Three Things That Make Me Happy

Allow me some frivolity, will you? Hehehe!
These are three of the many things that make me happy at the moment:

1. My MacBook – I love my laptop! It’s a black MacBook I snagged for 85K from Greenhills last month. It’s a beauty, I tell you!
2. Olay Total Effects+ — I already finished 1 bottle, and I’m on my second (the one in the photo). People have been noticing the effects, hahaha! Ang landi ko!
3. My Blog and its readers — you never fail to amuse me with your comments! Go girls! Hahaha!

P.S. Yep, no boyfriend — totally single at the moment! Hmmm, anybody want to apply? Hahaha! Things That Make Me Happy  digg:Three Things That Make Me Happy  spurl:Three Things That Make Me Happy  newsvine:Three Things That Make Me Happy  furl:Three Things That Make Me Happy  reddit:Three Things That Make Me Happy  fark:Three Things That Make Me Happy  Y!:Three Things That Make Me Happy


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42 Responses to “Three Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Baklang AJ Says:

    Olay Total Effects! I love!

  2. eric Says:

    what does olay do to ur fez? please enlighten me!!!!

  3. Misterhubs Says:

    I know a lot of people who swear by that product. Hmm, ma-try nga to fight the eight signs of skin aging.

  4. jc Says:

    Can I apply i.e. if you’re willing to relocate to Europe and be with me.

  5. red Says:

    hmmmm…ma-try din ka…wow from gay blogger to product endorser….Oprah in the making talaga….lols

    more posts to come for you migs!

  6. josh Says:

    Im glad dat you have those to make your day migs! Ganyang nga, enjoy d single life!

  7. neon Says:

    the fine lines? the wrinkles? tingnan mo sa macbook wala niyan and the web looks enhanced… migz totally recommend these products!

  8. riffraff2000 Says:

    Been using Total Effects (with UV protection as well) for about five years now… It works I tell ya..I also use other Olay products like eye-lifting serum and age-defying creams…

    Along with drinking lotsa water, eating right, exercise and sleep (I am still aiming for 8 hrs/nite), I think we can achieve that youthful glow like Zsa-Zsa Padilla without the plastic surgery…

  9. Tita Glo Says:

    I heard it’s good ha. This total effects by olay/ My kumares use it and in fairness sa producto kuminis ang mukha nila.

  10. vincedejesus Says:

    total effects pala ang beauty mo ha!!!

    see you tomorrow, migs!

  11. get me... Says:

    yeah, olay is nice… mas finer ang pores mo.. but beware it’s not applicable to all skin types… yung iba nag kaka irritaion using the product pero for most it’s effective…

  12. Nadriamez Says:

    i’ve tried olay total effects and so far the results are amazing..

    My skin has become blemish free, fine lines nabawasan, less dark yung spots, face ko nag glow..and yung pores..

    NAWALA! :-)


    living the simple and single life is the best thing ever. of course, eating 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, less caffeine..what else?

    simply enjoying life!

    cheers to you migs!

  13. Ace Says:

    I guess there is no aging gracefully for you, Migs. You’re going to fight it to the hilt.:) I wonder if this Olay thingy will work on my freckles (face and arms) that seem to appear like clockwork every summer. Don’t they make this thing or at least package this thing for men? I haven’t ventured to the cosmetics section of any store, yet. Is taking care of one’s skin considered vanity? Isn’t vanity one of the seven deadly sins? Sorry Migs, never mind me, I’m just thinking out loud (Note to self: don’t think too much.). Best of luck, Migs.

  14. Andrian Says:

    I have a far more better product than Olay… Do try Biotherm, Menscience and Anthony Logistics. I tell you it really works wonders. It is not only thru an ordinary beauty ritual that you could clearly see effects but rather it’s more like a therapeutic experience when you use the products. You just feel agelessly revitalized.

    If vanity equates good health and well-being to oneself, then I say vanity is good….. O, di ba Farrow Diva!?

