Straight guy best friend

Do you have a straight guy as a best friend? Or maybe even just a super close guy friend who is straight?


If yes, I have some questions for you.


  1. 1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
  2. 2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?
  3. 3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?

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30 Responses to “Straight guy best friend”

  1. jze Says:

    he’s my best friend since high school. for your qustion:
    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out? Yes, I told him one time when he’s asking me if im courting anyone in school.. i just casually told him “i’m gay”, then he laugh and said “ok”… nothing has change though ever since.
    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him? No, It’s like falling for my Brother… sounds cliche though, but I did not feel anything special for him at all.
    (he’s laughing right now while i’m typing this)
    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy? yes… he said “we have it”

  2. Crimson Says:

    yes, i do have a straight guy for a best friend. yes, he knows that i am gay. how did he find out? let me tell you the story (you may edit this if you find it too long, i just want to share how my straight buddy treated me after all else): we were both members of a church organization. that is where our frienship started. he never knew i was gay (or bisexual, who cares about the labeling!) till my 23rd birthday celebration. how could he? he could see me having gfs left and right and at the church where we belong to, i was known to be a straight guy. on my 23rd birthday, he decided to throw in a surprise party for me. before that he already had an inkling that i was down and emotionally lost. he doesnt know the reason as to why i was depressed (i sort of isolated myself from the world except from him but never gave him a clue as to why i am feeling depressed). he decided to cheer me by giving me a surprised treat. he invited our close buddies (the kind of buddies that can keep your dirtiest secret) and have a drink. during my drunken state, i kept blurting out how broken hearted i am. i was a vegetable who was literally crying my heartaches to my buddies. they soon discovered that i was gay. they did accept me and still treated me the same afterwards. what surprised me though was that after i passed out, i awoke inside a hotel room. then i saw my bestfriend beside me, watching over me. he did tell me that after i passed out, he took me to a hotel for me us to sleep (my parents are against drinking and it is like mortal sin to go home drunk & he knows that). he then told me that he heard me in my sleep calling out the name of my ex bf, and how much i was longing for my ex bf. he also did find out that it was already 6 months since my ex-bf and i separated. my straight buddy knew that i dont play around and that when i am in a relationship i dont cheat. to his surprise, he also found out that i was reserving myself in case my ex would come back to me (ok… call me manang… but that is the way i was before). i was crying when he was revealing things that i have told the gang. he also knew of my plans to get a guy for hire, out of frustration from receiving a text from my ex that he is never coming back to me (ok! i was rebellious!). he then told me that he has another gift for me and that i am not allowed to refuse it if i dont want our friendship to end. he had an inkling that i was gay already beforehand and he found himself as a very fitting gift to bond our friendship forever. bottom line: he made love to me that night. he gave himself, his body and all. it was the greatest gift i ever got from him. yes, we are still very close till now. he is already married and have kids. the sex part never happened again. till now, i nothing compares to the way he made love to me then. i really felt cared for, loved and dignified. to him i am thankful to that.

  3. Ghel Says:

    Wow Crimson,

    What a story.. sob…


    I also have a straight bestfriend. He knows. I even courted him, pero wala.. di daw kami talo, pero kahit kinukulit ko sya he doesnt disrespect me. Tatawa tawa lang sya.. he also allow me to hug him, pero hanggang dun lang.

    Pag heartbroken ako sya ang laging sumasalo at nagbibigay ng support… sabi ko nga hanggang support lang?? Pwede ba tayo na lang, wala tatawa lang sya.

    Also I am really thankful and will be forever thankful because he is the one who always there to support me and to change my views in relationship.

    Kung baga martilyo sya at pinukpok nya ako para matauhan. Basta yung mga words nya will really struck your heart. Sya talaga yung nakagawa ng paraan para makarecover ako ng mabilisan.

