopya kasi ako kaya i know…) nag-model siya para dun sa exercise na pwedeng gawin for summer (that year)
    (rememebr ko pa nga…ung surname niya spelled as “Wyjangco”, e…)

    tapos, na-sighting ko (ulit?? i had no idea na xa rin un…) xa dun sa gallery cosmo bachelor bash 2006 (thru, w/c, unfortunately, ung mga former galleries ay nangangailangan ng kaartehang mozilla churva (sorry sa mga ma-ooffend, ha…))…ayun, na-sight ko na parang familia lalo na sa face niya…ako nga ung nag-comment na may pa-innocent look siya, e…gusto ko nga sanang i-suggest na may kamukha siya dun sa Metro HIM…, kaya lang, na-discourage ako, e…

    aun lang kay marvin…gud luck for him…

  59. lanz Says:

    and migs…

    little note (na alam kong nakaka-maxadong kaartehan dahil small detail lang…)

    migs…marvin did not wear a shirt dun sa second pic (event: cosmo bachelor bash 2006)…he was wearing a brown jacket…

    aun lang po…sana wag po kayong ma-offend…

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