I Heart Bikoy!

I’ve been a secret follower of a blog of this UP Film student named Bikoy… then I saw a recent video blog of his. He’s cute, smart, and confident — and now I think I love him na! Hahaha! Cute ng batang ito! Bikoy, are you by any chance gay? Marry me!!!


From his blog profile:

Victor Villanueva is an 18 year-old, college junior at the University of the Philippines - Diliman taking up BA Film & Audio-Visual Communication. He currently resides in Quezon City, Philippines. Most people nowadays call him Bikoy.

His mother and father come from Bulacan and Cavite, respectively. He spends some time with his family in their respective hometowns in the said provinces. He has one younger brother. His family currently fosters a baby girl.

He is actually an introverted shy boy, though he has learned how to overcome that at times, especially when he is tasked to publicly speak to other people. He enjoys the company of good friends. He is also a morning person, who loves waking up at dawn. You could take that to mean that he’s not fond of the night life as much as his fellow young people. He’s not very sporty, though he enjoys and practices swimming whenever he has the chance.

He enjoys taking photographs, writing, watching films and traveling. He also enjoys eating Chinese food and Filipino dishes with coconut milk. He enjoys acting occasionally for his Mass Comm friends’ various productions. He dreams of being able to travel all around the Philippines and the world. He dreams of setting up and managing a Filipino film production outfit. He dreams of a free, just and progressive Philippines.

UPDATE: According to one of his blog posts, Bikoy is NOT gay. Haaay. At least not YET. Hehehe.

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10 Responses to “I Heart Bikoy!”

  1. kurara_chibana Says:

    i do see him quite a lot (since i am a mass comm student in UPD as well). it’s true, he is PAINFULLY shy. and he always surrounds himself with his gal pals who are quite talkative. (but when you’re in mass comm, you have to be talkative to “survive”!) also, he’s a former ateneo high school student.

    migs, as for your hopes of him being gay, it’s ok to keep them up. it’s a well known fact in UP that only a small number of the (already very few) guys in mass comm are straight. he’s literally surrounded by lots of girls (i.e. babaeng baklas) and gays on a daily basis. i won’t be surprised if he’ll come to “his” senses soon!

    good luck with bikoy, migs! hope to see you soon here in mass comm! :)

  2. faghagdominatrix Says:

    wala akong masabi.

    yes, i cry hats glee. :)

  3. neon Says:

    cute nga si bikoy. xa ang una ko. unang blog na favorite ko until now.

  4. Spydey Says:

    shyness - the top rank character of most super discreet gays.

    swimming - of the the sports that most gays like.

    mass communication - one of the top choices of most senior high school gay students. other top choices include nursing, accounting and HRM.

    writing and photography - two of the top hobbies of most intelligent and talented gays.

    so do you still think that he’s not gay?

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:

    WHAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?!! Aahhahahhahaha!!! Blurty friend ko ‘to when he still maintains his blog in blurty!!! Crush ko na siya eversince, highschool pa lang siya sa Ateneo ahahahha!! And I even told him about it hahahaa! I love Bikoy!!!

  6. DC Says:

    judging from his video blog…very gay!

  7. kurara_chibana Says:

    lately, he’s running for chairperson of the UP college of mass comm. he’s running against another guy, karol yee. (suspected sistah din daw sya! hihihi!) fyi lang. :)

  8. kurara_chibana Says:

    migs, here’s my latest update about bikoy for you:

    election day for the UP masscom student officials will be tomorrow. he and his constituents made a list-minute “kampanya” in one of my classes kanina.

    i admit, my gaydar was ringing big time.

    you’ll be so proud of him, trying to deliver his platform without stammering so much. it was so cute seeing him struggle!

    and just for you, migs, i’ll vote for him bukas as masscom chairperson!

    hala! sipsip aketch! haha! :)

  9. gerry Says:

    medyo late na ito…ngayon ko lang nabasa eh…idol ko si bikoy nung papasok pa lang siya ng UP. sabi ko, naku maging aktibista ito!!!!

    wala akong pakialam kung gay siya or hindi. basta magaling siya.

  10. L.A Says:

    OMG! Na-feature mo pala si Bikoy hehe.. I

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