Kim Gantioqui’s Transformation


Imagine meeting this guy Kim Gantioqui in a mall one day, and he strikes you as the certified Candy cutie, boy-next-door type that he is… then, a month or so after, he knocks at your door totally transformed — definitely not a tad less delectable…




… hot chinito ALERT!



Note: Kim Gantioqui was one of the candidates in the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit Gantioqui's Transformation  digg:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  spurl:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  newsvine:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  furl:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  reddit:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  fark:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation  Y!:Kim Gantioqui's Transformation


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48 Responses to “Kim Gantioqui’s Transformation”

  1. dorky168 Says:

    I like him better in the first picture where he’s just simple and cute. Masyadong may effort yung nagpa-skinhead na siya.

  2. seru Says:

    Mas gusto ko siya dati.

  3. Cute Says:

    Is he gay?

  4. nadriamez Says:

    chinitong kalbo na mahilig mag rosary :-)

  5. balbahutog Says:

    *panties down*

  6. fattyacid Says:

    panties? don’t bother, he seems average.

    gosh, having a skinhead haircut after working for some months can make all the difference in you…makes you look more manly(?) than ever…well, except for the likes of boy abunda hahaha.

  7. GAYNGAME Says:


  8. aries Says:

    magkano xa?!

    *yaya, pakikuha yung checkbook.

  9. eric Says:

    he works out at golds gym ( see, if you notice puro ako golds gym…kasi naman po ang mga tao dito na pinopost nag woworkout dun…defensiv ba… hahahaha)
    by the way, he always look at me…anong meron sa akin?
    hindi naman sa nagmamaganda ako but i always catch him staring at me…
    i always chance upon him at the locker rum…grabe ang kinis ng taong to…
    sarap dilaan ng likod!!!!
    un ngalang hes not tall…
    my question then is…is he gay?

  10. ne Says:

    no eric hes not gay :) he was my classmate in csb :)

  11. francis Says:

    bkit ganun? cute sya pero ang liit ng bukol..sayang…hehe

  12. ne Says:

    pag chinese maliit hahahahaha ata

  13. annabulakenya Says:

    may taong binabagayan ang skin-head. hindi bagay sa kanya. cute siya sa “before” picture niya, PA-cute na siya dun sa “after.”

    hay… hindi talaga nadadaan sa attitude ang lahat ng bagay.

  14. annabulakenya Says:

    mas ok siya nung hindi pa siya skin-head. hindi naman lahat bagay magpa-semikal. lahat na lang nagpapakalbo. ano ba sila?

  15. larrygp Says:

    he looks better before

  16. chriscapade Says:

    yan ang mga tipo namin ni papa migs, chinito alert!!!!

  17. fattyacid Says:


    golds gym…marami bang ‘prospects’ dyan? san po ba yan at ng mapuntahan nyahaha. tutal im fat, kunwari magiinquire ako about their weight loss program. hahaha

    lagi kamo sya tumitingin sa iyo? baka naman type ka nya? pag nagkataon, wag mo na palagpasin! hahaha


    what’s up with the ‘SUSPENDED’ page thingy? it would load evey now and then and preventing me from browsing everything here…nabibitin tuloy ako. T_T

  18. margs Says:

    awww where’d his smile go? smiles are always nice..

  19. bench2000 Says:


  20. michael Says:

    Kim is cute. nice body too.

  21. Lola Says:

    Take a look at those nippies. Love ‘em. Love his chest too.

  22. KittyQT Says:

    Gosh, nipples kamo? He looks like he’s taking body building pills with steroids?!?Purrrrr……..

  23. Jake Says:

    He looks so much better in the before picture. Now he looks a bit weird muscle and all but portruding nipples.

  24. what_boys_want Says:

    Typical Chinese cutie: model-y, La Salle-educated, works hard to be able to pay for a membership in a high-end gym, with the target areas concentrating on the pecs and abs, with light-colored nipples, but sadly, with small package.

