Don Mendoza and his smilies

Presenting, Don Mendoza. I bet those smilies are really happy.

donmendoza.jpg Mendoza and his smilies  digg:Don Mendoza and his smilies  spurl:Don Mendoza and his smilies  newsvine:Don Mendoza and his smilies  furl:Don Mendoza and his smilies  reddit:Don Mendoza and his smilies  fark:Don Mendoza and his smilies  Y!:Don Mendoza and his smilies


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20 Responses to “Don Mendoza and his smilies”

  1. Ang-ang Says:

    he is hot!

  2. mtguy Says:

    no comment! everything in relations to this were all great!

  3. fukesah Says:

    id like to do the shaving… more cream plz!

  4. watduh Says:

    who is he?!! filipino i assume..with that name…

    where doe he model?

  5. andrew Says:

    He won Datu Marikudo in — drats, I forgot when. I think it’s 2004 or ‘05. He looks very Filipino (and yummy). He’s from San Pablo City, Laguna, from where I hail too. Unfortunately, I haven’t bumped into him. (Or his ’smiley,’ LOL!)

  6. Bernie Says:

    This hunk has caused quite a few cat fights, one between a very popular P.R. man and an agent known for his big stable of hunks!

  7. mtguy Says:

    very sexy got the X-factor!

  8. creampola Says:

    yeah. lalo na in person. :D
    i’m taking up bsn @ spc; his mom is my clinical instructor and sometimes he picks her up after duty. he’s so ideal.. :D

  9. jessa Says:

    @Bernie…may i know the story behind it, if you don’t mind. it happened i know Don very well.

  10. andrew Says:

    You’ve seen him in person, Creampola?! Gahd, lucky you! Sobrang guwapo ba? San kaya sila nakatira? Para naman ma-stalk ko s’ya! LOL!

  11. jessa Says:

    Don is just so simple when @home.

  12. watduh Says:

    yeah, his appeal is animalistic!!

    steamy hottttt……

  13. jessa Says:

    sayang hindi sya nakapasok sa finalist ng international manhunt. but it’s ok. at least he had the experience.

  14. wafu Says:

    he looks relly good and he keep his feet in the ground,have u seen his bench print ads?he deserves to be the one of the bench models.

  15. harajuku Says:

    i like his eyes..

  16. ap Says:

    one word. nair.

  17. eponine Says:

    isn’t he in TVCs of nissin’s cup noodles, sprite (swimming with the shark) and green cross bath soap (tama ba un ang brand? sorry i forgot)?

  18. debbe Says:

    He’s the most succesful Filipino tri media model to date. He’s now back in Singapore modelling. Inspite of his success, he has kept his feet on the ground compared to a lot of local and foreign wannabees. The most well mannered model to work with. That’s what makes him truly sexy.

  19. jessa Says:

    was’nt it mountain dew coomercial? he was also in cast of SMG commercial of bruce lee. watch out for it.

  20. john Says:

    i saw him in one coffee shop in san pablo. cute sya

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