Wanted: Straight Acting Gays

Over late dinner in one of those fancy restaurants in Greenbelt, 3 gays talking:

Anton: Hay, I want to have a partner who’s straight acting. Ayoko ng effem!

Greg: As in yung walang bahid?

Anton: Yes! Yun bang hindi talaga halata… not the pilit, paminta type! I want the real deal straight acting gay guy… straight kumilos at magsalita, only his sexual preference is gay.

Kent: Ang babaw naman… but well, you have a right to have preferences… pero you know that in time those manly/straight-acting behaviors can change, right? Especially kapag nabarkada siya sa mga bading, one can become more effem by osmosis!

Greg: So what if your partner transforms from straight acting to fabulous flamingo by osmosis? Mamahalin mo pa rin ba siya?

Anton: …

- o -

If you are Anton, how will you answer Greg’s question?

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33 Responses to “Wanted: Straight Acting Gays”

  1. Tobal Says:

    Yes, I’ll still love him. Once I start loving somebody, kahit kulangot niya, mamahalin ko. :-).

    ~ Tobal.

  2. peterpic Says:

    i have friends like anton, in love with an image or an ideal rather than with a person. and based on what i’ve observed, anton’s will probably say yes, he will still love them. but slowly get more and more turned off until they find something else to complain about and split up.

  3. Rhap-rap Says:

    Gays here in my place, Tacloban, if not all, are in denial of their sexuality… They often say that a straight acting gay are bisexual… very very st*pid… Eh yong gusto lang talaga nila yong talagang tipong machong macho…

    Kaya be aware kung pupunta kayo dito sa Tacloban… kasi mopst gays here call themeselves bi’s kasi straight acting sila… (yeah i know i have no business with them, am just saying the fact here, ok!)


  4. anton maton Says:

    actually ganito yon … bading na nga ako tapos gusgustuhin ko pa ba yung mas bading or mas mujer kesa sa akin… eh ano na ang kinalabasan ko - lesbiana? ganon? kaya nga lalaking lalaki ang gusto ko kasi bading ako … as in mujer! so gusto ko yung mga barog barog …. as in tipong mga pulis, construction worker, kargador kasi lalaking lalaki sila! yun lang! tama ba ako migs?

  5. Migs Says:

    Anton Maton - cheers to that! hahaha!

  6. chriscapade Says:

    pakisabi kay anton andito lang ako… naks!

  7. Ernesto Says:

    Weirdly enough, I’m wishing something completely opposite to that of Anton’s wishes. My boyfriend has pretty much stereotypical straight-guy characteristics (except sex). I kinda wish he’s a little bit more connected to his gay side. Love him regardless.

  8. homie Says:

    My partner’s not nelly but between us, he’s the more “obvious” because of his being a fashionista. Point is, I never thought that I’d fall for anyone like him (by comparison, my ex was more straight-acting than me) - yet here we are 31 months later & still going strong. I understand now that I fell in love with Eric’s entirety and not just the parts that were pleasing to my sensibility. He scans this website also from where he is right now - hope he catches sight of this. c”,)

  9. gorgeouseric Says:

    hello there! just new here..well it depends cguro sa guy I am into. You can’t really say ’til u find urself in that situation. Especially kung matagal at malalim na foundation ng relationship mo.Pero kung asa “knowing each other” stage kayo well I ud say mas madali to “give up” a guy whose acting straight. And besides, guys like this (straight acting)are usually looks for the same. Pero kung matagal na relationship, then u found out how “QUEER” is he, nelly than you, napaka-UNFAIR naman yata to “give up”, well at least to the guy. Napaka-babaw naman. Like what KENT said above. Anyways, gud luck na lng sa mga nasa ganitong relationship. If u like it and enjoy it, keep going.

  10. Prinzhottie Says:

    loving is not only all about the start but until forever. Parang pag nagmahal ka ng bata pa kayo, mabango, well endowed,masigla, healthy but what if tumanda na kau pareho, magmamahalan pa ba kau… well true love is not about acting or physical aspects but the way you feel what is really inside your heart. in short… wala akong naintindihan sa sinabi ko!

  11. envy Says:

    A shallow guy who chose a dude for his “straightness” would probably end up turned-off for his romantic interest acting gay. A more mature guy would likely be able to adapt to and see past such superficialites.

    One straight guy i dated would pick at my flaws saying, “Don’t walk that way” and “Don’t talk that way”. It was really annoying, he wanted me to conform his ideal guy. Anyway I dumped him.
    If, on the other hand, he had started acting gay, I think I still would have dumped him, which makes me shallow, but at least I’m honest.

