Is God Against Gays?

There was a time in my life that I seriously considered if my being gay is bad. Specifically, if God is against my being gay. Is God against gays? Then I thought, how can God be against anyone? God can never be against gays. But again, is He mad at what we gays do? Is He against two men (instead of a man and a woman) loving each other? How about sodomy? The Catholic Church and its priests say it is a sin, a mortal sin — but does God Himself really frown upon it? The Bible says God let fire and brimstone rain to destroy Sodom and Gommorah, where gay men practice anal sex — but does he frown upon it even if it is done in the context of love? Warning, you may read on, but I do not have the answer to these questions.

I asked a friend who I considered wise (well, he should be, he turned 40 this year) about this issue. A long and winding answer rattled on, which can be summarized with these two points:

(1) Do good, be good, and as long as you are not hurting anyone, you should be okay; and
(2) As long as man-to-man sex is done in the context of love, it should be okay.

I said, “Hmmm… I certainly comply to (1)… then, to (2)… erhmmmm… sometimes.” Does that make me a bad person? Will I go to hell when I die?

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18 Responses to “Is God Against Gays?”

  1. my yellow shirt Says:

    This isn’t the first time somebody probably had to confront the idea that God is against homosexuals. Well the book of Romans is rather explicit about why. Or rather it equates the replacement of what ought to be God’s by man. So in that realm of logic then people have become deviants.

    Read your bible, they say. So I did. So it seems that not only homosexuals are the culprit, the whole of humanity (het and homo ) combined.

    So homosexuality per se is not the reason God is angry. Its the divide that separates us from Him and us. Its like the eternal cold shoulder. And all that attends a great big diss.

    So how does it go about that two very hurt beings bet back together?

    Well I won’t do it. So God did. Again read your bible, we celebrate enough of the mass and christmas and lent that this very thing seems to permeate our culture that we disregard it.

    That great big diss, is the reason for the great big sacrifice. So does God still hate you? Or me? Or the rest of the world in fact?

    I’d like to submit the case to the contrary. Because like any other being who got hurt I think the most obvious thing to do would be:
    a. ignore it
    b. fight it
    c. send it to hell
    d. annihilate it so that a new beginning can be done

    Yet I think you already know the answer. He did neither. So what to do? What to do with a God who won’t let you go?

    Stop being the prodigal son and making excuses why you’re apart from him,just go back. He’s God for Christ’s sake. Its not as if he hasn’t seen anything you could possibly do. Or not do, that he can’t forgive it. Except maybe, the big diss.

  2. huge derossa Says:

    God is all knowing di ba naman!
    Anything done between two consenting adult is just.

  3. LEO Says:

    morality is one tricky issue, no one can really say what is right from what is wrong? at kahit paulit-ulit nating tanungin si God, we somehow cannot get a straight answer…

    one thing is for sure, God is not against gays. being gay is being who you are, just like any ordinary guy or girl. it’s what you do with your life that matters.

    usually, when one person admits he is gay, it is assumed that he engages in homosexual activities, but there are a few who don’t, a blessed few who have actually conquered their urges.

    so for those who actually give in to the urges, i think they or we just have to make sure that no one is getting hurt, and most importantly that your partner is doing it whole-heartedly. it is much better if it is done in the context of love, but unfortunately for many of us, it is not that easy to actually find a steady-loving partner, and even if one finds such a mate, the people around us can be so closed minded that one will have to keep it hidden.

  4. Frank Says:

    I do think that GOD is not against gays but in the Holy Bible, it is the sexual immorality that had been repeatedly warned as unacceptable to the LORD. Sexual immorality involves action or activities hence, being just simply gay is not despicable to the Almigthy. It is the perverted acts that the Bible is against. To be free from sinful activities, love only the LORD our GOD and keep on reading the LORD’S WORD.

  5. michel Says:

    God is not against the person but the sin. In every sin that we commit there’s a spirit behind it. The bible said, “we are not fighting against flesh and blood but with the spiritual works of darkness” it’s not the person but the spirit behind it.

  6. chismoso Says:

    there is no direct passage in the bible that condemns homosexuality. the sodom and gommorah story tells us that they were turned into pillars of salt because they turned their backs on their fellow men.

    in fact, there have been exemplary same sex friendships like ruth and esther and jonathan and king david.

  7. drklght Says:

    sori to say but i beliv dat d bible is fabricated, dami na nagpatotoo nyan … the Church controlled that part of history .. and going back to the topic (hehe…), basta masaya ka at wala kang sinasaktan na mahal mo … ok na sa Kanya yun .. =)

  8. ayel Says:

    guys just do the things na alm nyo na hindi kayo magkakasala, malalaki na kayo and you know the right from wrong, diba?

  9. Bogs Says:

    God loves us all whoever he or she may be..

