Romance in the Workplace

Have been working my butt off the past couple of weeks at work. I already missed two weekends because I had to spend it working (or travelling due to work)… and no, I’m not complaining! I’m actually enjoying it! (Because I love my job!)

Now, due to this, I’ve naturally been getting more exposed to more people at the office, and more time spent with more of them… and I’ve seen a considerable number of eye candies around. (Perhaps with this, you know where this post is going…) But I consider romance in the workplace a no-no! And yet…

One particular guy somehow caught my attention.

He’s chinito. He’s cool. By that I mean he loves great conversations — and he’s very opinionated. He’s athletic too. I don’t know if he is gay, but I know he’s pretty regular in the nearby gym. I don’t know if he likes me back, but the past days I’ve been sensing that he wants us to be friends.

Trouble is, I still can’t get myself to even take the next step because of that no-romance-in-the-workplace thing that I somehow force myself to follow. Haaay…

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36 Responses to “Romance in the Workplace”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Invite him this Thursday! Yun nah. Yun lang. :-)

  2. mandayamoore Says:

    go go go.

  3. josh Says:

    hirap pag f u r in d same workplace. Pati ur work maapek2han. Well friendship is not bad, at least u can talk to someone at work.

  4. Jason Says:

    i agree with josh. It would be better if you remain as friends. work dynamics can be so tricky at times. if the going gets tough you mught find yourself in a comrpomised situation. sexual harassment, anyone? even if it is unfounded, the damage has been done by the ensuing rumors..

  5. Schizo Says:

    I agree, I think you should just be friends. And then cross the bridge when you get you get there. Since you love your job and that is your priority, focus on it. btw, is he your subordinate? If so … forget about it.

  6. Little Fish Says:

    Friends? Yes.
    Lovers? No…No…No!

  7. armand Says:

    if you love the person and if the person loves you, then why not. kahit saang lugar pa yan. kahit pa pareho kayo ng workplace.

    what if he is the right person for you? remember that chance means once. kahit naman saan may risk kahit pa magkaiba kayo ng workplace.

    but let it be known to both parties to separate relationship from work.
    SUS! sa akin ka na lang kaya. di mo pa ako ka-workplace kaya walang kaproble-problema.

  8. eric Says:

    migs san ka ba work? sa makati ba? kasi naintriga ako dun sa nearby gym na sinabi mo…ang fitness first at golds gym kasi ay nasa makati business district…if you happen to work in the area EB tau!!! malay mo ako ang lalakeng(BAKLA) hinahanap hanap mo (ang sama pakinggan no?) hahahahaha

  9. booh Says:

    i had this experience that i fell in love with my officemate.. let’s just say we had a mutual feeling…

    i tried to ignore the feeling because of that no-romance-in-the-workplace thing (accdng to migs) but to no avail, the excitement and the “what if” brought about by the feeling did not stop me… so i gave in…

    in the end we end after a couple of dates… we realized we’re better off as friends…

    sometimes we need to face the feeling.. else we’ll end up guessing… leading to our work being affected.

  10. Lizz Buenaventura Says:

    Being friends sounds great. So long as you’ve got a clear picture of what you want in your head at the beginning of the potential friendship, you’ll be just fine. You never know– things might just work out in the end (in regards to your no-romance-in-the-work place policy). And even if it doesn’t, at least you’ll come away with a good friend who’s eye candy at the very least. XD

  11. Ares of UAE Says:

    Haba ng hair ng lola ko!

    Try to be friends first. You already know its the right thing to do.

    if it progresses to something more than just that, then why the hell not??? I can feel like you are the type who could handle relationships well, a nd who knows, he may be good at that too, even if youre working together.

    You go girl!

  12. raffy Says:

    I had a relationship with an officemate and it goes on for 8 years. Maybe a lot of my officemate would suspect our closeness but nobody dared to ask. We are still partners but we both left the company for a better paying job. It’s hard but love prevails over any situation that you’re in.

