Happy 100th Day To Me!


This is the 100th day of existence of this blog. Happy 100th day to me! Thank you to all readers of the Manila Gay Guy — you’ve been my virtual companion these past 100 days, so indeed many thanks for that! My wish, if I may make one, is the same wish I had since day 1: World Peace, and yes, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Make love not war! Salamat sa inyong lahat! Cheers! [Come on, make me feel warm and fuzzy inside — I’d appreciate your greetings and comments! Thank you, maraming salamat!]

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28 Responses to “Happy 100th Day To Me!”

  1. danato Says:

    congrats on your 100th day! i am epxecting more of your posts in days ahead. *bookmarked site to Favorites

  2. kantoTEEN Says:

    hi migs,

    let me be the first to post a congratulatory message…

    happy 100th day to your amazing blog, congrats for a job well done… keep it up! andami mong joklang napapasaya… i wish this blog will last until may jokla sa mundo… hehehe… my day is not complete without browsing/reading your posts… many thanks indeed…


  3. MAC_afr0 Says:

    kong grats su leys shon :)

  4. anton Says:

    congratulations! thanks for your blog. it really completes my otherwise boring life.

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Happy 100th day, Migs! May you continue bringing us pics of more hot men ahhahaha!

  6. Michael Says:

    Congratulations on 100 days. Your blog is wonderful, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Keep up the good work! Would it be ok with you if I mention and link to your site on my blog? I would love to do that!


  7. Tobal Says:

    Happy 100th day, Migs!

    Since I stumbled into your blog roughly 45 days ago, I’ve bookmarked it. Now that I’m here in Beijing, it’s still one of my favorite sites. Keep up the good work. :-).

    Cheers & here’s to another 100 days and more.

    ~ Tobal.

  8. wavemint Says:

    Congratulations! Hope that you’ll stay longer online…

  9. jze Says:


  10. RG your biggest fan Says:

    i really enjoyed the your first 100 days. i’m sure i’ll enjoy the next 100’s and 100’s and 100’s and 100’s and 100’s………………………………………..KANPAI!

  11. Ghel Says:

    Ey congrats.

    Mabuhay ang Filipino Gays!

  12. argo Says:

    wow….100 days is an achievement! congratulations migs… manilagayguy.com is really, d home of pinoy gays…

  13. kurara_chibana Says:

    happy 100 days migs! congratulations! :)

  14. nyt_fever Says:

    Let’s give a toast to a person who makes and serves as a medium to liberate GAYs in a country where much prejudice is still prevalent.

    Cheers to you!

    Congratz and more power.

  15. BF Says:

    Greetings from LA! You have an awesome blog! It’s now become a daily habit to swing by your blog just to see what’s new. You rock! Pinoys rule!

  16. mandayamoore Says:

    huli man at magaling, naihahabol din. congrats!

  17. Bryz Says:

    ‘teh congrats…. thankful that i discovered your blog same with phanksmaster….

    i really learn a lot reading your entries… i hope to read more from u….

  18. erick Says:

    MABUHAY KA!!!!! migs, i’ll support you all the way ………… good luck and more power

  19. ciana Says:

    ikaw ang pag.asa ng mga bakla
    mabuhay ka
    maraming salamat for making us wanted and welcome
    i really appreciate all things that u have done for the third sex

    ur blog rocks…
    i love every part of it

    happy 100th day

    we are going to support you all the way…

  20. chriscapade Says:

    Happy 100th Day!!!

    reading your blog is part of my daily routine… before start working or check ng email, i check your blog first. Thanks for giving us this sooo much infos and everything!!

    I love you and I love your blog!

  21. epkit Says:

    congrats for a truly wonderful site. i’ve shared your site with my friends and they love it.

    keep up the good work.

  22. zidro Says:

    Well done. This is just the beginning and I believe it will get better and better. More power and congratulations.

  23. Alex Says:

    Congrats Migs to your 100th day. Another 100 years pa for you.


  24. Migs Says:

    TO ALL: thank you very much for taking time to write a note here. I feel so loved, totoo po iyan! Salamat, at sana nga ay magpunyagi pa akong lalo sa pagpapalago ng Manila Gay Guy blog. Do tell your friends about it, para more people can enjoy this site. Taos pusong pasasalamat po!

  25. James Says:

    i knew of this blog when migs dropped by the pink blog. congratulations on your 100th day and continue blogging. :-)

  26. Dave Montero Says:

    wow! congrats Migs!

  27. banjo Says:

    Hi Migs,
    Let me say…..Kudos for such a remarkable and fantastic gay-work-of-art!!!!! Your blog is truly at par with other western counterparts..This is my third time browsing the threads in your blog and I really find them cool and “hot”…
    For a Filipino away from home..(am here in Bangkok working as a theater artist) this site is a real warmer to the heart and the spirit….Two thumbs up!!!!!I could make it three if I Had three Hands…more sexy and revealing pictures please

  28. migs Says:

    James, Dave, Banjo - thanks, maraming salamat! More power to you guys too!

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