Site Advisory

Several MGG readers have reported occasionally getting errors when accessing this site, which looks like this:


The temporary solution for this is to wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute and try accessing the site again. In most cases, this will work, and you will be able to continue to enjoy reading and browsing through MGG.

Rest assured that I will be investigating the rootcause of this error. I suspect it is a combination of my webhosting limitations, and the sudden upsurge of internet traffic in this site the past few days. I may need to tweak a few things here to make serving the site more efficiently, and thus be able to serve more and more MGG readers (we’re currently at 7,000+ unique visitors per day). Will definitely update you all on the developments. Hope to resolve this ASAP so we can continue enjoying MGG with no errors or delays! World Peace to all! Advisory  digg:Site Advisory  spurl:Site Advisory  newsvine:Site Advisory  furl:Site Advisory  reddit:Site Advisory  fark:Site Advisory  Y!:Site Advisory


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2 Responses to “Site Advisory”

  1. Mimi Says:

    now, that’s a good news…na-experience ko rin yan nung mg-internet ako s mail & more internet cafe dito…..oi, migs, na-feature pala ang mgg s latest issue ng icon! congratz! levelling na ito!!! more powers….and continue spreading your motto: world peace!!!:-)

  2. Kaleena Says:

    Actually, my problem is having my posts deleted after they’ve already been posted.

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