Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int’l 2007


Manhunt International 2007 is happening on February 5 to 12, 2007 in Seoul, South Korea. Twenty-three-year-old Roldunne (Don) J. Mendoza is representing our dear Philippines. Good luck, Don!





don_mendoza-5.jpg Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  digg:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  spurl:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  newsvine:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  furl:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  reddit:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  fark:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007  Y!:Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int'l 2007


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20 Responses to “Don Mendoza in Manhunt Int’l 2007”

  1. jj Says:

    shit! ampogi nya…im getting my undies wet at this moment!!!

  2. Mark Says:

    I love the “I’m f**king you with my eyes” look!

  3. astroboi Says:

    boo hoo m sure talo tyo

  4. mandayamoore Says:

    aba, may bago na naman akong pagpapantasyahan.

  5. Angelo Says:

    I love the look. Don is hoooooot! Very lean (yummy) and I believe he’s got a nice booty as well. :-P

  6. gandah Says:

    ang ganda ng napili natin this year!!! mananalo tau for sure! very very sexy and model tlga ang features…

  7. mei mei Says:

    uhm i think hes very HOT.. and i love his eyes… sana hindi contact lens yun… i want to s*ck him… hehe..

  8. FF Says:

    He’s actually jologs wherein his english is quite negligible. Nonetheless, he is hot!

  9. rupert Says:

    FF, that’s kinda harsh considering how bad your own English is.

  10. Kaleena Says:

    FF, are you saying na pang sex lang sya? Hahaha.

  11. kantoTEEN Says:

    hmmmm…. pwede na, pweda na pang alis kati… hope he’ll make it… kapag nanalo sya may libre xang 1 gabi sakin.

  12. chriscapade Says:

    goodluck sa kanya. 100 pogi points if he can make it.

  13. andrew Says:

    Lagi naman tayo talo pagdating sa male beauty pageants, but I really do hope and pray na makalusot si Don. He is so hOoOot and good-looking, he deserves a spot kahit as a finalist lang.

    All the best, Don. ;)

  14. argo Says:

    Bring Home the bacon darling!
    Good Luck to him on the pageant..
    Your so Hot Hot Hot!

  15. leetid Says:

    i heared there’s also a mr. philippines contest. any update on this. who won?

  16. Joey Says:

    I read somewhere that Don didnt even get a spot at the semi finals, but he is a runner up in the model category.

  17. Don Mendoza in Manhunt 2007 | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Yes, dears, our bet to Manhunt 2007 did not come home with the prize. But no worries! That does not make our Don Mendoza less desirable, does it? See Don in action at Manhunt International 2007! […]

  18. michael Says:

    Don is cute! YUM:)

  19. monsour abraham Says:

    mi amor Don you’re so handsome … i love your eyes…whatta tantalising eyes para akong hubot hubad pag tinitingnan mwooooo… char ! Ata mitsoyan ya’ani tov meod …(hebrew lang.)ako si monsour abraham tagahanga mo d2 sa jerusalem israel.keep up the good work.Adios !

  20. chris Says:

    hui mga tsong! grabe ah! anlaki nyan! pasend naman ng mga shirtless-and-so pictures ng mga macho at sexy actors and models. dito lang


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