  15. eponine Says:

    “Vanity is my favorite sin.”

  16. jorge B. reyes III Says:

    Mga ATENG alam nyo mahal lang siya pero sa office namin nabibili yan ng 500 php lang at take note 2 in one pa yun kasama nya yung cleanser (matapang ng konti yung cleanser) kaya kung gusto nyong makamura just email me at you will see the difference talaga sa face. hehehehe

  17. baklamancutedin labanka Says:

    Dear Migs,

    I want to be your friend, hehehe firstly because mataray kang mag-English, im a bit impressed with your style of writing. Next, MGG is a cool web site I always check it everyday, hahahaha its like my gay bible (pardon me, oh my GOD) guys you are featuring in MGG are all extremely HOT. I just hope makapag-feature ka ng isang cute mong ex and tell us your fondest memories of him, tipo bang pang-maalala mo kaya. HEHEHE of course I would love to hear the “kiss and tell” tales hehehehe and nga pala will it be possible na everyday me i-fe-feature kang part ng body mo until mabuo namin how, you look like, im quite fascinated how you look, it doesnt matter if your chubby, panget, or whatever, curious lang ako how you look. Besides, its your brain that I admire hehehehe.

    O sya lola pagoda tragedy na aketch.


    From the new GAY CAPITAL of the world (LONDRES)

  18. pidodido Says:

    parang kilala ko kung sino si Baklang AJ… HAHA!

    ay nako. Olay talaga I love.
    sa Thailand, they have Total Effects+ for Blemish Prone Skin. Kaya ang drama ko… namakyaw ako! why not. half a year’s supply. amazing talaga. kaya kung may pupunta ng Bangkok sa inyo anytime soon, pabili naman.

  19. dokd Says:

    hi migs! ok, i have to admit, kumagat ako at pumunta ako dito sa california to the walgreens(parang mercury drugs dito sa states) down the street to buy the olay total effects (day cream) and the olay total effects night firming cream to given them both a try. i will use the latter during the nights i don’t work and during the daytime on the nights that i have to work. when i work (at night) i’ll try the olay total effects and see what difference it makes. in the past, i’ve used a lot of those expensive brands like clarins for men and anthony logistics so i’d like to see if these cheaper drugstore products work better. i’ll keep you informed of the progress.

    as far as my computer goes, i’ve always been a pc guy except for when i was in high shcool and we used the old mac desktops (which seem like antiques) now compared to my dell pc laptop. i got it about a year ago but i’m thinking i already want a new one after the summer. i’ve only used dell laptops in the past so maybe i should mix it up and research for other competing pc labtop brands.

    mabuhay ka migs!

    i wish you all the best migs at tungkol sa being single, i’m recently single and it’s been nice. i’ve enjoyed being selfish for awhile only thinking about myself. sometimes relationships can be so busy and controlling of one’s life. i want to reclaim my independnce from those that tend to get sort of clingy. but it’s nice to have “little fun on the side” din, di ba? ;-)

  20. eponine Says:

    How about telling us the three people who make you happy for your next blog feature?

  21. juan Says:

    migs, you got your macbook for too high a price. next time you want a good bargain on apple products, email me cos i know one of the major resellers in the philippines. got mine for a price lower than yours :-)

  22. rej Says:

    bakit three lang? well, those are few of my favorite things as well! go for the gold!

  23. mykel Says:

    hmmmmm…do u guys recomend Olay total effects sa oily type skin like mine? been tried many moisturizer before claiming na non-greasy, non-comedogenic etc…pero pare pareho like L’Oreal’s Pure zone moisturizer na at first maganda ung effect pero later on nagka-break outs ako kasi nga parang oily sya sa face so ang tendency, blocked pores…

  24. antonella Says:

    been using the revitalift eye cream for sometime now…and i cld tell d effects on me. Ppl say i don’t look my age… any way, we r celebrating d 109th Phil. independence day today in New York City. There will be parade of beauties and festival after. This a day long affair.

