Aga Muhlach’s Transformation


A lot of buzz has been going around about Aga’s slimming down and hunking up. Good for him! (And good for us lovers of beautiful men too!)

I’d like to have a different slant than just the “it’s not too late to be beautiful” angle. I’d like to view Aga’s apparent transformation as an example of taking charge of one’s destiny. I’m not second guessing what went on in Aga’s mind as he decided to go through his 3-month diet and exercise, what I want to share is just my take away on this seemingly superficial issue.

While a lot of people are used to pointing fingers to why they are in such deep sh*t (low-paying job, fat body, ugly skin, lonely life, etc.), there are those who just decide to do something about their situation. Focus on the solution, and not the problem. Energy driven to where it can be used for positive change, rather than wailing, whining, and complaining.

I wish us all an Aga Muhlach transformation — not just with our bodily proportions, but more importantly in our attitude towards life’s challenges. Let’s be better, not bitter! Mabuhay, and world peace!


Now on to more of Aga’s body, hahaha!



agamuhlach.jpg Muhlach's Transformation  digg:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  spurl:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  newsvine:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  furl:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  reddit:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  fark:Aga Muhlach's Transformation  Y!:Aga Muhlach's Transformation


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27 Responses to “Aga Muhlach’s Transformation”

  1. Indoy Garutay Says:

    Aga looks hotter than ever! You are right, we should focus on what we can become and not let anyhing get in the way.

  2. Joel Pierre Says:

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 magic galore. Especially sa last pic. :)

  3. Trike Says:

    i definitely agree with migs..
    never waste your time complaining on how bad your life is. the best thing to do is act on it and be positive!

  4. aries Says:

    anakan mo koh!!! ngayon din!!!

  5. miguel Says:

    @Joel Pierre:

    cmon, man, that may be true — and we all know this, we weren’t born yesterday, you know — but kelangan ba talagang mang-okray?? aga’s done so much good for himself, he’s so frigging hot na ulit. if you can’t say nuthin nice…
    well, you’re a smarty pants, you know the rest.

    i love you aga!

  6. bluehballs Says:

    yeah…i think totoo yung “konting” abs nya pero wala pa rin syang chest… sana yun ang idevelop nya

  7. James Says:

    he’s gone SO fat..well that was before

    gee, how’d he lost all that stretch marks (u can have this if you blow yourself up and lose it drastically).. probably some peeps here are right about that software

    you’re rich, fabulous, celebrity-status = the power to change physically for the ever-demanding public eye

    aga did a great transformation i must say :-)

  8. Jo Says:

    Migs, on the contrary, one should focus first on the problem. How can one focus with the solution when one does not really know what the real problem is. Basic in system analysis is that “A problem well defined is half solved.” And lots of people adopt a solution to the wrong problem simply because they didn’t zero-in at the right problem.

    For Aga, it was a case of insecurity- no projects, and he was getting bigger. Did you notice, wrinkles are already evident in his face. What’s next, Vicky Belo?

    Keep MGG alive and kicking. You’re doing good.

    World peace!

  9. Pravilno Says:

    I have to agree with Pierre… I myself am an adobe user… only thing to confirm it is to watch him loose his shirt on TV or in person… Last three pics are edited. i just cant confirm the first pic… but hey, all pics produced in magazines have to be scrutinized before being published…

  10. morning Says:

    not bad for a 40ish guy

    wala namang pinagbago sa mukha, he just slimmed down… so hindi problem ang hitsura sa kanya, unlike most of us na hindi pinagkalooban ng good looks…… only plastic surgery will solve our probelms =(

  11. tubibi Says:

    Bakit, doon sa second and third pic ni Aga, nakasubmerge yung lower half niya? Baket?! May tinatago ba sila?

  12. goila Says:

    I am part of the staff of A LOVE STORY. All I can say is that the abs are genuine. So shut up, photoshop geniuses.

  13. Quentin X Says:

    I just love his trousers on the magazine cover. It sits low on the hips; looks quite skimming. Where can I get a pair?

  14. pinoyJ Says:

    I agree with GOILA….abs are genuine. I know where he works out and who his trainer is . I have seen aga’s transformation from day one.

  15. eponine Says:

    hi everyone! nawala ako for a month. dsl temporarily disconnected hehe.

    anyway, daming contrabida. i just want to say he has doen a good job to trim down. he did that for health reasons too. gee, aga eve defied his genes! (look at how big the other muhlachs are - i have nothing against big or stout people!)

    world peace!

  16. Boyd Says:

    @ Quentin X
    The top and the pants are both from Paul Smith.

    @ Joel Pierre

    To Aga: Great Job! Lol

    Shoutout for a great blog!

  17. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    walang rinetoke sa pics ni aga. i saw the actual pictorial and of course the trailer of his movie. kung meron man, ilaw lang para ma-emphasize yung gustong ma-emphasize ng may concept ng feature.

  18. max Says:

    for us who are in the process of loosing the weight .. this is an inspiration.

  19. chuvah Says:

    yummy ever ni aga…. hay (lunok laway)

    ang yeah, focus on the solution and dwell less on the problem. :)

  20. blueharajuku Says:

    di pa rin talab si aga sa akin, whatever transformation he has to do… pwera na lang siguro kong kakamahin niya ako.. hahah but kidding aside i dont really like him since when.

  21. Dojojam Says:

    Dramatic! heheheehe
    Amen Man! Kudos!

  22. noel Says:

    Well, he looks cute again, ok lang… will find one… hehehe…

  23. bezalel Says:

    and yeah…its not too late to transform…so better start now to attract more….hahaha

  24. from1fagtoanother Says:

    You guys are so hard to please! haha Aga is HOT! About the photoshop, I dont think much was done.. there’s a video of that pictorial and meron talagang abs

  25. pepetom Says:

    he took off his shirt in his upcoming movie…

  26. Rico Says:

    Nice photoshop job. Looks so natural hehehe

  27. daniel Says:

    good post migs, mejo tinamaan ako dun! =D

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