Janvier In My Mind


I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy your loving is all I think about
I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy it’s more than I dare to think about

- o -

How can I, if you keep on MMSing me with your godly pics? But hey, don’t stop. No need to set me free. I’m perfectly okay with this kind of shackles.

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18 Responses to “Janvier In My Mind”

  1. KittyQT Says:

    Nilalandi ka niya Migs!
    purrrr purrrr………

  2. anton maton Says:

    patusin na kasi! kunyari pa ang lola niyo!

  3. kurara_chibana Says:

    aba at i-quote ba ang kanta ni kylie minogue?

    just go for it migs! janvier obviously fancies you. pakitaan mo nga rin ng mga pictures mo para magka-alaman na!

    let’s see if the two of you end up as a couple! hahaha! wagi…victoria! :D

  4. Schizo Says:

    Uyyy si Ate in Love…. yan o may pimple ka na! Sino yan? may label ata Janvier hahaha

  5. chad Says:

    he’s sending signals! either he’s pumapatol talaga or he’s just a tease.

  6. anton Says:

    go. go. go…..

  7. euges Says:

    naku ha baka tapos na gusto lang umulit pa. hahahaha

  8. Kaleena Says:

    He’s a whore. Patusin na. anton maton, papatusin din kita. Hihihi!

  9. chriscapade Says:

    go migs.. go go gowwwww!!!!!

    ahahaha! landi!

  10. anton maton Says:

    Kaleena … sige … payag ako! kabit pede rin! (siyet … im still on the kabit issue!)

  11. aji Says:

    go girl!!!! baci e abbracci!!!!!

  12. vincedejesus Says:

    Dalaga ka na migs.


  13. prock Says:

    yihee hehe

    @euges: funny!

  14. margs Says:



  15. what_boys_want Says:

    Janvier Daily was Ethel Booba’s date while she caught herself in the middle of a catfight at Decades Bar last night. WTF!!!

  16. fattyacid Says:

    ^ aww he’s that bitch’s date? TURN OFF!!!…

    better clean himself! wasted!

  17. jason Says:

    one of the “biggest” i have encountered. Promise!

  18. pepron Says:

    ganda ng lola ko!

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