  25. eric Says:

    i went to the mall this afternoon!!!
    sold out ang olay total effect!!!
    si migs kasi nirecommend pa!!! ayun tuloy it sold like hot cakes (pardon for the cliche)!!!
    mura lang pala sya!!! 600 hundred lang pero ayun hindi ako nakabili kasi ubos na…hmp!!!

  26. L.A Says:

    Haha Nice Olay Total Effects +

  27. mcvie Says:

    Migs, I don’t use Olay and people say I look younger than my actual age. What’s my secret? Katas ng mga lalake, hahahaha!
    Seriously, I have crow’s feet, permanent wrinkles and lots of white hair. Yet people always mistake me for someone younger. It must be my oily skin and my sense of humor, hahaha! Mura pa yung mga yon, hahahaha!

  28. Melanio MArquez Says:

    Ang taray Gretchen kaw b yan?….

  29. josh Says:

    @mcvie, you age gracefuly pero young looking parin :)

    Sa dami ng comments, Now who can recommend hair growers d2? (sorry migs i’m just interested on ds one!)

  30. rommel Says:

    shutang inamez ma try nga ang Olay kasi open pores tlga akembang

  31. jholou Says:

    eto ang may pinaka maraming reply ata kahit na walang nakabukaka na lalake!!!

    so its the total effects talaga!!!hahhahahahahahaha

    ace freckles flaunt it dear…i think there is some sexyness in it esp when you have some tan…

    josh you can massage ur scalp with virgin coconut oil(every weekends)…or buy the shampoo the one for the horse…or you can go to a clinic i forgot the name of it but there is one here in manila…

  32. MsNinja Says:

    Gamitin ko kayang lotion sa katawan ko to, maging c Greta kaya ako!? … replace my expensive brands anytime.

  33. Ace Says:

    You are right, jholou. There are far worse things in life.
    Migs, based on the numbers of your readers’ reply, I think I figured out everyone’s greatest fear ……WRINKLES!!! :) Now, if only I can come up with a potion that will banish wrinkles, I’ll be set for life.

  34. Raymond Says:

    Anyone out there who is also using Nivea products? I swear by their Nivea for Men line. Magaling din yun kanilang Nivea Visage. Meron silang Revitalising Cream na parang equivalent yata ng Total Effects, with this Q10. Because of all of the Olay endorsements, parang I want to try this Total Effects, pero I am quite attached to Nieva, at hiyang na kasi ako dito. I guess to each his own beauty secret. Kung ano ang mabyuti sa iyo, yun ang gamitin mo!

  35. jholou Says:

    ayan wala halo halo na lahat basta pagandahan nah!!!hahahhahahahhahahaha

    WRINKLES lang ang katapat!!!bwahahhahahahhah

  36. josh Says:

    @jholou, jumong (hehehe) , (sori migs d2 na ko reply instead in my blog) i always massage Virgin Coco oil my scalp pagkagising & been using dat horsy shampoo 4 yrs (i also used d minoxidil stuff) pero la pa rin effect. (transplant is expensive, yun kayang biohair sa info-mercial?) Buti na lang uso skin head ngayon! :) — tnx migs

  37. Richard Says:

    Mykel, try Olay Total Effects Serum. Best for people with oily skin.

  38. Mac Says:

    Pwede be Olay total effects sa pimple prone skin or oily skin?

  39. pidodido Says:

    guys, i have oily skin and this product works for me pa din.

    sana nga, like i said, meron ditong Total Effects+ for Blemish Prone Skin. Wala dito sa Philippines, but they have in Thailand. I bought a lot when i went to Bangkok.

    To Olay Philippines: ilabas niyo dito ang Total Effects+ for Blemish Prone Skin!!!! Please na.

  40. mykel Says:

    thanks for the reccomendation i will definitely try it

  41. mykel Says:

    thanks richard!

  42. mykel Says:

    sorry typo error po recommendation pala,lolz! bka may mag-react.Thanks again Richard

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