Recent pics of one of my favorite bloggers — the Coconuter. I previously featured this Fil-Am cutie here, in fact multiple times. I am inspired by his very different way of thinking. Not that I agree with all his decisions, but there is something to be learned in this guy’s life.






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29 Responses to “Coconuter”

  1. dyan Says:

    Hindi magandang example sa mga bata. Lalo nang may asawa at anak siya. You can’t run away from life. What a waste naman.

  2. richard Says:

    i’m a big fan of coconuter, more power to this young man!

    he’s for the promotion, preservation, and progression of the philippines…

    we should see to it that we, as filipinos, support him and ensure that he too is promoted, preserved, and progresses in order to touch more lives, open more eyes and minds, and give more inspiration for other filipinos.

  3. mimi Says:

    I Love David! Yun lang….:->

  4. Jhed Says:

    @Dyan: I don’t think he ran away. Di hamak naman na mas magandang buhay ang iniwan niya dun sa Amerika. He’s just trying to find his purpose in life.. yung tipong mga ganung drama.

  5. fioux Says:

    he looks better before. he seem to have lost a lot of weight. you can see it all over his face, tumanda na parang may sakit na cancer sa payat. i dont like what i see!

  6. monicalewinskiing Says:

    he’s got depth and i love hime more for that. of course combined with the hotness. kasi naman kung kamukha sya ni bayani agbayani tapos same storyline… whatever kaya!

    love you david. wish he’d turn gay once in a while.

  7. neon Says:

    maputi at makinis ang ulah… lah… taong gubat na ito.

  8. isobel Says:

    curious talaga ako, purpose in life ba talaga o may tinatakbuhan lang siya. ok lang sana e kaso may anak/family na sya. he has so much opportunities na pwedeng makinabang ang family nya.

  9. blueharajuku Says:

    i dont know what he is up to but hes hot for sure

  10. boy Says:

    yun lang ba tlga nagustuhan mo sa kanya migs?

  11. philippe Says:

    ay, he looked better the last time i saw some of his pics. sayang naman. pero, yummy parin.

  12. vincedejesus Says:

    The Coconuter is one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen… with or without a shirt. (Though I’ve noticed he really likes taking pics of himself sans shirt — I wonder why. But hey I’m not complaining!)

    He strikes me as someone…uhm… weird. Idealistic pero parang wala namang malinaw na plano sa buhay. But I guess that is his plan — not to have any plans at all.

  13. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    whatever my Papa David plans for his life pls don’t question him.He just wants to be free & be alone.Avah! malay natin baka hindi na nya kayang magtago sa pamilya nya,huh!Lol…magladlad vah?lol…char!

  14. dyan Says:

    @Ihed: To each his own nga siguro. But I wish I have the upportunities he had in the States. Pagud na talaga ako sa paghihirap. Bata pa lang trabaho na para hindi magutuman. Dalawa, tatlong trabaho sa high school at college para makakain at mayipagbayad sa tuition. I wish I can pursue even higher education to exchange ideas with really smart people. I want to see and experience the world. I feel that David is retreating into his own little world instead of expanding his horizon.But it is his life naman.

  15. taylor Says:

    well, i don’t like to judge but what is he searching for? why run away from the responsibility as a husband and father to his wife and kid.i feel bad for them…

  16. Adrammelech Says:

    No one’s running away from life.

    He just made a choice.

    So you’re saying that I run away if I left my family to go abroad so that I could give them a better life?

    Sometimes, no. Most of the time, you have to make choices. Being a homosexual is a choice. You gave up your masculinity for a few bits of your so-called femininity.

    You have to give up somethings in order to obtain another.

    But that’s just my opinion. Like I always say, I don’t care if you believe in me or not. That’s your choice.

  17. Adrammelech Says:

    And about David’s responsibility to his family, I think you should tell that to the millions of fathers who have left their wife and their children for a slut.

    At least he left them for something good.

  18. King Says:

    THis guy is fooling everyone. Well, he got what he wanted. Publicity and a reality show. THings people will do for a lil piece of a pie called FAME!

  19. taylor Says:

    dude, chill out…

  20. richard Says:

    Don’t talk smack about David, he’s a good guy. Don’t put him down. And lay off him, he’s going through some rough times… He recently had a terrible accident.. see his site… warning its a bit graphic..

  21. MsNinja Says:

    para namang luko-luko 2, kuhanan ba sarili habang duguan?! Parang hindi ata kapani-paniwala ah!

  22. Eli Says:

    Kamukha nya si Tom Cruise :)

  23. trebs72 Says:

    di ko din malaman ang drama nya sa buhay and kung ano ba talaga ang gusto nya mangyari.Simple lang naman ang formula sa life natin kilalanin mo kung ano ka,accept it and wag mag pretend…….

  24. empress maruja Says:

    Ika nga ni Suzanne sa Temptation Island, “Wala akong Coconuter Complex so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” CHING!

  25. webster Says:

    Ngayon ko lang napanood yung video nya from the kapamiya show. Hindi ko alam kung mai-inspire ako o kung manghihinayang. But, I’m hoping na he has better or more valid reasons for isolating himself. Nagulo mundo ko dun.

  26. peter Says:

    i met david lastyear after i saw his pics in this blog then i finally get a chance to know him aswell as liza..we been so great and i helped them financially, god knows how much i send him twice a month then finally god show me what his real personality is…i was glad hearing those comments about him but pls try to know him very well before start getting involve financiallly

  27. danish Says:

    …parang gusto ko nang tumira sa gubat kung cya ang kasama…delicious

  28. Mark Says:

    @ Peter, medyo duda nako kay coconuter, when i emailed him he says “believe it or not no one is making any donations” and most of his blogs, it seems humihingi sya ng donations. So guys pls be cautious. We dont know baka he’s earning 500K / month without anyone knowing. I can post pictures as mahirap but have tons of cash. He’s not even transparent with the comments, laging waiting for approval pa. If he’s true or not, my message here is pls be cautious and vigilant.

  29. titit Says:

    yeah , youre right mark. i guess we have to be cautious on where we spend our money specially in giving donations.. hindi nga natin alam na hes just only taking those (kaawa-awa)pictures for us to be convinced. but actually, he is having a great vacation lang pala. i mean hindi nga natin alam di bah? come to think of it?

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