Twilight of the Twilight Dancers

Gibbs Cadiz of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in his fabulous new blog, reviews Mel Chionglo’s Twilight Dancers. Put the genre to rest, he says.

Mel Chionglo’s new film seems to be about everything–poverty, urban rot, youthful alienation, marital strife, government corruption, salvaging, unfair labor practices, teenage pregnancy, even the commercialization of school campuses, natch. But ultimately it is about nothing. Nothing new, that is. Not a single thread of this wispy, shopworn tale about male prostitution in Manila is fresh, insightful or worth a second look. That’s because its themes and preoccupations have been done to death, flogged to within an inch of the bare skins and naked souls that had overflowed in other, better movies of this sort.

Go visit Gibb’s blog - it’s definitely worth the click! of the Twilight Dancers  digg:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  spurl:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  newsvine:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  furl:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  reddit:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  fark:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers  Y!:Twilight of the Twilight Dancers


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  1. gibbs cadiz Says:

    hey migs, many thanks for the mention. much obliged. :)

  2. Do you remember Chester? | manila gay guy Says:

    […] one of German Moreno’s post-”That’s Entertainment” talents; he appeared in Twilight Dancers, in the Provoq men video, as well as in Reyna the movie. If these information are not enough, […]

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