  4. zizou Says:

    hhhhmmm… yeah! one of my bestfriends is straight…

    1.oh he knew it from the start.. hehehe.. I was pretty open about it.. :)
    2.I did..for 3 months..then it vanished all of a sudden.. realized that it was just friendship.. Brothers na nga turingan namin ngayon e.. :)
    3.o’course!!.. it’s always just a matter of focus and truly finding what you like.. i think..hehe

  5. Alex Says:

    Same here. My bestfriend is a straight guy. And he knew all my “dark” secrets. few months ago he got married and before that we had sex just to satisfy his curiousity (sort of challenging himself before getting married, hehehe). Now we’re still the best of friends and I’ll be his son’s Ninong by February.
    He’s my most treasured friend. Pero walang “attraction”, I mean sexual attraction. He’s like a brother to me talaga. Maniwala kayo at sa hindi, ako pa ang napilitan nung mag-sex kami. hahaha
    - for your questions

    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him? - MY LOVE FOR HIM IS MORE THAN THAT. HE’S A BROTHER TO ME. ROMANTICALLY? HMMM MUKHANG HINDI. IMPOSIBLE. HAHAHA

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy? -

  6. your_guy Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    — my straigh best friend is an all out supporter, it was in college when I found out that I like the same sex, in high school we’d share girls we’ve had sex with and shower together, and compare sizes, sleep together, we cry together ang laugh together. he found out when we were in 3rd year college being in the same university, and then I start dating men, at first I dated my profesor who liked me a lot, then he asked me if I like him in return, he told me that as long as I am happy with what I felt then I’ll go for it and he will be there to support me. isnt that nice? but boy to tell you, he’d share me things he did to girls… ewwwwer! but thats part of fun and we wont like to lose.

    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him? kasi he is gwapo, maybe at one point yes, but he’s so much like a brother to me, sana nga di na lang kami mag best friend eh.hahahahaha. ano pa ba ang hahanapin ko eh we grow together and i ahve seen everything in him.

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy…
    that is possible but that depends.

  7. David Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    + No, he does not know it however I’m pretty sure that he is able to feel about my extra care for him.

    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?
    + Yes I fall for him however I didn’t verbally tell him. Even now that he is already married, we only just stay as friends.

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?
    + Of course this is really possible.

  8. becks Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    ~ No, I’m scared that i might lose him as well as our friendship. any help i can get regarding with this?? it’s like i’m real SABIK na makita sya and gusto ko na mahug ba once we see each other.. and i dunno when..
    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?
    ~yeah, but i dont want to… hes like my brother na din.. i give extra care to him… he knows that, though but we only chat seldomly because went to canada to continue his studies. sob. now i miss him a lot…
    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?
    ~i think so.. and that doesnt make the straight guy go gay….

  9. leo Says:

    i had a vey close horny friend who is straight, we WERE very close during high school that i knew almost everything about him, i did everything for him (he didn’t know i was gay then). Though most people around me suspect that i am, they could never confirm it.

    it was a habit of the BARKADA to have overnight sessions at my place whenever my parents weren’t around. sometimes due to schedule conflicts only the two of us would be together. then one time, my friends and i had one of our get-together, my close friend SAGITTARIUS wasn’t able to come, he arrived the following day and another close friend CANCER, told him how disappointed i was… i left them at home watching porn because i had to go to school. on my way back, i decided to have a drink. after dinner CANCER left. The porn marathon continued, but i was sleepy so i left him with the porn and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with my hand inside his briefs… to make a long story short, i gave him 1 hand job and 4 blow jobs before the sun was up…

    we were quite fine, he tried convincing me to come out, but i didn’t… he went away after college but we kept communicating, he even courted me once, during a time he hads three girl friends… i think that’s when i felt he’s lost his respect for me… when he returned, he we would have sessions, but he would ask for an allowance afterwards, this is when i knew the friendship was broken…

    we are still friends, but not as close…

    right now, the person closest to me is CANCER, the other friend i’ve mentioned. we were classmates till college…