  25. eric Says:

    hello??? maganda kaya ang katawan nyan ngayon!!! he is soo lean!!! and correction please!!!! ang ganyang klaseng katawan hindi yan steroids!!! ang nagtitake ng steroids freaky big ang katawan!!! only pros can tell whether a body is a product of steroids… and besides lumalaki ang katawan pag nasa pictue na but in reality maliit talaga katawan nyan… hes so hot!!!

    san kaya to nag wowork? i always saw him walking along ayala ave. baka call center sya nag wowork.

  26. KittyQT Says:

    Tarush ni Eric. One adverse affect of steroids can be seen in the nipples- gurlash looking and parang dingdong dantes ang dating, lol!

  27. kyowkou Says:

    he is r assistant brand manager and we worked n a beverage company located along ayala makati. he is so hot and oozing with sex appeal. he’s not gay and he comes from a well to do family.

  28. F Says:

    To Eric:

    I think that YOU JUST LIKE TO THINK THAT KIM STARES at you a lot. In truth, his mind “zones out” after completing a routine. So, to put in bluntly, you’re just FANTASIZING, HOPING, WISHING.

    To ne:

    So the fact that Kim was your classmate at CSB negates the possibility that he may be BI/GAY? Shaky premise and erroneous conclusion.

    Sayang nga Golds, sobrang daming undesirables pumapasok in what was once a very exclusive gym.

  29. jazzie Says:

    waaa ang tarush naman ni F…

    well… parang bumababa na ata ang kalidad ng mga boylet na pinopost mo dito migs ah….

    cguro dahil ur so busy na doing other things…

    eniweis… i still love your site…

    dun naman sa male model comment ko sa kanya “dalasan nya pa kaya ang paggygym!”

    ndi pa maxadong chiselled ung body nya…

    it’s not enough…

    hindi pa xa karapatdapat na magpa sexy…

    hanggang pa twetums lang talaga xa…

  30. pete Says:

    grabe mga tao dito, ang tataas ng standards!!!

  31. eric Says:

    To F:
    What would i get if i fantasize about kim, aber???? I am just stating a FACT!!! He does/did stare at me!!! I dont know for whatever reason but that is just a fact!!! Siguro inggit ka lang kasi i get to rub elbows with kim!!!!
    And why do you care about the pipol from Golds???? Its none of your biz if there are “undesirables” there… BAKA IKAW ANG UNDESIRABLE!!! THE NERVE!!!! AS IF!!!!!

  32. F Says:

    To eric:

    Kim is a good friend of mine and YES, YOU ARE FANTASIZING. I think it’s the other way around at ikaw ang laging nakatitig sa kanya.

    I’ve been a member of Golds since the day it opened. Di ako nag-aavail sa mga 1 year promos nila coz may pera talaga ako.

    So, undesirables coz noon puro well-bred, affluent tao ang mga miyembro. Unlike yourself. :-) Balik ka nalang sa Slimmers coz at least lifetime membership doon.

    So, dream on about Kim; you’ll never have a chance.

  33. eric Says:

    To F:
    yes, kim is good looking, but hes not my type…eenie weeny…
    ok fine, im fantasizing, im hallucinating, etc…but that will not detract from the fact that i caught him staring at me…hello??? its not that i am assuming that he has hots for me cause i know for sure i’m not his type (MAYBE BECause hes str8 or i am not chinese looking or whatever). THE FACT REMAINS THAT HE STARED AT ME. PERIOD.

    SO? you equate undesirables with pipol who are financially challenged? so stereotypical of PRETENTIOUS GAYS!!!!
    You consider yourself well-bred? Your attitude defies what you say. In short you are the undesirable.
    By the way, you are so affected when i said that kim stares at me? Duh!!!
    Kunwari kang well-bred, affluent eh mas ka pa sa

  34. mike harris monteverde Says:

    sabong ng mga bading. go. go. go.

  35. mike harris monteverde Says:

    ang mga mata ni lola F. ek flum lang tita.

  36. F Says:

    Hey, Eric! I was just at Golds with Kim and I sure did not see him STARING at anyone remotely looking like you!

