McVie Show reviews “Twilight”

My dear online friend Joel McVie reviews Twilight Dancers in his blog, and I quote him on the 3 delicioso men featured in the movie. Joel’s such an idol.

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TP.jpgTyron Perez… is engaging enough to watch. He is easy on the eyes and interestingly, registers very lightly on screen. This serves the movie well since it is he who threads the whole movie; put someone too intense or “heavy” and he’ll bog down the movie. And he really tries his darn best in this role; the effort sometimes shows though. But overall he manages to pull off a believable character who despite his background still has a level of innocence and naivety about him.

AD.jpgAllen Dizon has cornered the market for aging-sexy-actors-who-can-still-disrobe-but- thanks-to-age-and-experience-can-act- a-little-better-now. Just a little. Still Papa-licious for those who like their men a bit more mature and with heft, Allen’s character is supposedly a hot-headed guy trying his best to change his ways. Unfortunately his performance is too laid-back; his occasional outbursts make him look more sullen rather than ill tempered.

LN.jpgLauren Novero is yummy to look at if you’re into swarthy “er”-types. Period. Too bad he only disrobes once. But he also has a playing-with-myself scene that stops short of masturbation.

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Catch his full review at The McVie Show Season 4!

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5 Responses to “McVie Show reviews “Twilight””

  1. mcvie Says:

    Jozmeh! Nakakaloka pala pag na-quote ka ng iba. Hey, thanks for mentioning my take on “Twilight Dancers.”

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    hahaha! o eto pa,…

    “Sacha Guitry once said, ‘You can pretend to be serious, but you can’t pretend to be witty.’ Oh yes, I’m the great pretender.” ~McVie

    O dabah! So witty nga! Sana paglaki ko, katulad tayo! Mwah! :)

  3. DANTE Says:

    i saw twilight dancer…sayang di na explore ang story ng mga aging macho dancers..mas maganda sana kung dun nag focus…lauren novero sayang konte lang exposure…but he’s very good…napaka intense nyang actor..

  4. my yellow shirt Says:

    I saw twilight dancers. That seemed like an inverted, negative eutopia. Where everything bad seems to be there for the “good” wait “innocent” guys out there who sell themselves to any buyers.

    William Martinez got screams for that hot kiss. But his acting was too much of an echo of She-Man (as if I was seeing Joey De Leon act).

    The disgust that this movie has for women with power is so palpable. It even has disgust for homosexuals with power. It proved its point when there’s this Mayor who has a party where big gay faces and personalities are given gyrating men to oggle and hold only to give orders for a bloodbath, then transform into a wicked looking Ursula like tramp.

    I happen to like men in general, and gay men at that. But this movie is anti-gay. It is even anti women.

    “Despise all.” is the very topic of the camera eye and shows all that is despicable like a disgusting buffet of innards, rotting flesh and dismembered parts that bear comment on its (the director’s and playwright’s)take on the macho dancer’s world as well as the other denizens of this underworld of beautiful deceit.

    There is a surfeit of gyrating empty souled men. As well as shallow humans. Even the erstwhile protagonist is dumb. He’s commited murder because he is an idiot. So the only “honest” but damaged guy goes to prison and loses his family. The only “innocent” gets his time in hell prolonged. While the happy witch (this Cherry Pie does so well) gets more flesh and souls to keep.

    How perverted is that?

  5. fattyacid Says:

    “aging-sexy-actors-who-can-still-disrobe-but- thanks-to-age-and-experience-can-act- a-little-better-now”

    aray ko…ang lufet! sabagay after all these years, yan lang ang nagawa mo sa sarili mo? >,

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