    NO, he doesn’t know…

    I fell for him in high school, then somehow, i was able to get over it during college, this stage somehow strengthened the friendship, but now, i believe i have fallen for him again…

    yes, such a thing is possible…

  10. your_guy Says:

    becks Says:
    November 23rd, 2006 at 5:18 pm
    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    ~ No, I’m scared that i might lose him as well as our friendship. any help i can get regarding with this..
    ~~~~hi becks,
    alam mo if he is really a friend he would understand that, although at first it will be tough lalo na pag explain mo, why dont you introduce a lover? that will shock him and pulls him a surprise for sure but then it will be the way to explain everything aside from telling him right away that you are gay. this is what i did and it worked! from then on he told me that whatever makes me happy he will be there to support me, and he did nothing was changed, not now that we worked partways and he is now married.

  11. Kris Aquino Says:

    hmm ka-charnessan! :)

  12. Michael Says:

    My best friend is straight. We have been friends since we were 13 years old (we are both now 31 years old). I came out under difficult circumstances, where I was “outed” by some people who were hoping to hurt me, and he found out from them. I was terrified that he would never speak to me again, because the hurtful people told me they had told him I was gay. But that very same day, my friend called me on the phone and asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with him. He never said a word about my being gay that day, but his actions spoke so much, because he showed me that, as far as he was concerned, absolutely nothing had changed in our friendship. And he has been my most faithful friend ever since.

    I never feel for him, probably because I almost think of him as a brother, and just as I would never think of my brother in that way, I don’t think of my friend in any sort of sexual or attraction way, either.

    And I can say that, yes, such a close friendship CAN and DOES exist between a straight guy and a gay guy. Ours has lasted nearly 20 years because we understand that our sexuality has nothing to do with our friendship. He has met my boyfriends and has always been totally comfortable hanging out with us, and as far as I can tell, we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

  13. rye Says:

    we went to the same grade school, high school, and we currently go to the same university where we are both juniors.
    i can never imagine going over the platonic mark.
    he’s like the brother i never had.
    he has known about my men and i’ve known about his women.
    it’s not the typical friendship for most people, but we enjoy it a lot.
    purely wholesome friendship.

  14. agentMONROE Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay?


    If yes, how did he find out?

    i’m totally OUT!

    2. Did you ever fall for him?

    yes. i was actually attracted with him the first time i met him.

    Will you ever fall for him?

    i always have this feeling of falling for him everytime we’re together.

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?


  15. johnny Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out? –Yes, my bestfriend knows that i am gay, and how did he know about it? Well, it was too obvious from my actions, but i’m not the parlorista type of gay person. Funny thing was when we were just plain acquaintances before, i said some nasty remarks about him because i thought he was the one of those bully and egoistic cagers back in college.

    Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him? –No, i will not fall for him. See, actaully i have two straight bestfriends, and the other one–well, what can i say? i fell for him and he didn’t took it nicely. I think he felt betrayed. well, that’s what i heard.

    Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy? –yes, it does happen if both parties are open minded, accepts each other’s insecurities, and respects each other

  16. carlos Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay?


    If yes, how did he find out?

    i’m out. my officemates even teased us. well they knew i had a crush on him and he knows also. when we started to be close friends i have to convince everybody that i have a new crush.

    2. Did you ever fall for him?

    actually i liked him the first time i saw him. and i know it’s stupid but i think i still do like him a lot… yeah stupid. he knoews it. he said it’s no big deal and he accepts me with open arms as a true friend.

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?

    some people click some don’t. it just happens that we do. and i guess being sincere and honest is a big factor. i’ve read that most who posted here sees their straight best friend as a brother. i guess because that’s how “they” treat us. he doesn’t treat me like one of his barkada but he confides to me like a boyfriend. i guess it’s like being brothers.