  12. WaIpy Says:

    well my bf acts straight and I admit that makes me fond of him more but l wont dump him if ever he becomes effem. he had that phase but he says its not him but i stucck it thru

  13. callcenter bum Says:

    To Anton: if that is the case hindi partner ang hanap nya kundi pang display lang…

    True love knows no boundaries…

    Na inlove ako sa officemate ko pero may boyfriend ako ng 4 years na pero nasa Davao siya ako nand2 sa manila… Umabot dn ng one year bago kmi nag pansinan,alam ko na befor nun na may gusto dn siya sakn… yun nga lang pareho kming may mga partner na. Hanggang dumating sa point na naki pag break xa sa boyfriend nya… He ask me if ok pa daw kmi ng bf ko..sabi ko “wala na!”, but of course I lied! hindi ko alam kung bakit d ako umamin na kmi pa rin ni bf…

    naging ok ang situation namin, were exchanging sweet nothings sa text and we both agreed na hindi pa kmi pareho ready to commit… thinking na wala na kmi ng boyfriend ko and were both free..
    One night,and for the first time after a year, nag SEX kmi, dun na nagsimula na medyo pawala na ang lahat… one day nag txt na lang xa, “Sorry, kung pwede friends na lang daw kmi”

    as far as i know hindi naman naging kmi…

    gusto ko lang mag sorry sa kanya dahil niloko ko siya…

  14. booh Says:

    i would rather have somebody who will accept me of who i am… after all, companionship has nothing to do with the way you walk or talk, its how that relationship will help you bring the best out of you

  15. anton maton Says:

    ‘niyeta! ang eepal niyo! puweh! ang pla-plastic ng sagot niyo! mga bakla kayo! sino ba sa inyo ang humada ng effem! haaa! aber! amininnnnnn!!!! huwag mag-deny! puweh! makaalis na nga dito!

  16. JP Says:

    I’m very much like Anton. I look for someone similar to me, not effeminate. If they suddenly changed on me, I’m not sure what I would do. You did like the person for who they were, and as much as people want to say they’re going to like/love them no matter what, it’s hard to say when they change. People change. You may start to adapt to his changes, and like the fact that he turned effeminate. You just never know.

  17. well Says:

    totoo. karamihan ng effems ay naghahanap straight-acting,yung mas masculine sa kanila. at ganun din naman ang straight-acting, naghahanap sila ng straight-acting din.
    regarding osmosis. minahal mo xa nung straight acting pa xa, dapat walang magchange sa pagmamahalan nio, unless na lang kung ayaw na sau noong straight acting turned fairy partner mo

  18. my yellow shirt Says:

    I on the other hand had at least 5 straight acting guys as boyfriends. And frankly, we’re not on the same page. Sometimes they want to be close and cuddly in public but it becomes a game of catch as catch can. And it tired me. Maybe the inner being might be great, and privacy is too, but in the end its between him and him, if love is really all there is why is there no room for truth too? Loving a straight guy, a bi guy or a flaming queen, if it is really love will eventually transform both lovers. I believe in transformation, else it fails. All love must renew itself. Like hope.

    I have a tendency (I don’t want to be hypocritical about it) to want somebody who doesn’t identify as female.

    I’d rather have a guy who thought of himself as a lover of men. Simple. And he can still be all man in loving men.

    I am the same too, I am not a girl. Never gonna be a woman. But I love men. And I want to believe, if there were a different term for it, of being a lover of men.


    Wish he’d love me back as well.

  19. Jayson Says:

    well straight-acting is big issue just being with gay men, gosh sometimes we have in our self to be a bit flamboyant, but gosh why do we have to follow what people think of us or ur lover, so what if he did become flamyboyant when seeing a friend of his whose bading, that doesnt mean it changes the person, u just have to accept who he is, coz no such thing has a perfect person, if u are lookin for a perfection u shouldnt be in a relationship.takes hard work and two people to realize that they are meant for each other and just dont follow what a the book or magazine says follow what ur heart and mind tells u.

  20. Joey Says:

    If I were Anton and I am in love with somebody PRIMARILY because he is a real true-to-the-word very straight acting gay guy, but then he suddenly he suddenly decided to be the queen in our relationship, I would definitely dump him. First, dont he dare ruin my illusions. Secondly, nobody dares to grab my throne, especially in my queendom. He could be a princess for all I care, but by then, we could just be plain friends.

  21. homie Says:

    Just to add something - if the intention is actually “hada”, I think given our “idealization” of who is the perfect “hada” - nobody will give it up for a nelly guy. I think the fact that I got to know my partner for the better part of 3 months before we actually went to bed made me realize what I appreciated in him as a person rather just as a casual “hada”.