  13. Kaleena Says:

    Migs, here are my words of wisdom, so hear ye:

    Grab him and go to the janitor’s closet! Shake it to the left, shake it the right!

    At least, work will always be fun! Pero madadagdagan ang pagod mo because of your frequent trips to the bathroom or kung saan mang available space. Doing it sa photocopy machine is great, I tell ya. Basta make sure naka-off, or baka may ma-print na evidence.

    Post mo dito pic nya so I can judge if he’s worth it. Or if he’s good enough for ME. Kung ayaw mew, akin na lang, bakla ka! Makiyeme ka pa sa madre! (Hi sa mga madre na nagpalaki sa akin!)

    Good luck! Sex in the workplace is always fun!

  14. chismoso Says:

    workplace romances almost always never work. here are two scenarios:

    1. you do have an affair/relationship. during the “honeymoon” stage will lead to awkwardness and lots of details missed out on work. if it doesn’t work out, both of you will be uncomfortable. there will be visible tension in the workplace.

    2. the relationship does work and you’re in it for the long haul. you have a very limited environment. you’ll both be seeing and talking about the same thing. you’ll both be bored.

    just my two cents’ worth

  15. chriscapade Says:

    go lang ng go Migs! ahehehehe

  16. Jo Says:

    A resounding NO, Migs!!! Stick to your ‘no-romance-in-the-workplace’ dictum.

    Take it from me. It started with glances, then the office party, the bar-hopping, the out-of-town with officemates, and presto, we were a couple. BAD IDEA. Not only did it affect the work, pati relationship with other officemates was affected kasi all your attention is with that special officemate. To add to the growing complications, rumor-mongering and green-eyed employees accompany the relationship. Non-stop gossips, which I may say is true but of course deadma to the issue, will continue to hound you. And, the most dreadful of all, suddenly your boss loses trust in you. Kasi, sa totoo lang, your sudden shift of attention from your work to your special someone, will really diminish your concentration from work. And mind you, it will really show no matter how hard you hide it or lie about it. Baka di mo na lang napansin at napansin na ito ng boss and officemates mo, you were staring at your officemate for several minutes. Ay naku Migs, don’t even think of a one-night stand, mas grabe pa yan. One thing leads to another. I can suggest only that in case ma-develop, one of you MUST leave. It’s really hard to work on a relationship and you belong to one workplace. Di ba nga, most companies separate husbands and wives from being in one dept or division because the situation in this case is the same.

    Naku Migs, marami pa dyan. Are you that busy na dyan ka na lang nakakakita ng beauty sa office mo? Kaya now since I have my own company, whether right or wrong, if I see a situation that my employees are getting into a relationship amongst themselves, I talk to them and open their eyes to the possibility that it may affect their work. I’m not meddling but I care for them, mahirap maghanap ng trabaho. Of course its up to them if they still pursue their love interest basta ako, sinabihan ko sila.

    If you say you love your work, then work on it. You can find your love outside of work. Believe me Migs, get out of the idea before it gets you.

  17. Homie Says:

    Pardon the french, but: Never shit where you eat.

  18. zizou Says:

    100% with it’s gonna be SO weird if it doesn’t go accdng to plan.. unless you work in different departments…

  19. armand Says:

    ay naku!!! wag ka makinig sa mga ayaw. go lang ng go! sige ka pag pinalampas mo ang pagkakataon, baka magsisi ka at baka after 1 decade na yan mauulit.

    fight for your love. Go. Fight! Fight! Fight!

  20. gari Says:

    there is such thing as
    exemption to the rule…
    it’s not an excuse to go
    but still that’s a pass
    to make your life’s decision
    bit easier and light over self-
    imposed golden rule.

  21. Migs Says:

    Nalilito ako… we were just sitting beside each other kanina sa meeting. Na-dyahe ako, can’t bring myself to look at him straight in the eye — and that’s so not me. Haaaay!