  17. dont wanna say it.. Says:

    well i have this best friend thats a guy thats straight! well i think and im bi. i dont kno what to do cause he makes me feel so good inside and he is that type of guy that u would never imagine being gay cause hes like a sports freak, he boxes, he does all kinds of stuff.. but the funny thing is . is that me and him talk as if we go out or something, lets just put it this way he always says he loves me after i get off the phone with him.. he is always staring at me , he is always calling me, and he is always wanting to be wit me. yesterday nite i had the strangest feeling between us, it was march 5, 2007 at 11:30 pm we had juss got off the phone wit him and his grl cause we are always doing 3 way.. i hung up and gave them their time to talk cause she said she wanted to talk to him alone and when i hung up i wrote him a text saying i need to talk to you its really important and he says is everything straight, i said yeah i juss need to talk to you some other time, and he says no juss tell me now, and i said no i cant you wouldnt understand if i told you, he said no please tell me real quick, and i said naw ima just talk to you tommorrow ok i love you bro peace, no please call me and tell me, no i cant tell u now, and he said IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WOULD TELL ME NOW..:{, and i said and if you loved me youll wait lol :}!! end of conversation but im in love with this guy and yes i do like guys and girls equally but love is another thing!!

  18. summer Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    Actually Miles is my kaberks in college. He’s parang may bestfriend coz he was always there whenever i have problems. He was close to our gays’ friends too. Ever since 1st year college he knew that im gay.hehe..but we’re not that very close pa until we joines the cheering squad during our fourth year in college. It is ok for him na we (gays friend of him)to hug and kiss him because he too have a gay brother..but he knew that it is only for friendship..
    2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?
    the last practice in our cheering squad, i slept at their house unplanned. it’s just it’s too late for me to go home so i decided to slept at their house..that midnight he cooked a food for us (only the two of us) shocked coz we were not that totally close..and that night also because of his caress, i fall for him..he was my 2nd love then..i treated him like a boyfriend thing but we didnt have any sexual know why?because i respect our friendship..that’s all..i dont want him to hate me for the bad thing i will be doing to him..

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?
    yes..but in our case it wont..i just let him to be my friend forever..

  19. junrey Says:

    1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    - He was the first person whom i shared my deepest secret. Pero now that i am out na marami na including my family.

    2. Did you ever fall for him?
    - Ewww!!! Never…

    3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?
    -Very possible..

  20. melancholy20 Says:

    True Story:
    uhm… we’ve been best friends since first year college… a common friend introduced us and instantaneously we clicked…
    Well… a few months later, i realized how much i liked him and yeah… i guess i did kind of fell for him. His eyes are so innocent; dumb, but.. it makes him look so adorable. Not to mention he’s got his killer body… hehe… well, that and we just get along so well.. i’ve even contemplated that we might even be soulmates or something. Alas, he’s straight. How do i know? I basically encouraged him to court his college GF… i’m stupid, i know. He was going on and on about this girl that he really liked but she was scared to get in to a relationship with him and so he was hesitating, so being the ‘friend’ that i am, i listened to him and he got the impression that he should court her, so he did and they ended up together, much to my shattering heart. Anyway, i distanced myself, cause i couldn’t bear it.. and besides, he was finally happy with his girl, so where do i fit in?! Well, they lasted for almost a year, but then they broke up because of stuff (he was busy, she was choking him, stuff like that…), anyways, we were still pretty distant. One day, i just got the urge to text him… and just like that our connection came back. Now we’re back to being bestfriends… I told him once that i was bi-sexual and that i had a major crush on him. He just laughed and said that it didn’t matter ’cause he wouldn’t think of me differently, (much to my relief and disappointment). So, things are going fine now. We text a lot. I joke about making love to him, to which we laugh to. But recently, something’s been bothering me. He’s reciprocating to my flirting. Somehow i’m getting the impression that he wants to try being with me. Hahahah… funny, huh? I know i’m just imagining stuff, but hey, libre mangarap diba? hehehe…

  21. john_aspen Says:

    My Answers:
    1. Yes. He knew. I told him. Nothign has changed after that.
    2. Never. Like what most respondents here have said, it’s like trying to fall for a brother. Eewwwww.
    3. Yes it is possible.