  22. Spydey Says:

    i think most gays ay naghahanap ng masculine type na gay, but we can’t really deny the fact that there are gays who perefers effiminate gays.

    based on my current relationship, i fell in love with a very manly gay two years ago. at present, he has shown slowly his effminate side, and i really find it cute… at mahal ko pa rin sya.

  23. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Pareho kami ng type ni Anton Maton! Mga barog barog hahahah!

  24. dude Says:

    you know what, i’d much prefer to have someone much like the same with me, I’m not like any other typical gays, I don’t act one and dont have plans to do so… ewan d ko lang gusto talga, I’m much comfortable to be a guy.. but i am gay.. in a sense that I’m attracted to other guys peru d naman mashadu na maghahabol aku sa kanila… I’d like it best if they’d be the one to be intimidated by me, not the other way around.. lolz.. kaya pag maghanap aku nang mamahalin ko, gusto ko katulad ko, nde baklang kumilos, turn off kc, no offense mga pre ha :) btw I’m from Tacloban… and I guess that other guy who spoke of some of the gays here is sumwhat true. Maybe for them, basta aku, I’m much comfortable to be a guy…

  25. Crestfort Says:

    I have a crush na classmate ko sa college namin, am a guy looking gay na sinasabi ko nalang sa ibang babaeng hindi madaldal kasi mahirap na itinatago ko lang sa sarili ko yung bagay na yun, kaya nagugulat na lang sila, “bi ka?!”

    by that time, my crush has looks naman, nung nakita ko siya the first time, start ng classes, kamukha niya kasi yung unang BF ko, unexpected na napapalingon ako sa kanya, minsan nahuhuli niya ako
    till i found out na nahuhulog na ako sa kanya

    pero siya pa ang mas malambot sa amin, siya ang mas madaming kasamang girls and minsan yung matigas niyang boses, minsan ay lumalambot

    pero by that time, nahuhulog ako sa isang tao na hindi ko alam kung magiging kami ba

    eun, am happy na nagkakaroon kami ng connections sa internet and text

    till nalaman ko na gay male siya, kaya siguro, it’s ok lang na kahit gay bi bisexual, etc, basta mahal mo aaccept m parin siya,

    really, love moves in a different way
    love is a different thing,
    sex is just temporary…

  26. josh Says:

    Bat parang ngayon ko lang nabasa tong gay bi straight acting episode. Me also am a staight acting (and gwaping..sabi nila) guy.. ang i want to be like that… because it never entered my mind to put on make up and dress like a girl (hey im describing myself here) and somehow, i do like to see men like me. I dont, when i was young, i dreamnt of being a macho dancer or bold actor (but im too skinny for those job, hehehe)

  27. aji Says:

    wala lang. basta siguro pag mahal mo, yun na yun. nakigulo daw ako oh!!!! ano ba yun!!!! gudlak anton. gusto mo italian?

  28. Seth Says:

    those who desire straight acting gay men plainly wants to live out a fantasy, secretly we all feel effem, and at some point of our lives,we always want to be queen. so to those who wants to chase their illusions feel free to do so, but one thing for sure, there is no pure straight acting gay guy. thats just the point, we’re GAY!

  29. stupéfier Says:

    npadaan lng,

  30. sonic Says:

    i think people need to be honest with themselves and about themselves. i’ve always been a regular guy who is str8 acting or butch or whatever tag or label you want to put on it. it’s who i am. people need to ask themselves why they are attracted to certain types of guys and if those reasons are superficial or based on ideals, or if they are founded in similarities and things in common. if the one i love became more effeminate, it wouldn’t be something that took place suddenly and there would be lots of opportunities to talk about it as it transitioned. in my experience, guys who become more effeminate or flamey do so because of their environment and those they hang out with - not because of some inner genetic mutation developing in their personal cocoon. people should be happy with who they are and love themselves for what they truly are… but that’s much easier to say than to do. i’ve met plenty of pure str8 acting guys who are gay. just as some gay guys hold something against those who are truly bisexual, there are also those who think that all gay men MUST somehow behave in a less than masculine way. that’s just not true, and it’s hypocritical to insist that and yet want str8 people to accept them for who they are as well.

  31. Dan Gabriel Says:

    i will still love him. why not? sabi nga nila, if you really love a person you will accept and understand who they have been, who they are and who they are becoming.

  32. titit Says:

    i just wanted you guys to know that this forum is helpful for everyone of us. lets face it, all of us, i mean no excemptions, whether youre straight or gay we longed and dreamed also for a fairy tale ending, right? just be yourself. show the world who you really are. dont be a denial and hypocrite about who you are. and im sure…. that dream will become a reality. hay naku, its just a tv-series changed my life. Queer as Folk. panoorin nyo nlng kaya yun para makuhaan nyo ng ibig kong sabihin.

  33. brent Says:

    i will still love him

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