Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007


“Take It Underground” - Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 is the 6th installment of Mossimo Bikini Summit franchise event here in the Philippines. It started in 2002 in Boracay. This year, it will be held in a yet undisclosed venue in Makati City. The competition has male and female contestants, but since you are here in the Manila Gay Guy blog, we’ll feature only the 9 male finalists. Hehehe!


Here they are:










Last year, Jerome Ortiz won the title. This year, who’s your bet? Bikini Summit 2007  digg:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  spurl:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  newsvine:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  furl:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  reddit:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  fark:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007  Y!:Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007


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50 Responses to “Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007”

  1. reyville Says:

    based on these pics, i would say arron, al or adrian…

  2. reyville Says:

    i took a second look and now i’ll go for “al”… i hope he’ll win the competition! (wow, thanks to mossimo, another bunch of hunks to watch out this year.)

  3. soopah! Says:

    they all look hooooottt!!! every year talaga inaabangan ko e2ng mossimo bikini summit and this year i think will be worth watching!!!… by the way, i’ll go with all of them!!!!…yooohooooo!!!

  4. khentutz Says:

    extra rice naman dyan…

  5. andrew Says:

    John Lopez, ew. *nosebleed. himatay* LOLZ!

    Does he really think he’s a cutie, much more a hunk? Sorry kung may John Lopez supporter dito, lalo na friends nya, pero I think sya ang long lost brother ni Robby Mananquil, hihi!

    Peace tayo. :P

  6. andrew Says:

    Btw, I think Andrew’s a cutie, hehe! :P

  7. Mark Says:

    I think John Lopez is hot. :-)

  8. chad Says:

    parang so-so lang lahat ng face nila pero parang pinaka-okay sa kanila si Al.

  9. Samiel Says:

    jesus chad…kala mo naman gwapo ko. sila so-so..ikaw So so Panget =)

  10. kurara_chibana Says:

    i can’t choose just one bet! they’re all quite hot. :D

    as of now, i’m rooting for andrew, bo, and zachi (if looks AND body are to be the criteria)

    hopefully they’ll be featured on tv soon. in the past kasi, the contestants appear on SOP to promote the competition.

  11. smoothshaver Says:

    As always, I am admiring the sexy shaved kalbo Zachi. I hope he wins!!!

  12. nfsj Says:

    ^ Zachi Uy is a Fitness First gym instructor (SM North The Block). He looks cuter in person… but looks smaller/thinner in person.

  13. chriscapade Says:

    i go for Adrian and Haroun

  14. chad Says:

    why hello to you too Samiel. still can’t get over the little fight we had? lol how immature.

  15. Seiki Says:

    Al or Zachi…

    I agree with Chad… parang so-so lang

  16. peterpic Says:

    depende sa timpla yan e…

    kung feel ko ng medyo sweet and meaty (parang asado), kay BO ako.

    kung feel ko ng savory na malasa’t maalat alat (parang adobo), kay ARRON naman ako.

    pero kung feel ko ng maganit, makarne at matapang ang lasa (ala caldereta), e di si ADRIAN!

  17. peterpic Says:

    bakit pare-pareho ang itetext to vote for any of the candidates?

  18. justin Says:

    Adrian is so hot.

  19. Gina Cole Says:

    peterpic….tama ka…baka may daya…hay….kawawa naman ang jowa kong si zachi.

  20. Migs Says:

    must be a mistake from the mbs07 website. don’t mind the text voting texts.

  21. rommel Says:

    parang puro chaka

  22. what_boys_want Says:

    Zachi, Bo & Haroun are cuties!

    but just a little observation…why are most of the guys had their nipples splattered with concealer??

  23. mackster Says:

    I think John Lopez stands a pretty good chance. Boyish charm and animal appeal can be a very potent combination (do I have to mention what a great body he has?!).

    John has my vote!

  24. iloveBOOM Says:

    Zachi and AL

  25. babaklabakla Says:

    kakanta na lang ako ng ” through the fire ” ni chaka khan

  26. DKKK Says:

    Can I have the website. Thanks!

  27. Jared del Rosario Says:

    It’s Aaron, not Arron. Typo from the site.

