Happy Anniversary MGG!


This week we’re celebrating the 1st anniversary of Manila Gay Guy! Thank you to all fellow bloggers and loyal readers!

From Misterhubs:

For giving me interesting things (read: Doug Kramer’s anatomy, Dennis Trillo’s eyes, etc.) to gawk at during office hours; for providing gay guys, straight guys and those in limbo (the gaight guys?) a place for catharsis; for tipping us that CafĂ© Bola has cute waiters and that Brent Javier has a 3-inch chorizo; for taking us back to your bittersweet Boracay eyeball; for inspiring me and many others to blog (utterly shameless plug: misterhubs.blogspot.com); for exposing the hidden truth regarding Dingdong Dantes’ pacifiers nipples; and, finally, for leading me to my Lord, my Savior, and my Redeemer, Leandro Okabe, I thank you, Migs, the Manila Gay Guy! Happy 1st blog-iversary!

From Q:

MGG rocketed to popularity because of all the hot hunk posts, but what ensured people coming back is something more than just the fabulous posts - it’s the community. Each post made by Migs results in lots of comments, each one as colorful as the next, this interaction leads to the post not only belonging to the author, but one belonging to a community that actively participates in each discussion. This community has helped me through hard times, when my letter was first published here way back, I was surprised at the number of responses it got. These responses helped me get my life back on track. It has inspired me to be more and to accept who I am. It has showed me that I am not alone. It has inspired me to write and to hope. Thank you MGG for everything you’ve done, for me and for others out there. Through these gestures, you’re slowly making your dream of world peace a reality. Happy Anniversary and may there be many more to come!

From Anton Maton:

Aba! At 1-year Anniversary na pala ang blog ng lola niyo! Congratulations is in order para kay lola at sa manilagayguy.com. At siyempre congratulations din sa mga tagasubaybay na mga bakla, mga pa-mhin-ta, mga nag-fi-feeling, mga bading, mga juding at mga Judy-Ann-tie (niyahahahaha!) - kayong mga ma-eepal, mga judgemental, mga malilibog, mga pintasero, mga nagmamagaling, mga eksenadora, mga noranian, mga vilmanian, mga sharonian, mga vegetarian, mga mang-ookray (ako lang pala yon!) - kasi pinasaya niyo ang mga buhay-buhay with your personal opinions although sometimes bordering on the path of narrow-mindedness. Over ba? Eh di siyempre kailangan kuno-kuno ng well-wishes para sa lola niyo. Ohweno, sana magtagal pa ang blogsiva niya! Sana di mag-sawa ang mga taga-subaybay niya! Sana madami pang sensible issues ang ma-i-post niya bukod sa mga sexy photos ni Greggy Liwag, remember him? At higit sa lahat - sana magpalit na siya ng host-server para naman di na lumabas ang error na = ‘Account Suspended’

More readers’ greetings in the coming posts…

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26 Responses to “Happy Anniversary MGG!”

  1. blue_harajuku Says:

    ako din greet ako! simple and short and sweet lang to. huwag kang mag quit migs! it will be a disaster pag mawawala ka. always think na andito kami, ang mga masusugid mong readers. I am really enjoying your blog kaya more power! happy anniversary!

  2. ken's bitch Says:

    Wow! Happy Anniversary!!!!

    M-ultitude of readers learned from your beautiful mind
    I-nspiring others to love theirselves and be loved by others
    G-uiding them through rough times, leading them to the happy ones

    M-ay you continue to inspire and raise someone’s libido
    A-llowing our imagination to soar to okabe’s crotch
    N-ever, ever leave us, that’s a command
    I-n our hearts you’ve been our family
    L-onging for your post each day
    A-spiring to experience the joy and fairytale every manila gay guy wants

    G-o forth and multiply… your legions of gayness
    A-midst the crazyness of the world, spread your world peace
    Y-ear one… this is jsut the start, of friendships, and your dominion

    G-ather your legion towards greatness
    U-nder your rule we are safe
    Y-ehey! (jologs ko talaga) Isang taon ka na! (maiba naman)

    Ken’s bitch

  3. nell Says:

    Galing naman ni Ken’s Bitch.

    MGG!! Happy Anniversary!! Sana tumagal pa ito as in forever.

  4. webster Says:

    Happy Anniversary MGG and Congrats Migs!!

  5. ken's bitch Says:

    Kulang ng S ung MIG-S…

    S-erving as the communion of great minds, the conversation of life

  6. anilog Says:

    Gefeliceteerd!!!! here from Holland

  7. sire_lee Says:



  8. sire_lee Says:


  9. Nadriamez Says:

    The way to a gay’s heart is thru posts with hunky pictures :-)

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. fattyacid Says:

    congrats migs.

    good riddance to you, MGG and everyone!

    let’s keep the smiles on our faces para lagi tayo maganda ha.

  11. sapphire Says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    MGG, we love you

  12. josh Says:

    just a warm greeting to d IDOL ng mga bading! dats u migs.

    I used to be a member of all those yahoo groups until it became passe’ and landed (like i’m d first man on d moon) on dis very colorful blog MGG! i think i was searching for articles on twilight dancer & migs have it here! Then my adventure here continued, frm Janvier Daily, to d Coconuter, problem child Q,to BAR UNO & Xavier, up to d wonderful world of d Troikasters dat made my tears fall! (na ka relate ako talaga at nag-emote. lol!)

    Now i have my own blog and sets of blogger friends! I don’t feel alone anymore & all becoz of Migs! :)

  13. sushi77 Says:

    happy anniversary migs! congratulations and cheers to even more insightful and interesting posts!

    p.s.: migs, when are you going to conduct the “hottie of the year” poll for this year? i’m waiting to know the nominees for 2007! :)

  14. GAYNGAME Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Keep on Inspiring others.

  15. Q Says:

    Happy Anniversary Migs! :) Wow.. nasa first batch ako, I’m really touched. Hehe. I hope you get whatever you wish for :)

  16. Mark Says:

    “…and, finally, for leading me to my Lord, my Savior, and my Redeemer, Leandro Okabe,” HUH?! this statement is SO WRONG!.

  17. argo Says:

    what more can i say..its been a year of total gayness satisfaction with d world’s favorite Blog! sa dami nting bloggers d2, I undrstand migs if he cannot reply on all our posts. a big thanks to MGG for giving us Janvier, Leandro, d men of Provoq, d “er’ guys..& of cors my dennis 3llo.. who can 4get them? ryt? enwei,for MGG.. more powerful years to come!

  18. thebaklareview Says:

    you were the first blog i wanted to visit daily that was 100% pinoy, 100% gay, and 100% sexy. i think you opened many doors. there are other blogs now that are just as good as yours, but you had tremulous impact.

  19. shikamaru914 Says:

    Happy anniversary and thank you for everything

  20. keeyzee Says:

    maligayang bati

  21. keeyzee Says:

    to all stay happy

  22. arsel Says:

    Happy Anniversary Migs!

    Continue to spread happiness to us

    God bless you!

  23. Quentin X Says:

    Congratulations! Great blog: entertaining, good read, and diverse audience. Good on you, matey.

  24. Glenn Says:

    although this came in late… happy anniversary pa rin…

  25. jimg29 Says:

    August 29 is Jacko’s birthday as well as mine and to learn that you’re celebrating anniversary is alittle bit creepy, nonetheless, mali-gay-ang pag-bati sa iyong 1 taon anibersaryo.

  26. musha Says:

    wow happy aniversary
    …………… MGG…………
    HOP mdami pah kau
    piture ng mga BOYS…
    n flags…d2 za MGG..

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