Tyron Perez, in Tiny Thong

It’s been a while since I featured cutie boy turned hunk Tyron Perez. I recently saw pics of Tyron, courtesy of the legendary Puri Titiwang… and I can’t help but feature those here. Warning: NSFW (not safe for work)… cheers to male pulchritude!







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20 Responses to “Tyron Perez, in Tiny Thong”

  1. krissss Says:

    hi migssss,

    im here again he so cute lalakeng lalake sana mah nude pic sya dito sa net pag uwi ko dyn sa pinas hahanapin ko itong batang ito……

  2. kian Says:

    cutie si tyron..sana post ka din sexy pix ni dion ignacio,ka-batch ni tyron yan sa starstruck..hunky din yun.. and migs, i hv a suggestion, post ka din ng barely-legal cutie corner! hehe for a change.. post mo dun mga cutie boys na below 20y.o.. its gonna b a big hit! hehe it doesnt really hav to be a sexy section of ur site.. food for the eyes lang ang drama ng cutie corner mo.. perfect un.. hehehe hope to see that corner soon… hehehe mwahh..

  3. marlowemarlowe Says:

    yes. thats very right… post boysies below twenties… dudumog lalo bading ditoo… haha… ;p

  4. marlowemarlowe Says:

    mmmm… tsaka sarap pla ni tyron noh.. ehhe ;p

  5. ernesto Says:

    nice pix really I saw that movie.

  6. josh Says:

    Watched him sa Twilight Dancer (now on orig VCD/DVD), he soo innocent looking. doesnt he count as a teenager? or his in his twenty’s na?

  7. marco jordan Says:


    is the Twilight Dancer on VCD the cut version or the uncut version?

  8. michael Says:

    I have seen these pictures on www.pinoypride.org before in the gallery section. Tyron does look cute in a small thong, but hay Tyron looks good in anything.

  9. monsour abraham Says:

    tyron is cute & handsome… but he’s so innocent look.well, i like him…

  10. empress maruja Says:

    I think Tyron’s 20+ already, kaya safe…iwas huli. haha!

    Like na like ko siya since Starstruck 1, kaya namang halos mangiyak ako nang matanggal siya.

  11. kit Says:

    he is so cute! wow is there more of him? what a cutie. haha

  12. peak fantasy Says:

    for a newcomer, tyrone’s acting in twilight dancers is quite good. wonder why di sya nabigyan ng exposure after the movie. he is more deserving than many young stars now..

  13. chismoso Says:

    is it just me or is picture #5 not loading properly?

    he has a very cute and f*ckable ass, though.

  14. inday_garalgal Says:

    ang hadhad bow! some trosyd pls LOL!

  15. Daizuke Says:

    He’s too twink !!! Bwahaha!!

  16. josh Says:

    2 marco jordan, in the vcd, there is an xtra clip after tyron shot d driver of cherry pie (poor guy) where the artist dancers suddenly changes scene where the actors suddenly look like real gogo dancers showing their angry staff! the pirated version i watched b4 does not include this one…:)

  17. fred Says:

    Is the puri titiwang yahoo group still up? Can I have the link? Thanks.

  18. michael Says:

    I saw Twilight Dancers last night on a rented dvd for American release. It was all in Tagalog. Do they have an english version of Twilight Dancers?

  19. michael Says:

    he has a cute little bottom.

  20. gelly Says:


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