Hot, hot! Hermann Weber!

A number of readers have emailed me to request this guy to be featured here… so today, Halloween day, I give in to their request. Boo! Hehehe!

Hermann Weber was runner up to Jerome Ortiz, the winner in this year’s Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix. In my opinion, Hermann is a tad handsomer - but the bikini contest would most probably give more weight to the body’s sculpting — and that may have given Jerome the edge. But you know what, Hermann is himself hot!

Hermann Weber

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50 Responses to “Hot, hot! Hermann Weber!”

  1. onicotto Says:

    Me angle nga lang ang poging mamang ito. Winner yung last pic :)

  2. shadowX Says:

    one phrase?

    scorching hot!!

  3. huge derossa Says:

    My HOTY hot man/boy of the year.
    If not mistaken is a son of then actor -model Rafael Lucas or Ludwig Weber,
    Got angles like the father, A year more and he will be more goodlooking. Wish Hermann can get in touch at 09192105762

  4. huge derossa Says:

    Some angles look like the then actor Rafael Lucas or Ludwig Weber, Must be a son. sexier than the father, keep in touch 09192105762

  5. Dave Montero Says:

    Definitely, hotter than H-O-T! If there’s any LOLz!

  6. Ghel Says:

    Actually the pcitures here doesnt give him justice.

    That BODY is because of swimming for years. His father is very enthusiastic in training Hermann. Indeed, like father like son…

  7. coco-loco Says:

    he looks tottaly feiry hot in red!
    *great to see your blog.

  8. anzacO5 Says:

    Damn! I never imagined he’d turned to be this hot! She’s my sister’s classmate way back in high school here in Laguna. Back then he was just a skinny tall guy - with good looks though. But now… DAMN! He’s way too hot!!!

  9. anzacO5 Says:

    Damn! I’m getting loco with this guy!

  10. euge lngpo Says:

    Kakalokah talaga, men na men!!!!!!

  11. fiona Says:

    gosh…do u find him hot? wla ngang bulge un mga pix nia e.. did u happen 2 hear his answer to d mossimo pageant? if yes,hahaha! if not, gud 4u… hahaha!

  12. mtguy Says:

    he is physically sexy but where’s the bulge we are looking for? whataaa…

  13. ornussa Says:

    i agree,fiona & mtguy… wer’s d bulge???
    if u have it, flaunt it hermann! or is he hiding it from us?? that’s bad! and i watched mossimo grand prix,the Q&A was not in favor for him..uutal-utal ang answer nia..

  14. punked Says:

    grabe na to.. classmate ko to simula HS to College. hmm.. malaki pinagbago pero cute na sya dati pa

  15. FF Says:

    He was in Puerto Galera last weekend! He’s soooooooooo HOT! And his gf was at his side thewhole time like a leech!

  16. ornussa Says:

    i knw his gf….she’s mabait nmn if u get 2 meet her,matalino pa,in fairness, (unlyk he’s bf,hahaha!)she’s d sister of a pinoy hunky actor…

  17. Ghel Says:

    you mean BIBONG itong si Hermann?

  18. ornussa Says:

    bibong?? Ummm…kinda…. hahaha!

  19. FF Says:


    Yup, she’s the sister of flabby Carlo Maceda (who isn’t hunky at all)

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder if Hermann(Hermie)likes exploring! =)

  20. Ghel Says:

    I mean BOBING as in BOBO. Sorry typo..

  21. ornussa Says:

    FF, oo mdjo ng-gain ng weight ngyon c carlo,pro he “was” hunky b4…

    hermie,exploring? in wat way? lyk that idea of urs hah…

  22. Jason Says:

    I always see him in Gold’s Gym galleria… and he his bod is so ripped

  23. FF Says:

    Yup. Golds Galleria and usually around 9 pm onwards but his workout schedule is soooooooooooo erratic! Plus, his gf is always by his side so it’s difficult to strike up a conversation. Planning on befriending him and…”checking”! :-)

  24. mark Says:

    yup, i used to see him rin in gold’s, sobrang tagal mag work out, i’m waiting nga for him to go to the locker room, kaya lang never get a chance na makasabay, sobrang tagal talagang mag work out.

  25. FF Says:

    The only reason why it takes him so long to finish his workout is because his gf keeps talking to him.

    They say he’s approachable but that his gf is somewhat overprotective. And, of course, the usual rumors/speculations regarding him. How true are those rumors? No idea.

    Wouldn’t it be nice, though!? :-)

  26. Charlie_koolet Says:

    wala bang entry ni Raymond miranda? cover guy sya ng revue.. i promised he’s definitely hot at tatalbog ang bulge ng lahat ng mga nandito.. upload nio na ha?!

  27. neon Says:

    yum yum.

  28. Matt Says:

    I realy like him .He looks so cute and very sexy guy yummy yummy

  29. biatch Says:

    a DETHRONED King… he was once a titleholder in a university pageant, then came along this one LIVE interview 4 a popular morning show, asking him bout wat can he say bout he’s alma mater..
    he said: wla lang..wla nman..
    ,is that a way of being a model student hermann? i guess not! after d interview, he lost he’s crown! hahaha! d succesor was Dj deGuzman, d guy who once joined the tv show,stardance.. btw, hermann’s Q&A in mossimo bikini grand prix rily SUCKS!

  30. giodude Says:

    @biatch: maybe that’s what he does best.. SUCK!

  31. biatch Says:

    giodude, maybe he rily is a looser..hahaha! in terms of Q&A lng nman.. but he’s body, we can all have a feast on it! yummy dn kc.. but, Warning:dont eat d Brain..bka magaya k sknya,haha! kidding!

  32. Ghel Says:

    Ano ba kasi yung tanong sa mossimo at no ayung answer nya?

  33. FF Says:

    Tried to get up close to him at the gym but his gf just wouldn’t leave his side!

  34. andrew Says:

    Slurp, slurp.

  35. FF Says:

    Damn! This guy is soooooooooooo fucking HOT! Hard to get close to him at the gym coz of his gf! PLUS, I hardly see him at Golds Galleria at all.

  36. Angelo Says:

    This guy is superbly HOOOOT! :-)

  37. FF Says:

    Any info about this guy?

  38. iloveBOOM Says:

    wow! sarap namn!

  39. Mikee Says:

    Ganon … Niknok Manok … sayang … all praises pa naman ako sa kanya

  40. aquaman Says:

    sarap dilaan!!!!! hahahhha

  41. bench2000 Says:


  42. ronan fidel Says:

    smoking hot…..sarap talaga dilaan

  43. hecate Says:

    A man could never be as gorgeous and as tempting as this Adonis that had come to be.

  44. blueharajuku Says:

    mas cute pa rin si jerome ortiz hehe

  45. Calvin Says:

    good-looking guy! :)

  46. titit Says:

    hay naku, anakan mo nlng kya ako? hindi pa kita tatanggihan

  47. pepron Says:


  48. michael Says:

    nice abs

  49. [D.W.A] Says:

    Nice pits & ABS, grrr…. WOW!!!

    Wish I have a BF na ganyan, OMG, hehehe!

  50. paanyaya Says:

    wer’s he now? la nang balita? alaga na kaya? heard that he goes also for guys….

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