Dingdong Dantes’ Pointy Nips

Some readers think that the photo of Dingdong’s pointy thing which I published recently, was all my doing with the help of some Photoshop Magic.

Let me clarify — I did not do anything with the photo, except to crop it. The original is this (click to see larger version):


Now, I was trying my very best to look for other supporting evidences, until I bumped into this very old pic of him, perhaps taken during his TGIS days (or maybe even earlier):


Nothing conclusive, but you can see a hint in this pic that he has that tendency to develop rather pointy nips.

Now, Dingdong fans, don’t fret just yet. Pointy nips, or not, Dingdong is still a lovable dude. The same way when I say someone is rumored to be gay — it doesn’t mean we should hate him already. Geez, *I* am gay! So one advice: lighten up! Sige kayo, wrinkles are expensive to remove! Hehehe.

Cool lang kayo; being cool is already a contribution to world peace!

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20 Responses to “Dingdong Dantes’ Pointy Nips”

  1. Bryz Says:

    i guess yung one reason rin kung bakit ganyan nipples ni dingdong is may pag ka chubby sya nung bata sya….

  2. mandayamoore Says:

    yes. my was ex was chubby when he was young and he has the same pointy nipples today. sayang nga lang at ex na. huhuhu/hehehe

  3. bananas choking Says:

    i hope dingdong is not a case of gynecomastia.

    i hope.


  4. James Says:


    gynecomastia is WAY bigger than that.

    i was a chub myself 4 years ago. bench presses never helped.

    his chest is hard though. i got a chance to lean on him a year ago during a photo op in school after a singing contest.

  5. elmer Says:

    Dingdong is Dingdong. Kahit ano pa ang meron sa kanya ay siya parin si Dingdong. That’s not a big deal kumg may pointed nip siya. Kung yun talaga ang tumubo sa sa kanya. who cares!

  6. Roxan Camille Says:

    ahhh… gwapo ni dingdong… crush q yan eh!! mahal q n nga poh yan!! hehehe

  7. Roxan Camille Says:

    sya lang yung naging crush q tlga sa nga artista.. like ko yung body nya!!!

  8. Jason Says:

    he was my classmate in college.. and he is always nice..

  9. tonyboy Says:

    iba-iba lang talaga ang body types natin. he should ware sando always. don’t look good eh. at isa pa…he should watch out for breast cancer.. haha!

  10. jo Says:

    Watching ATLANTIKA, mukhang tinatago talaga nila. All angles taken, lalo pag shirtless siya, avoid exposing his NIPS. If you want to see his gigantic pointed nips, yung billboard niya with Hanford (hope its still there) sa SM Centerpoint shows this pointed nips.

  11. bads Says:

    gusto ko padin sya kahit malaki nipples nya. ibig lang sabihin nun, madami syang katas sa ibaba… hehehe

  12. CHOI Says:

    that is not so true, he is modelling underwear panu sia kukunin dun kun in a way may masasabi na defect sa body nia? all pics are edited. sa ch2 nagsimula yan. seeing na walang gwapo sa mga artista nila.

  13. manay_bakekangMD Says:

    you call it GYNAECOMASTIA, it is a condition that is normal among obese males before….i suggest ding-dong should get breast reduction. its a fad among metrosexuals here in the US. studies show that, benchpresses will never help coz predominatly, our breasts contains fat and that can never be reduced by simple working out only but by surgical procedure….

  14. noel Says:

    Its most probably tru hes hiding his nips kasi kahat san yata eh nakatakip nipples nya kahit yung sa Hanford… sayang naman panalo sana

  15. akoito Says:

    Dingdong is dingdong ok lang pero huwag namang sabihing sa ch2 nanggaling yan at walang ginagawa ang ch2 sa kanya. Mas maraming guwapo sa ABS ha sa totoo lang.

  16. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    ^yeah i agree with Akoito.

  17. hehe Says:

    hey kuya migs

    you should try Trevvy.com

  18. sagara Says:

    hindi kaya yan yung ailment na kung tawagin ay GYNECOMASTIA?

  19. GLENN Says:

    Why is the nipple bothering everyone here, so if its pointed , thats what he has is that a problem. Checkyour nipples before you talk about other nipples. Have we gone inferior minded talking about nipples than more important things abount the person.

  20. pepron Says:


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