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Sometime following that brief episode of meeting Janvier Daily (the other Dodong) after the opening night of Zsazsa Zaturnnah’s 4th rerun, I have been toying with the idea of requesting for a casual interview with him. He exudes such masculine mystery that I can’t help but want to get to know him better. Again, through the magical intercession of Vince de Jesus, Zaturnnah’s musical director, the interview was set… and in fact, it’s done! I actually just came from that coffee conversation with Janvier. We did it at Starbucks in Harbor Square opposite the side entrance of CCP. It was, if I may borrow that line from Notting Hill, “surreal but nice.”


(That’s Janvier in the photo above, sitting just right across me in Starbucks, while I was holding my camera clicking away and whispering to him, “kunwari di ka kinukunan ng pic…” Hehehehe! Ang saya!)

I will share with you details of the interview (and more pics!) in the next posts. Abangan! chat with Janvier Daily  digg:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  spurl:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  newsvine:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  furl:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  reddit:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  fark:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily  Y!:Coffee chat with Janvier Daily


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9 Responses to “Coffee chat with Janvier Daily”

  1. MAC_afr0 Says:

    sana sabado na para makita ko na ang mga noodles.hahaha salamat migs at vince sa ticket. at sa pagkakataong makasama at makilala siya ng personal… more power to manila gay guy! :)

  2. what_boys_want Says:

    hi Migs! physically, he’s perfect for Dodong! but what’s your assessment of his singing & acting onstage? i don’t think i’ll be able to catch this re-run so i don’t know how good (or bad) he did onstage. review naman dyan!

  3. Little Fish Says:

    Hello, Migs!
    I’m eating my heart out with envy.
    Janvier’s pics really look amazing and awesome! I just hope he got big heart for everybody.
    The moment I say his pics here….damn! I drool and wish…sana bugbogin at suntokin ako ng poging ‘to
    Take care Migs…consider me as one of your distance friends…because I really needed one.

    Little Fish

  4. Jayson Says:

    omg, migs, ang pogi naman siya! holly shiet a close interview, dam hes a hottie, well good luck take more pics with his whole face facing ur camera. thanks .maybe show some skin too , tell him to take off this shirt. lol okay thats pushing it huh???

  5. sire lee Says:

    ahhhh nakakaasar, napanood ko naman na si janvier last saturday but gusto ko pa rin talaga xa makita play as dodong, kaso sold out na daw ang tickets. is there any way i can get pa a saturday show ung 3pm or 8pm. help, i really wanna watch talaga ule…. migs or vincent de jesus pls help.

  6. koshiro Says:

    this guy really has the sex appeal na makalaglag panty. very musculine. he’s got this pinoy machismo na silent type outside but eventually becomes brusko…and brusko’er (hahaha meron ba nun?) but anyways, i don’t think he’d succeed in showbisness cuz he got this looks na tipong nata type cast as “sex object”, unless he’s got the super talents for acting. you know how the pinoy audience can become so unforgiving when it comes to acting. well we have to see that mga ateng, kaya sugod and let’s watch zaturnah ze musical, i’v heard from a very reliable source that there will be a sequel to this phenomenal and “fanta-bulous” musical. o mga ateng, kung di pa nakapanood, make sure you get to see the part two, sabi nga ni zaturnah aka Ada, “kakalokah”. cheers to the makers of zaturnah!

  7. sire lee Says:

    i think it is carlo vergara’s second installment of zaturnnah’s adventures. according to a magazine that i read its like zsazsa zaturnnah in manila. and her enemy is lyk ala valentina type. cool noh, well i cant wait for it na… more power to zzz…

  8. andrew Says:

    I-feature mo naman si Wendell Ramos, Migs, pretty please. (*wink*, *wink*)

    thanks. :)

  9. pepron Says:

    He’s the definitely got the making of a star!

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