Dante Balboa, Professor with a Boa

Dante Balboa was a professor at the Far Eastern University, until he took a leave of absence, and decided to concentrate on his graduate studies at the University of the Philippines. Ironically, Dante was also a former male “boldstar” and appeared in “ST” movies produced by the infamous Seiko Films. He was Mr. Young Philippines 1997 title holder, and Manhunt Philippines 1998 second runner-up. I saw him recently essaying the role of Claudio in the Filipino version of Hamlet (translated by Rolando Tinio, directed by Tony Mabesa) at U.P. Diliman. Playing the role of Claudius, he indeed had a regal presence on stage. Sadly, his acting talents are not at par with the demands of this Shakespeare drama. The evening I watched, he was buckling with his lines all throughout the play — and it was so distracting. Perhaps his old photos would speak better?






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30 Responses to “Dante Balboa, Professor with a Boa”

  1. what_boys_want Says:

    I think we watched on that same night. Dante balboa is a miscast in the production (and so were half of the actors). As much as the play wanted to cater to young people, the whole production, sorry to be blunt, sucked. Tony Mabesa was trying to make a statement, but sounded like a whisper and fell to deaf ears. Everything was in a mish-mash. Shakespeare would turn over in his grave, fly to Manila, and slap everyone in that production.

  2. Ang-ang Says:

    talaga magaling kaya siya

  3. Migs Says:

    hi what_boys_want — what a coincidence! next time join tayo manood ng ibang UP plays :) and share your reviews with me, hehehe.

  4. kantoTEEN Says:

    i think “what_boy_want” has painted a perfect picture of the scenario, shakespeare will not only slap their faces but burn the theater for them to stop playing such a “trying hard” production… i would be better for dante balboa to do some bold or pene films para naman matuwa ang mga kajoklaan ng pilipinas… mukhang malaki naman ang tarugo niya… diba sister manilagayguy?

  5. Migs Says:

    ay how harsh! hehehe. world peace tayo kanto…. teen. hehehe.

  6. lovely Says:

    come on, don’t be so mean guys…ikaw ba naman,lumabas ka sa stage ng tatlong beses sa isang araw, 10 am hanggang mga 9pm, hindi ka ba naman mapapagod nyan..

  7. Migs Says:

    hi lovely, you are such a kind soul. very understanding. we need more people like you to attain world peace! may your tribe increase!

  8. potpot Says:

    He’s my classmate in an Anthro subject this sem. Hindi pa siya pumapasok sa class dahil nga sa Hamlet.

  9. boyen Says:

    Im more interested on his intellectual prowess.
    A professor like him must have exuded the class with the aura he possesses.
    And if I would have been his stude Im sure I could get a perfect attendance just to fantasize his physique…

  10. dragged Says:

    to Boyen: Amen to that! He was my professor two semesters ago and he never disappoints. If you know what I mean.

  11. Inquisitor Says:

    bakit anong ginawa niya nung nagclass siya? did he strip or something, dragged?

    anyway, the guy’s face looks average and ordinary..

  12. what_boys_want Says:

    update lang kay dente balboa: saw him last week and may chickenpox (bulutong) siya. ang daming scars, naka-turtleneck at long-sleeve sweater nga siya going to school. poor guy.

  13. pj Says:

    ang laki!

  14. andrew Says:

    I agree. Ordinary face. But he has this aura and sex appeal about him that you would want to see more and more of him, much so drool all over him. *Slurp* :P

    And that body! Gahd! It’s to die for! Look at that bulgy-bulge there. Parang hindi na nga bulge lang basta eh. It seems like you can see the real package. Naman! :)

    He reminds me so much of those ’80s pene actors whom I always took fancy on, the likes of Gino Antonio. Sana gumawa na uli si Dante ng sexy films. Lalong mas maganda kung pene, diba?

    Yum, yum. :P

  15. corporateslave Says:

    he was my classmate in UP — he was very average-looking, with just slight hints of a shapely body (though might have a better body now, but he had the most horrible bird-nest hair!), but nothing impressive. he was my classmates at our law and media class in UPCMC, and let me tell you–he was the dumbest nin the bunch! he was the biggest laughing stock at UP masscomm—whoever told you that this guy was smart??? geezz….seriously , he was a big dumbass, and his educational background is all nothing but a press-release . believe me , the guy is empty up there, though the bulge looked promising. good thing he has that. hehehe. oh, and I forgot to mention his narcissus complex. he was even funnier that way. poor guy.heheheheh.

  16. andrew Says:

    Teka, I smell catfight ah, haha! Parang may galit. Hmm… Hindi naman kaya ex mo si Dante kaya ka nagkakaganyan, Corporateslave? LOL! Just kidding.

  17. corporateslave Says:

    hehe, of course not!I wouldn’t be a bit attracted to suh a moron!hehe

  18. walalang Says:

    oi prof ko yan sa philo! ok lang…

  19. Marcelli Says:

    Philo?! Omfg. Haynako, I’m sure it’s one sick, twisted, and illogical class.

  20. randy Says:

    hey guys, try to visit his friendsters account no.4 & 5 the sexy ones! and try to call him up. he’s so nice. and surely he’ll accomodate your calls even if he’s busy! so pls. do not say anything bad against him. i’m telling you, he’s so nice and one of the intelligent actor of our country! mabuhay ka dante! love na nga kita sa katatawag ko sayo eh!

  21. calvin Says:

    well, he’s one of my old lost freinds and I’ve been trying to reach him. suddenly i just heard somewhere that he’s teaching in F.E.U then continue his study in UP…. i can’t say no more… but i wish i can reach him….

  22. harajuku Says:

    is there any way he can get rif of those facial hair? otherwise, he is goodlooking with a nice body..

  23. mitch Says:

    nakakagigil xa sarap kagatin…………

  24. monsour abraham Says:

    Shalom po from the holy land of Israel. Hmnnnnnnnn…. what a body & huge cock ? nakakaloka manly look talaga !!! anong pamana ng mga Israeli guy d2,nuh !pahalik po ! lol…

  25. iloveboom Says:

    yucky!sna hindi n lang sinama ni migs!hahahahaah

  26. coffeclub Says:

    i know this guy dante balboa. nice pero medio spaced-out. iba ang reality. mayabang? di naman. softspoken sia. aanga-anga? yes. pero napagsasabihan naman. kasama ko sia sa hamlet

  27. Juss Says:

    He’s my professor in Philosophy in Far Eastern University in Fairview school of Nursing not in MANILA as everyone would think..Yeah he’s a great guy , always wants our papers turn in time,,,very strict!!!,,but all in all a great prof…although i got a 3 hehehe

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  29. birdie Says:

    i like him!wala na bang photos nya na mas daring?????????????????

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