Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m sooooo jologs! And I’m so proud of it! So let me share my jologs fancy of the moment — Willie Revillame’s Boom Tarat! It’s frequently played and danced in the game show “Wowowee!” Hehehe! Do you know how to dance to this song? Well let me teach you….

1. Boom… (with elbows moving towards body)

2. Tarat… (right hand slaps right butt cheek)

3. Tarat… (left hand slaps left butt cheek)

4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3

5. TararatTararat (hands swing to one side, with fingers wiggling)

6. Boom! Boom! Boom! (Each boom, elbows jerk closer to body, with matching hip forward/upward thrust)

O di ba, enjoy?! It’s fun to dance, and dance as if no one is watching!

Now for the music…

Have fun! And always, always spread happiness!!! Boom Tarat Dance Steps  digg:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  spurl:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  newsvine:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  furl:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  reddit:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  fark:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps  Y!:Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps


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10 Responses to “Wowowee Boom Tarat Dance Steps”

  1. Chris Says:

    crazy. but i love it!

  2. durl enrick pador Says:


  3. Wowowee and this great country | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] “Boom tarat tarat!” blares on my TV. The studio audience of Wowowee goes berserk as each chosen contestant gives his own rendition of the dance steps. It’s so silly and pointless, inanity brought to the highest degree, and yet I enjoy watching it. Perhaps it’s because of my innate ka-jologan. Or maybe because it personifies the happy nature of Pinoys. […]

  4. krikety Says:

    I love the mannequin figure! Great steps, now I can be Big10!

    Yahoo! Wawawee! Wahehe..

  5. pepe Says:

    Boom tarat tarat is a novelty song. Pag baduy ngayon, mas aapreciate yan 20 years from now. Belive me! it’s like a vintage watch, pag tumada lalong naging expensive!

  6. vianca Says:

    you know..boom tarat is so stupid but fun…

  7. neon Says:


  8. Kristel Says:

    YAY! My favorite song! ^__^

  9. YAY Says:

    zomg i luv wowowee

  10. Zoe Says:

    boom malatch malatch…..

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