  22. blonde Says:

    yeah.. he’s kinda nice.. i tell him everything. as in everything.. i tell him about my crush, kamaniakan about my crush.. and evrything about my crush.. he seems ok with it..

  23. Nick Says:

    Hey! I need yall help…there is this guy that i work with…i really like him…or maybe i just have a big crush over him…Idk if hes gay or not..How do hint to interested in him? HELP!


  24. Fantastic4 Says:

    1. 1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    **We were goodfriends since kinder but we never seen each other in elementary and high school because he transferred to another school. He never knew about it but i think he does feel that i’m gay, or he just look up to me like a brother. I have been keeping my sexuality since i was a kid. I knew i was a gay when i was in elementary because i kept on fantasizing all my men-crushes. But i never shown it up to everyone. Only my Sociology teacher knows about my sexuality through a secret letter which every student should pass and what my teacher told me was “It’s good that you have recognized it.”

    2. 2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?
    *Before, i can say YES!.. He had a girlfriend until now but we still have a good communication together through text messages. We were now schoolmates in college and we’re surprised about it. We go to the malls or other places together. We drink beer together and jump off from a bar to another. One night we were so drunk, we walked together as if we were walking on the moon. He knew that i cant go on to our house because it was very late, 3am almost. So he decided that i will be sleeping in to their house. While we were in the taxi, we kept on giving funny and other green jokes. Finally, we have arrived at their house. We slept on the same BED but nothing happened to us. I had bad plans in mind to have a sex with him, but i never did because i was scared and i respect him a lot. but when we meet in school and have some small talks he always tell me this when he is about to go ” text text lang ha.” I feel secured when im with him, whenever we go around everywhere. I even go with him and his girlfriend together, but sometimes i feel jealous about it. i think of betrayal by having plans in mind of loving him or his girlfriend because whenever i meet his girlfriend, she always give me a hug and its quite surprising. There was this time when this guy was sick, he told me to visit him, I told his gf that her bf was sick and surprisingly when i got in to his room his gf was there beside him. What i did? i just asked him if he was ok then have some long talks then went out their house. I think i fell in love with him, but i just cant dare telling my true feelings for him. Whenever people fool me around, he protects me…
    3. 3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?
    –BIG YES!, for my situation, my guy bestfriend is always looking for me.. its like parang sabik na sabik niya akong makita, but later on for how many semesters in school, i felt so defensive of myself, i even managed not seeing with him anymore. I cried everynight asking God “who am I?,” and whats His purpose of having me in this world. As of today, we still are best of friends. My brother is also his barkada. and i think there will be no more questions from people if we are or not because we are very close together.

  25. Fantastic4 Says:


    1. 1. Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out?
    -Let’s keep this another guy as “January”. January is my best bud in college. He is my classmate since we were in first year. When i was in first year, i was so scared of him because he’s like a badboy but take note there were only 2 cute guys in our section, including him. My answer to the question: He doesn’t know that i am gay inside, because he looks up to me like his brother/twin something.

    2. 2. Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him?