    Honestly, just go to Slimmers coz sigurado there are guys there who’ll “LOOK, STARE, OGGLE” at you - if that would make you happy. On the plus side, the monthly rates there I believe are sure to be within your price range.

  37. via Says:

    huy ano ba nman to..pnag aawayan c kim..hahahaha..wait til he hears this

  38. mike harris monteverde Says:

    hamakera ng lola. go gurl.

  39. kyowkou Says:

    kakaloka naman kyo mga gurls kim s r asst brand manager and pagnbasa nya tong mga comments n toh eh matatawa lang sya at mawawala n naman ang eyes nya sa kakatawa kc ganon sya pag nagsmile. super cute naman kc nitong mokong n toh

  40. eric Says:

    Hey, Eric! I was just at Golds with Kim and I sure did not see him STARING at anyone remotely looking like you!-BAKIT KILALA MO BA AKO AT MASASABI MONG REMOTELY LOOKING LIKE YOU!!! ST.UPOIDI.TY!!!!!

    Honestly, just go to Slimmers coz sigurado there are guys there who’ll “LOOK, STARE, OGGLE” at you - if that would make you happy. On the plus side, the monthly rates there I believe are sure to be within your price range.
    why DO you always mention money, rates etc…you are so concerned about those…if you are indeed moneyed you will not mind those hoi polloi working out at golds…but since mapagkunwari ka minamata mo ung mga taong mukhang walang pera. pretentious gay!!!! You aere giving us, gays a bad name!!!

  41. eric Says:

    pabasa mo to sa kanya!!! i am interested sa reaction nya. btw, call center ba kyo? because i always saw him sa ayala ave.
    TO F:
    now that i know who you are(well sinabi mo na palagi mong kasama si kim sa gym) naku pagkakalat ko sa gym ugali mo!!! I will even report you to the management, wala lang…sasabihin ko lang naman mga pinaggagawa mo bwahahahaha….gagawan kita ng istorya!!! yeheeeyyy ang saya saya!!!!

  42. F Says:

    Eric, don’t have a cow!

    I sure as hell DON’T KNOW HOW YOU LOOK, but I assumed that you may have been there last night so I was observing Kim workout after he and I were conversing in our UPPER-CLASS language! :-) He zoned out as usual and I was waiting for a pathetic, low-born fag like yourself maneuvering ITself into his line of vision!

    Look, I know that you don’t have the looks NEEDED to belong to a HIGH-CLASS gym like Golds (unfortunately, it ain’t so anymore), so Slimmers would pe perfect for you. And the RATES are within YOUR SOCIAL and FINANCIAL BRACKET! I’m a financial adviser and I could tell that you’re…F-challenged! :-)

    So why don’t you, and the other plebes go to gyms that would cater to your “lustfull” desires! Golds Gym is a place to workout, not solicit carnal favors!

    p.s. - What does HADA mean? I don’t speak FAG-JOLOGS!

  43. F Says:

    To Eric!

    Go ahead and tell management and let’s see who they’ll believe! You? A newbie low-born and obvious fag? Tsk! Tsk!

    “because i always saw him sa ayala ave” - Eric

    Um, did you fail english 101? :-)

  44. via Says:

    geesh..wat the hell..

  45. eric Says:

    walang english as U.P.
    You mention the word fag with total abandon!!! my gosh, you are a disgrace sa gaylandia!!!masyado kang discriminating!!!
    me newbie? hello!!!platinum membership!!!!

  46. eric Says:

    to via:
    correct!!! what the hell talaga hahahahaha

  47. Ace Says:

    Guys, cool it, PLEASE!!! I think you’ve said what you needed to say. It is too much already.

  48. F Says:


    “Platinum membership”? - Geez! I guess that beats CHARTER MEMBER-VIP, eh? :-)

    Newbie, low-born!

    I was there last night and I didn’t see any pathetic, fugly positioning ITSELF in any cute guys’ line-of-vision!

    To VIA:

    Apologies, milady! It’s just that “PLATINUM MEMBER” Eric just doesn’t take well to constructive criticisms. Well, given his financially-challenged position! :-)

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