Battle of the Butt

Daniel Radcliffe (left) and Johnron Tanada (right)

Which do you fancy better?

I’m sure you’ve seen the series of sexy pics of Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe, like this one…


… but have you seen a frontal (totally bare) shot? It’s here. of the Butt  digg:Battle of the Butt  spurl:Battle of the Butt  newsvine:Battle of the Butt  furl:Battle of the Butt  reddit:Battle of the Butt  fark:Battle of the Butt  Y!:Battle of the Butt


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27 Responses to “Battle of the Butt”

  1. faceless Says:

    johnron, mas matambok :-)

  2. francis Says:

    Daniel’s naked pix are fake..he never posed nude for the play “Equus”.

  3. Zeph Says:

    Johnron, Johnron, Johnron. Daniel’s just underdeveloped… not that I wouldn’t play horsey with him.

  4. chad Says:

    johnron! ang pangit ng butt ni daniel diyan. the pic is not fake btw.

  5. chriscapade Says:

    Johnron Tanada siguro pero wish ko lang true din ung wetpaks nya.

  6. L.A Says:

    Yung frontal nude picture ni Daniel is a fake…let us thank Adobe Photoshop for that!!!

    Migs my question pla ako anong gamit mong plugin dun sa podcast mo? Yung player?

  7. L.A Says:

    Wow thank you Migs for the quick reply! Keep up the good work i

  8. chad Says:

    uy may frontal pala. fake nga siguro kasi i heard he’s cut and he hooks to the left *smirk* but the butt pic is real. ang pangit ng body hair!

  9. Jhong Says:

    Wel, id rather fantasize dan’s butt.. Hes t0o young pa pro the shape is close to perfecti0n na.. How i love t0 kiss th0se bedimpled butt cheeks..hehe

  10. leo Says:

    migs, ask ko rin ano player gamit mo sa podcast?

    i never found daniel, or harry or hairy potter gwapo. babals nga siya…

  11. josh Says:

    local is the best!

  12. vince Says:

    johnron, hands down! really hot! migs, do you have anything on raymond miranda? another yummy moreno guy.

  13. aldous canapi Says:

    bow n tlga me sau migs!

  14. effie Says:

    c’mon. the frontal’s obviously doctored.

  15. vincedejesus Says:

    I love Harry… but he’s just too pale and boney for me. He needs to put on some more weight. Not necessarily muscles, just weight. I much prefer him with his toga on than naked.

    Now with Johnron… hmm… yummy. Delectable. Appetizing. Mouthwatering. Tasty. Flavorful. Toothsome. Palatable. Succulent. Luscious. Scrumptious. Delish. Finger-licking. Nummy. Lip-smacking. Lovely. Pleasurable.

    O… buong thesaurus na yan! :)

  16. grace enriquez Says:

    migs do you have a clip of the actual equus play? or do you know a site containing it? email mo naman sakin.. kahit ung naked part lang ni dan.. *wink*

  17. rommel Says:

    Fake ba talaga o totoo Anu ba

  18. tonskie Says:

    daniel is uncut? no way!… hmmm.. photoshopped perhaps… :P

    anyway.. i still go with the pinoi though…

  19. hp critic Says:

    dan’s frontal nudity was fake. foreign publishers did not issue REAL FRONTAL PICTURES of dan for equus.

  20. larrygp Says:

    even the butt shot is fake….it’s not consistent with his tight bod and with his age.looks old.

    but i am very curious to see him even just half naked…

    did he really show his weiner in thet play? anyone seen the show?

    my partnet have been wanting us to visit europe but i always prefer to go to pinas. but i have now a reason to say yes to a europe tour just to watch the play.

    will keep u updated guys.

  21. hp critic Says:

    yes larrygp, he really did show everything during the play. i’ve viewed equus last Feb, and it was awesome.

    it was provocative.

  22. larrygp Says:

    hp critic…thanks for the info!!

    do u know if he will still be the one in may?

  23. summer Says:

    the nude pic of daniel was fake..but i hope it’s not fake..i really love that guy..hehe

  24. jay Says:

    johnron is the most handsom in that pic!!johnron u r the no.1 here in cagayan valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!promise….

  25. jay Says:

    johnron!!u r the no.1 hunks here in cagayan valley!u have a good and nice body!!hope to see u here!!!were olweyz buying ur magazine!!climax mag.we love u so much!!!

  26. larrygp Says:

    HE DID SHOW EVERYTHING!!!! a good 10 minutes of jumping and running ( with some pumping)in his birthday suit

  27. rodier Says:

    johnron ako, i like his butt.

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