    –We got a good relationship as goodfriends when we were in the middle of our second years in college. While waiting for the teacher in class, I give free back massage to my classmates including him. He likes my massage “yeah” and was the start of making myself attracted to him. January is a chubby guy, but he is masculine(in my eyes). He is Cute! He had a girlfriend and they were 2 years in the making. (hehe).. We were also classmates in PE and i love seeing him changing his clothes (naks, duh, im melting).. We are now in our third years in college and we are taking up summer classes. He is my classmate in two subjects among the three. He is the most naughty bestfriend i ever had because he always the one who invites me watching pornography in the internet cafe beside our school. We exchanged porn movies together through USB. I Like him so much because he has a great sense of concern towards my tardiness in my first subject in class.. All i can say when i arrive the classroom “Sorry na, Sorry na nga..” and he will laugh. One thing i doubt in mind while we converse together, January and I cannot have a straight look in the eyes and i wonder why?.. Im having doubts, maybe he is a gay in the inside but im not yet sure because he does look very sports and he likes magic as well.. When our class is about to dismiss at night, He distracts my attention to my girlfriend by calling and inviting me to go the internet cafe, like we always do, watch porn. Im having a hard time in choosing whom to follow, january or my girlfriend?… At last, JANUARY!..hehhe.. I bear in mind that this is opportunity and one way of making myself more closer to him. I think i’m obsessed to him because i do crazy stuffs in my bedroom. i sometimes think of him as my brother/twin because of our closeness together.

    3. 3. Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy?

    –January is a straight guy and he loves girls so much. We share stories of funny things about girls.
    In my experience, It is possible because he always invites me everynight to watch porn and do crazy stuffs like hacking in the internet cafe. I always go with him and his groupmates to make case report. After they have done doing the case report, they have planned to go to Mcdo to eat dinner. I go with them, but he secretely told me that he has no sufficient money. Cargo-de-conciencia ko yun if will not let him borrow money. I pulled of money in my wallet and treat him. While he was about to know that i was going to treat him, He was totally surprised and hugged me inside Mcdonalds. I said to myself “OMG, nakakahiya, sige ang sarap mong maghug para kang teddy bear”… Im concerned about everything that is happening day by day in his life. As always, I’m not yet revealing my true sexuality to the people and they dont know about it because i still look as a man of myself.

    For the Conclusion, I Like and love him as well, but i will not tell it to him. I will just show it up through actions like being concern for him almost all the time. Actions speaks louder than words! By the time his’ “utang na loob” for me will get more stronger and that’s the time i will follow the
    “10+1 Tips in Seducing a Straight Guy”

  26. Tinkerbell Says:

    My bestfriend is straight and yes he knew from the very beginning that I’m a Tinkerbell.
    He wasn’t my type physically, I like chinito muscular types, he’s Tisoy and lean. We work in the same industry, we’ve worked on several projects together, we clicked and I started feeling something for him. We’d go out twice a week, we’d drink til we drop, I’d bring him home sometimes but it wouldn’t lead to anything sexual.
    It just went on and on like that, ’til I realized that it’s really each others company that we enjoy. We could talk about anything under the sun.
    Definitely this is love but it’s the kind of love that is pure.. agape. I thought it wasn’t possible but indeed it is. We say “I love you” on Christmas and birthdays. He kisses me on the forehead and I kiss him back on the cheek. We hug, we text and talk on the phone morning, noon and night. We see each other almost every other day. We’re comfortable with it because we know we’re the best of friends.
    Oh yes Virginia, there is a straight best friend.

  27. Jordan Says:

    I have a best friend that is straight. We lived in Atlanta together 7 years ago. When he first learned of my being gay, he did not take it very well. He ended up moving out after only 6 months because he knew that I was attracted to him. He later began coming back over to vist me along with my other roommate that stayed with me at the time when he was there. They would both come over party and get drunk and all three of us would sleep together in the same bed. No kinky stuff! It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago my best friend would come to visit and we would have these parties where we would spend the entire not along drinking and we decided to get more comfortable by watching a movie in bed in the nude. I don’t want to get graphic but it was not just any movie. It was a porn and we began masturbating together in the same bed with each other. He is definitely a straight guy. The only thing that he remotely did gay was allow me to massage his body while he masturbated. The whole time though his thoughts were on the guys in the video and mine were on the guy. He as several girl friends and he ended up moving back in with me again in Chicago. Today we share a bedroom together and still masturbate together or even take showers together, however, he is quite clear that he has not interest in guys. The most he ever lets me do is massage his body while we masturbate. He has a girl friend that he spends his time sleeping with. By the way, we are both in the military as well.

