Marc Abaya, sexy rocker


Tired of the same old stuff, those good looking male models? Well here’s a break from all that — I present to you sexy rockstar, Marc Abaya!

Ramon Marcelino “Marc” Abaya is one of the Philippine rock music scene’s most prolific singers. He is the son of Manolo Abaya and Marilou Diaz-Abaya, two very significant people in Philippine Cinema.

Discovered by Raimund Marasigan of the Eraserheads, during a battle of the bands in which Abaya’s band (Shirley Beans) won first place. Marasigan, who was one of the judges for the night, invited Abaya to act as frontman for the band Sandwich in 1998. Sandwich successfully released three albums; Grip, Stand, Throw; 4-track mind; Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull.

While in Sandwich, he formed a band with his closest friends they named Kjwan. Formed May 2003, Kjwan successfully released their self-titled album in 2004. Their carrier single Daliri is a massive track which makes the crowd go wild during concerts.

He left Sandwich sometime in 2004, not only to be a full time member of Kjwan, but also because he could not juggle having two bands and being a VJ for MTV Philippines at the same time.

Sandwich remained in the mainstream, though. They recently released their fourth album Five on the Floor, with Marasigan taking over frontman duties. Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci joined Sandwich to as one of the guitarists.

He joined MTV Philippines in 2003 and became one of the VJs until the dissolution of MTV Philippines under the Music Source Inc on January 1, 2007. He was not re-hired by All Youth Channels Inc, the company that operates the new MTV Philippines. Marc had hosted a variety of shows, most notably “Rockola on MTV” and “Massive”. His MTV career had also gained him more widespread recognition as a host. (From Wikipedia.)






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17 Responses to “Marc Abaya, sexy rocker”

  1. randy Says:

    i like his music. i love his body. what a combination…he rocks and i s***!

  2. sire lee Says:

    hey, i like this guy and he is very nice. yah migs…it’s nice naman to feature other hottties na hindi nmn puro artista o kaya models. get hotties from bands. most especially lead vocalists form other bands. like callalily. feature kean cipriano or bamboo!

  3. eponine Says:

    yes i do like marcbut i never knew that he is the son of marilou diaz-abaya. wow big names. but he has carved a name for himself. he is a hottie, although he looks like a bit ripped. but hot.

  4. val Says:

    i love reading your blog and i really enjoyed this entry!

    it would be awesome if you could feature more frontmans like rico blanco, bamboo, yael yuzon, etc. well, the musicians who you spark your fancy.

    i LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! more power!

  5. val Says:

    just a side note,
    have you heard of daniel henney?
    if not, google him.
    he’s pure scooby snacks.

  6. Gina Cole Says:

    bongga…sarap dilaan ng nipples niya….hinog na hinog.

  7. neon Says:

    ka-age ko xa.

  8. Matteo Says:

    Feeling naman si Mark Abaya minsan. Pa-cute masyado.

  9. drew Says:

    heard he goes both ways…

  10. eponine Says:

    both ways? really. must be like wency cornejo before.

  11. monsour abraham Says:

    honestly, no idea ’bout this guy or band coz am always here in abroad.well,anyways,he’s kindaa cute & impressive… best wishes & God bless !

  12. cornflakeboy Says:

    he is hot!… too bad he left sandwich, i am missing his voice with the sandwich…. thank for featuring this rock icon…. rocker karin ba migs?

  13. astroboi Says:

    i love him!!!!

  14. rOckY Says:

    Marc is a really nice guy in person but he’s as straight as an arrow, so don’t get your hopes up folks, haha

  15. awie Says:

    crush q sha pag naka-eye liner

  16. chad Says:

    He’s kinda scary pag nagpeperform siya. He’s okay naman dun sa armchair pic. Like ko siya dati dun sa early parts ng MTV stint niya kasi sobrang funny niya talaga pero nung mga huling parts parang naging medyo mayabang ang dating niya.

  17. chester Says:

    wala bang balladeer hunk? hehehe…

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