  22. Kaleena Says:

    Migs, mahal mo na sya! Go get inside his pants!

  23. josh Says:

    Sometimes the feeling is like so magnetic, parang gus2 mo mas may connection between you and that person, yeah try to get to know that person more, most of the times this lead to added information and you see flaws and you ended up like, buti na lang wlng nangyari sa amin, “bugso lang pa la ng damdamin”. But if that person is Game, why not..

  24. Rome Says:

    Succesful romance in the workplace depends on how you handle it. It shouldn’t be a problem and the workplace should not restrict you from liking or going for the guy you want.

    However, have some caution. Get to know the guy first (baka kasi ego tripper, kiss and tell, eskandaloso, etc.), control the situation and your emotion (and not to mention libog), keep it discreet, and don’t do sleazy things while at work (or kung hindi mapigilan, huwag pahuhuli).

    If he’s okay and you both agree on certain do’s and don’ts of a workplace romance, then Go! I tell you, it can be very exciting and enduring as well.

  25. Kaleena Says:

    Migs, you have to try doing it sa photocopy machine. You can have your face nakalapat sa glass part while you’re bent over taking it like a real man.

  26. MAC_afr0 Says:

    iba talaga ang “kagandahan” mo migs!

    go lang! alam kong kayang kaya mong ibalanse ang lahat. kaw pa!

    minsan lang kumatok ang pag-ibig kaya papasukin mo! baka magtampo sige ka. :)

    —mula sa zsa zsa zaturnah ze musical —

  27. londoner Says:

    No romance in the workplace is a bit silly for me. Each one of us are human being that needs to be loved and taken cared for. I know lots of people who fell in love in love. We cannot really tell if you are meant for each other if you haven’t tried it. Just cross the bridge when you get there. it’s better to be loved than not at all.

  28. Mikee Says:

    Nasa pagdadala lang yan …

  29. KittyQT Says:

    Migs, hard talaga to see him straight in the eye lalo na kung sitting side by side kayo at baka stiff neck lang ang abutin mo. Next time, sit across the table, opposite him. BTW, the NOs opinion are more sensible.

    Kaleena dahlin’, very daring! Migs, why not ask your readers who’s top or bottom? And why do I sense some of your respondents are CQs!!! Afraid to come out? Here kitty, kitty…

  30. Ghel Says:

    Wait, are you sure yung officemate mo na iyan is di alam ang blog site mo?

    Mamamay,pumapalakpak na ang tenga nun or worse eh, ideny nya yung feelings nya at nafefeeling close ka lang “daw”.

    Baka pakikipag kaibigan lang ang habol nya..

    La lang..

  31. Kaleena Says:

    KittyQT, yes I am a CQ! But that’s not gonna stop me from bending over and taking it in the a*s like a real man! Oh yeah, my jaw is the most mobile joint of my body!

  32. KittyQT Says:

    OMG Kaleena, all the while akala ko BRAVE to the world ka. You’re still hiding pa pala. Naku sis, magpaka-tutoo ka na. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being true to yourself. O well, that’s your call. Goodluck na lang sa mga advenchures mo. Purrrr….

  33. sire lee Says:

    well what i can say is that if u feel that love is the center of your friendship then go for it. db ok naman na ung may ka relasyon ka sa workplace. sa sm malls lang hindi uso un hehe!!!

  34. hustlingmind Says:

    migs, a little bit segue(?), alam mo ba ano nangyari sa Bassilica? bat close na yata? sayang kasi yun lang bar na gusto kong puntahan lagi kasi homey dating sakin ng place. i read somewhere here na you used to go there.

  35. carlos Says:

    love knows no boundaries so don’t build any. just enjoy every moment that you get with him and show him that you’re a good and sincere person. malay natin love knows no gender either… goodluck

  36. aeriol09 Says:

    oi gusto kong makita si migs pakita mo naman pic mo!!!!!!!!

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