  28. beg76 Says:

    Does he know you are gay? If yes, how did he find out? Yes, im pretty open when it comes to my sexuality when i was in college

    Did you ever fall for him? Will you ever fall for him? Yes, but what i did is kinda weird, i changed my schedule, i never game him a call, i pushed him away.coz i know at the end of the day it wont work hehehe

    Can a real close bond of friendship, the platonic non-romantic type, develop between a gay guy and a straight guy? ofcourse, i was even his bestman during his wedding, im the god-father of his son, but he knows that he’s very special to me, and thats about it

  29. mike Says:

    1. may hint na xa e. lagi nia ako binibiro dati.pilit nia ako pinapaamin ac2lly. i was giving him hints din na gay nga ako. i guess he knows naman in his heart kahit ndi ko sabihin.. kc ganun kami dlawa e. ugali tlga ata namin na kapag alam mo na ung ssbhin ng isa bibiruin mo lang, its mutual na lang tlga..the funniest thing na ginawa nia para mapaamin ako e ung nasa kwar2 kaming dalawa naglalaro ng ps2 tpos sabi nia “sabihin mo na kc di naman ako mgglit!!”..
    sabi ko: “anu ba dapat aminin” while laughing..
    bigla xa naghubad..
    best:”ibaba ko briefs ko pag di ka umamin!!”
    me:”edi ibaba!!”(at the back of my mind idle tots)
    binaba nia.. at well hunged xa.=)
    best:”o bkit ganyan ngiti mo??haha.. huli ka!! umamin ka na..!!”
    the sad thing is..
    sana umamin na ako noon pa.. ndi ko na hinintay na mawala pa xa sa buhay ko.. sad but true. patay na xa.. the last time i saw his smile was 2 years ago.. christmas eve.. hay..

    2.i did not fall for him in the loving manner type. its just too awkward.. pero i admit na i am attracted to him physically. gwapo xa and macho.. and the fact that he is well hunged.haha.. all in all ndi pa din..

    3. yep pde xa nu.. its possible bsta u make it happen..

  30. paul Says:

    it happened to me!when i was still in college ,i have this buddy from church choir to whom i got closed all started in some sleepovers in our respected houses.evrytime we had d chance to hang out,go to movies,eat out & shop,it would always end by sleepovers either in my or his house.he never thought that i was gay bcoz were both active in church activities, but deep inside i have this desires for the same sex, i always dream of doing it w/the same sex but i have to struggle w/in myself either to do it or not.when one night,during his sleepover at my house, we started teasing and decided to give him a massage, from head to foot,from back to front, then i noticed his having his hard on,w/o 2nd thought,i decided right there & then to give him a blowjob, with my heart beating so fast i just thought of doing it wd my bestfriend saying to myself “bahala na, magbestfriend pa rin kmi or lovers na after that incident”.well after he released his load, we decided to sleep as if nothing happened.when we woke up the following morning, there was this silence between us.he went home that morning w/o saying our usual goodbyes & plans for the day.i just told myself thats it!but to my surprise he returned to my house the following day telling me, he cannot forget what happened to us the other night, that he cant just let me go, that i was important to him.we talked, i told him that im gay, and i want us to be more than bestfriends.he said its ok wd him as long as it just between the two of us, that our family will still believe that were just bestbuddies and they will never, never know the truth.the relationship continued until i graduated from college, until i got a job, he never got a girlfriend during our relationship, he even fetch me from my workplace from time to time.doing it every day, every night, of our sleepovers.the relationship lasted for ten years, not until he finally decided to court a churchmate, wd my blessings i gave him the go signal, i even told him, he’s not getting younger anymore that its time for him to get married.he got married after a year,i was his bestman at his wedding day, he even got me as one of the godparents during baptismal of his firstborn.till now we remain goodfriends!

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