Exercise to Shape Your Butt

Want that bubble butt like Andrew Wolff’s? Well we can start with these butt-enhancing exercises that you can do even at home and in your office. Thanks for the tips, Sharp Man Dot Com.


At Home

Dumbbell squat: Stand with legs at hip-width and knees soft (not locked). With a dumbbell in each hand, bend arms so dumbbells sit on your shoulders. Bend your knees slowly, lowering as if you were going to sit down. Keep your back straight as you lower. Lower knees to a 45-90-degree angle, but don’t bend your knees so much that they go farther out than where your toes are. Return to standing position slowly. Do two sets of 12 reps. Use dumbbells that weigh between 8-20 pounds.

Plank leg lift: Hold your body in a raised pushup position, arms at shoulder-width apart and legs hip-width apart. Raise right foot several inches off floor with foot flexed. Hold foot in the air and point toe. Count to four, flex the foot and lower to floor slowly. Keep glutes tight through the entire move. Switch legs and do four or five lifts on each legs.


On the Road or at the Office

One-legged hop: You may want to request a room on the ground floor if you are going to do this move. With hands on hips or folded across your chest, stand on your right leg with the left one bent to a 90-degree angle. Soften right knee and lower body slightly. Spring up quickly and jump off ground. Land on right foot, regain your balance and then lower again slowly. Repeat jump. Do a total of four to eight jumps on each leg, alternating from left to right after two jumps.

One-legged squat: Cross your arms and lift them away from your chest. Stand on right leg and lift left leg in front of you with knee bent. Keep foot four to six inches off the ground while lowering hips and butt into a squat position. Keep your back straight and lower as if you were sitting down in a chair. Stop when right leg is at about a 45-degree angle. Return to standing position slowly and then repeat for a total of 10-12 reps. Do the same on the left leg.

Sliding squat: Stand with your back against a wall, knees bent to about a 45-degree angle with feet hip-width apart. Lower your body slowly until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for 20-30 seconds and slide up to standing position. Begin entire exercise again after a 20-30 second rest.


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  1. Bim Says:

    that is one lovely butt!

  2. jam Says:

    its a good dessert

  3. Francis Says:

    Nice Butt you got!!!

  4. Jill Says:

    Nakatrabaho ko yang si Andrew, napakalakas nyang lalaki! Ginagawa akong barbell! Yung manager nyang si Bernard nabuhat nya ng isang kamay lang!

  5. Virgen sa umaga Says:

    bakit parang me sugat sya sa binti

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