The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal

Biboy Ramirez was once a cute teeny bopper on TV. Now he’s still on TV, and occasionally in the movies, but not anymore just your cute teeny bopper. Biboy has grown from the pa-cute boy-next-door to this Biboy Ramirez oozing with sex appeal. While Biboy has yet to grow lean and mean muscles which naturally are the source of many a hunks appeal, he still has that mysterious glow that can tickle any gay guy’s fancy. That is the Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal.

In the following photo gallery, I took time out to convert the pictures to black-and-white. I felt that this time, colors distract the eye from what is the most important element — the subject himself. I hope you enjoy this little gallery of Biboy Ramirez –




Biboy Ramirez flexing on the carpet - I like this shot!



I saved this one for last: my favorite Biboy Ramirez photo of all time! Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  digg:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  spurl:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  newsvine:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  furl:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  reddit:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  fark:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal  Y!:The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal


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21 Responses to “The Biboy Ramirez Sex Appeal”

  1. nico Says:

    he is my ultimate crush. can anybody send me his biography? thanks

  2. spaniel Says:

    wow, where’d you get these pics. the b&w was a great choice, turned out really well a collection. very nice.

  3. Bryz Says:

    i guess sa x-ray mag

  4. migs Says:

    spaniel, these pics i got from all over the internet. but Bryz is probably correct — i suspect these are scans of x-ray mag.

  5. Bryz Says:

    saw it sa x-ray mag…

    btw, may thread na sa g4m bout dingdong’s mysterious nipples…

  6. mtguy Says:

    For me he has no the so-called X-FACTOR even if he bares all he’s like any number race in zero wud be equal to one…sorry to his fans…

  7. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Nice ang lunchbox ni Biboy ha hehehehe!

  8. alex Says:

    kida handsome and uuuuuhhhhhmmmmm

  9. Tobal Says:

    For a moment there I thought I was looking at John Pratts. Hehehe.

    ~ Tobal.

  10. pringles Says:

    steady lang…pwede narin..

  11. Secert Says:

    Alam nyo kahit kailan, wal pa akong nakitang artista na tinanggal ang kanilang mga brief, lahat sila nakabrief….

  12. jay Says:

    hello grabe ang cute nia

  13. Niel Says:

    Duty Free!!

  14. aqua Says:

    huy!!!!bakat na bakat

  15. mitch Says:

    sana pinakita manlang hehehe!!!!!!!!!!

  16. so cute Says:


  17. rommel Says:


  18. Calvin Says:

    not bad! :)

  19. tita glo Says:

    tsalap tsalap

  20. rodier Says:

    Kamag-anak nya ba si Maya Valdez?

  21. scorpion Says:

    He’s my crush before. He’s so yummy. any news from him?

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