Gay Fantasies for the Straight Guy


Gay fantasies for the straight guy (ha, ano daw?) — but anyway, this is how they describe Pantasya, a new digital feature from Brillante Mendoza. Pantasya is a compilation of five episodes that all deal with the wildest gay fantasies involving “men in uniform.” — translated as the -er types. The actions take place round the clock with each episode segueing to the next as follows:

Biyahe: A jealous teen gay student hails a taxi cab of a jilted taxi driver. Misery loves company, so the two depressed hearts easily find comfort in each other’s lonely arms.

Linya: A hermit gay homeowner calls a phone company to have his landline fixed. Two easy-going linemen show up to fix not only the line gone awry but also the hermit’s lonesome heart.

Laro: After an inter-barangay basketball game, an introverted gay fan finds way into the locker room and takes a closer peek at the ball players doing a different game under the shower.

Biliiis!: A delivery boy races against time to bring pizza to a bored gay yuppie working overtime. Luck seems to evade the frantic boy but the yuppie changes it.

Bantay : Gay lovers are quarreling. Boyfriend drops artist at the townhouse after the tiff. The horny security guard in his graveyard shift offers more than a shoulder to cry on.


Pantasya is a Viva Entertainment presentation of a Center Stage production topbilled by Justin de Leon, Mark Dionisio, Harold Montano, Trend Allan, Kyro Baldemor, Kervin Castillo, Dexter Castro, Jon Eric, Arthur Estrella, Brent Lorenzo, Kiko Montenegro, Rhyme Rodriguez, Rov Roxas, Nicco Taverna, and Kyle Zenorio.

It had a one-day special premier showing at the UP Film Institute last March 20, 2007 — too bad I missed it. Pantasya will be a direct-to-video release and will be distributed by Viva sometime in April 2007. Watch out for it!

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13 Responses to “Gay Fantasies for the Straight Guy”

  1. David Says:

    hi i’m David., i’ve been following your blog for some months now.. and i just think it’s time to drop by and say..

    argh!! i missed the UPFI showing too!! good think they’re going to distribute it.. (^_^)v

  2. josh Says:

    gastos na naman po.. but i’l certainly buy this… Isnt 2nyt the bar uno event???

  3. Migs Says:

    Hello David! Welcome to the woderful world of MGG! Glad you finally have sounded off! Enjoy!

    Hello Josh! Yes tonight is the Bar Uno event. Coming?

  4. josh Says:

    Yes i will, pero bawal ba cellphone duon. i might txt khalel and invite him to come also…c u ol

  5. EX Korean Says:

    It’s one of my awaited films in my planner next to Kumpisal. I think, its such a great film.

  6. Frances Says:

    OMG kilala ko si RHYME !!!!!!!!

  7. rOckY Says:

    my friend got to attend the premiere and he was very disappointed. instead of it being an art film if felt more like a borderline TF-style film that attempted to use sex to mask the fact it didn’t have a plot.

    it’s kinda disappointing that a lot of local queer films tend to degenerate into this sort of thing.

  8. andrew Says:

    Ay, ganon, Rocky? Magco-comment pa naman sana ako ng “it seems interesting” chenelyn-chenelyn. Anyway, baka bumili pa rin ako nonetheless. Sex film pa din yan, pampaalis-kati, hehe! Pero sa totoo lang, kung pagbabasehan yung poster, wala man lang gwapo sa cast. Yun ang nakaka-disappoint. Muka lang silang napadaan at nagbuhat ng isang sako ng bigas. Wala ring katawang makatulo-laway. Hay.

    Speaking of Baldemor na nasa cast, bigla ko tuloy na-miss si Leandro Baldemor. Crush na crush ko kasi yun. Simpleng cute na may pagka-naughty ang dating, hehe!

    Migs, feature naman jan kay Leandro Baldemor, hehe! Salamas. :P

  9. ian Says:

    is this worth watching or not? thanks! please mack me at my blog (click the link on my name). Migs, sana okay lang sa yo na in a way, nag-advertise na ko dito. Your blog is a great work! Thanks!:)

  10. miguel Says:

    it doesn’t surprise me that this is yet another film from dante mendoza. fits his formula perfectly.

    and thats a good thing. at least, i think it is :)

    IM IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG! Gossiping with friends is good, but this feeds me more. long live chismosos!

  11. babaklabakla Says:

    i am very glad there is such another film like this. eventually this will add to my gay dvd collections !

  12. marcel Says:

    when is the video coming out? any reply?

  13. nel Says:

    may i know where can i buy a copy of this movie? pls reply

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