    I got to interview all of them for an article, and he’s the most conversational and eloquent of all. He’s from Virginia, and he’s Bo Canlas’s (of Studio 23) brother. And damn, he has got amazing sex appeal! I caught myself staring into his eyes during the interview.

    And yeah, the voting codes aren’t the right ones yet. The site isn’t done yet.

    There are 3 new guys in the line up, coz it should be 12 guys and 12 girls. So abangan nyo na lang the 3 new guys when the site is done. They also had a photoshoot recently including the new guys, so the pics in the current site are gonna be put down, plus they all had makeovers din kasi.

  28. myke ryanne carlo Says:

    It will be Haroun, gays!

  29. ian Says:

    My best bet is Rafael,he’s not just a pretty face and heavenly body,he has brains to match.brains not brawns get it?he looks good on ramp or in print.
    anyone out there with taste vote for Rafael.
    Sorry guys you all look gorgeous and all you just didnt tickle my fancy.
    Go Rafael…Yahoo!!!!

    Dubai UAE

  30. boombashtic Says:

    well the only preety face that ive seen here is rafael’s. its not just the body but with a face like an angel, whew! and he is HOT :)

  31. cammy Says:

    bakit yung iba parang mashado hard?
    tigas naman

  32. ian Says:

    Damn i forgot! Rafael is the kind of person even you dress him in a garbage bag he’ll manage to make it look like a million dollar or pesos. He’s a fashionista through and through.


  33. ikhai Says:

    i like rafael! i will vote for rafael! his kinda cute compare to all the guys na parang puro matigas… hehe!

  34. shiela_S Says:

    go ahia zachi!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahaha.

  35. kamille Says:

    Does anybody know when is the grand finals of this event??

  36. jhel Says:

    more info and latest photos of jason love fulgencio the 1st runner-up winner in 2007 please…….please…..please…..

  37. argel Says:

    vote for zachi..he is so nice..he’s a friend of my classmate

  38. Jared del Rosario Says:

    Finals is on April 21, 7PM at NBC Tent at The Fort

  39. josh Says:

    please update us on its pladate on tv… tnx a million

  40. Mossimo Boys Now in Bikini! | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] My previous feature on the male finalists of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit included only 9 finalists. This time, we have all 12 of them in one post, and not only that — if before they were featured in jeans, now they are in their Mossimo bikinis! Without further ado, here they are… […]

  41. mediaprince Says:

    ZACHI my type… chinto! (he’s chinese I know)

  42. triple x Says:

    @andrew : tawang tawa ako sa comment mo na : “Sa ABS-CBN gate ang pila ng Wowowee, hindi dito.” LOL! tawa ng tawa ako semana santa pa naman!

    ang tindi naman ng lait mo kay john lopez :-)

  43. anthony Says:

    ayyyy,,…..theyre such lovable….hunkZZZ daw?????

  44. john Says:

    very predictable…haroun would be the homerun winner!!

  45. mama mia Says:

    ayy! nako talagang si andrew ang pogi talaga at sexsy, and young and shy!!!

  46. Heidi Says:

    i hope andrew wins!!

  47. Grace Says:

    andrew is the word ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,watch out piolo and sam here comes Andrew

  48. Grace Says:

    O sino pa ba ang super hunk? Andrew of course!!! Get those fingers working, vote for Andrew!!!

  49. carla Says:

    winner!winner! winner! talagang super super pogi si andrew his got look, class and style, ingit lang kayo, super galing talaga si andrew, from now on i will be buying mossimo brand mula sa ulo at paa. oh anong say ninyo.

  50. Torerong Noypi Says:

    JoshKoh?! Yan ba ang Pinagmamalaki nyong si Andrew? As in Andrew Smith?

    Inangkupo! Pag ito ang nanalo, wala ng bibili ng Mossimo!

    Ang kapal ng mukhang sumali sa mga ganitong contest! Ano ba ito? Papogian ng face? O papangitan ng katawan? If this contest is both, then this Mister Smith, who speaks English in the most obnoxious Australian accent, is a sure fire winner!

    Hoy Andrew! Huminga ka naman! Ang bata-bata mo pa, kung makastomach-in ka e, para kang malalagutan ng hininga!

    You’re definitely not just another pretty face… Kasi nga, you have the most obnoxious body the Filipinos, if not, the world have seen!


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