Who is Kalayaan Mendoza?


Into leather…



Ooops… seriously:

Kala is…
Proud Pinoy.
Proud gay Pinoy.
In New York City.

Listen to Kalayaan Mendoza and Migs in this half-hour Skype conversation about Kala’s advocacy, his Queer Pinoy life in the US, and his being a proud, proud Pinoy. He says, “I’m proud to be Pinoy, I’m proud to be queer!” Mabuhay ka, Kala!

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20 Responses to “Who is Kalayaan Mendoza?”

  1. jimg29 Says:

    Hello Kala what a noble cause indeed! Have u met Richard Gere yet another proponent of Tibetan freedom? And 2U MIGS nice 2 hear your voice for the very first time. Personally having Pinoy lover is much complicated than the relationship I had with whites or caucasians.

  2. ems Says:

    pogi???!! :p

  3. rye27 Says:

    Pls. feature past hunks ricardo (richard) cepeda and gino ilustre

  4. Tony Says:

    Lol@ “We are the hottest Asians out there whatever(…) Whatever, it’s true.”

    It is always good to hear of a Pinoy who is proud of his heritage (especially a second-generation one, I assume). I’ve always been disheartened by the number of Pinoys who, having moved overseas, try so hard to hide their culture and heritage and really bad mouth almost everything that is Filipino.

    *Migs, parang kinikilig ka at may giggling moments ka. Joke! (Laglagan na itu!)

  5. sharon bading Says:

    hey migs,

    can u ask kalayaan if he is related to sherwin mendoza, a friend of mine whom i met in UP where he participated in a Fil-Am seminar and is now doing his postgrad at UC Sta. Barbara. Kamukha nya eh! hehe.

  6. Props Says:

    kala, would you happen to be on facebook?

  7. philippe Says:

    hmm…his smile brings energy..like replenishes the atoms inside me. i like him. plus the fact that he’s proud of his heritage.

  8. K Says:

    i dont know who this kala guy is but he is damn sexy.

  9. Isaribi Says:

    need to know how to listen to this… can anyone help? just got a new pc here in the opis kaya wala pa syang mga codec… hehe… shhhh… baka mabuking me…

  10. earl Says:

    sana lng hindi sya bumalik ng pinas at magartista. hahaha! coz thats what happens most of the time. kahit hindi karapat dapat [wink wink].

    on a more positive n0te, i support his plight though.

    more power.

  11. kalaya'an Says:

    Hey Migs,

    thanks alot for giving me the opportunity to talk about the Tibetan Freedom Movement on yr hella sexy blog. I hope folks decide to check out SFT TV, at www.youtube.com/SFTTV as well as my orgs website. www.studentsforafreetibet.org

    and yah i’m on Facebook ;) look me up.

    Peace and lumpia grease.


  12. fattyacid Says:

    aww top? into leather? hahaha

    ‘gayness for a cause’…taray mo kala ha!

  13. McVie Says:

    “Peace and lumpia grease”?! Hahaha. Hayluvet. Shanghai o togue?

  14. Migs Says:

    Yes, I admit, I was smitten, at may kilig factor. Hahaha! Peace, Kala!

  15. josh Says:

    hep hep horray to Kalayaan! Mabuhay to you Proud Pinoy! Hope we can meet you in person if you visit d Phils w/ your cause! :)

  16. lioblue Says:

    can i get Kala’s skype name?

  17. liner2 Says:

    i love his brown shirt!

  18. trap Says:

    em sure type ni papa piolo yan!kamuka ni yul!!!

  19. Kala Says:

    who is yul? and for that matter, who is papa piolo?

  20. lioblue Says:

    can i have kalayaan’s friendster or any contact? hehehe

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