  10. rommel Says:

    It says in the bible that God loves the sinners and hate the sin. Each and everyone of us is a sinner, hetero or homo. Once u accept jesus into ur heart then u wont go to hell.he already PAID for our sins

  11. ian Says:

    migs, problem ko rin yan… you may want to check out the comments sa blog ko sa entry entitled “Lord, please help me understand!” Thanks! God bless us!

  12. neegro Says:

    first tym ko to d2 so i will introduce myself, im just 16 and im a bi, and im studying at ust ..

    ung about sa “God against gays” issue, my share ako dyan, i have this one Values Education teacher who is a Cum Laude at UST also wd Ph.D at graduate school, i can tell you he is really smart …

    we are studying Christian Ethics .. deep understanding ang inaaral namen, ung 2nd semester namin, about the 5th to the 6th commandment of God, bale ung 6th: “You shall not Commit Adultery” .. bale the gays and lesbians will fall for that .. (by the way, my teacher is an ex-seminarian) he said to us that cbcp or any catholic priests is not against gays .. kasi gays are artistic, kailangan ang mga gays ng church, eg. (choir member, florist, etc) of course if they are against, bakit ganun diba? ..

    the true sin is that .. being gay is not a sin, God is not against that, God made us with two sexes only, male and female, if male start acting as a female, theres nothing wrong .. pero kasi pag ang gays nag start makipag-sex sa kapwa nila gays or boys, definitely may sin sila .. even ung “pagnanasa” or ung pinaglalaruan ung mga hot boys sa isip ung mga ganun ba? that is a sin, God is against it. kasi if you are a gay, its ok for as long as feeling babae ka or lalambot lambot ang fingers mo or anything basta wag lang yung mga male-to-male thing and ung mga sexual desires. ganun lang sya, diba ung sodom and gomorra sinira ni God kasi nag papratice sila ng anal sex etc? God is against that pero i repeat, kung gay ka and un lang, walang boy seduction,admiration or sexual desire … its 100% ok.

    sa totoo lang marami pa sana akong sasabihin kea lang kasi masyado sya malalim baka hindi maintindihan ng iba .. ganun lang sya … i hope sana nakatulong to kahit konti sa mga Catholic Gays and Lesbians. .. . .

  13. WhoCares? Says:

    basta for me. Love is love. Kahit sinu pa man yung minahal mo kapareho mo man o hindi. Nagmamahalan kayo so walang masama sa ginagawa nyo. diba?

  14. JP Says:

    God is not against the person, He is against the Sin. At ang pakikipagrelasyon including sex with the same gender is considered LUST which is a SIN!!! kaya dapat, magbago na sila. They can remain gay if they want to pero wag na ang kasalanan. at sana lang, ang mga gay, wag na sila maninira ng family.

  15. Pravilno Says:

    Is God against gays?

    In order to answer this (from my own point of view) we should first realize who is God. Most Filipino catholic parents introduce God to their children as a vengeful and scary god. I often see parents saying to their children, “Hala ka, Wag kang bad, Magagalit si Lord! Parurusahan ka ni God.” I strongly believe that this is wrong. Why should we introduce God to our children as a vengeful and scary god? Because of this, it influences our way of thinking and knowing of God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.)

    God is Love. God is the “Supreme Bonum” meaning God is all good. Now from this point of view, we can have a clear idea if God really is against gays… How can someone who is all good know hate? How can someone who is love vengeful or scary?

    We are who we are because thats the way God created us (God created everything remember? So it means that we are part of His grand design. It means that God isn’t against gays or sinners because this is how we are designed and created.) You choose to be the way you are because God gave us one of the greatest gifts the gift of reason and the gift of thinking for our own self. No one has access to this great gift except your own self (Take note: Even God can’t manipulate your way of thinking). So now tell me, Is God against gays?

    Additional words to ponder: “Why is there such words like ‘repentance’ and ‘forgiveness’?” God love gays and sinners! Because only them knows what does repentance, pardon and forgiveness mean. Have you ever wonder why the Catholic Church has been instituted bu Jesus Christ himself? The Church wasn’t for saints, it is for the sinners.

  16. Pravilno Says:

    MGG, can i asked for a favor? can we spread the word that God is the Supreme Bonum? and that God is Love. Honestly, if there is something wrong why people isn’t getting any closer to God its because of the wrong impression we have on Him. It might save a life of someone who felt that no one loves him. Sorry if I get too “holy” its just the preacher in me… Thanks!

  17. jimg29 Says:

    edmund white pls shed some lights to this topic, personally, I invoke the deity of Hindi, hindi kasalanan hindi kaipokritahan at hindi ka susunugin sa impyerno. OM G Jagidi Shahare Swani Jai Jagidi Shahare…

  18. Calvin Says:

    also confused about that matter… i love God, and I know he also loves me like he loves everybody else… but am i really committing a sin for being like this?

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