Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2

Haven’t moved on, have we? Here’s another batch of photos snapped by the uber-generous photographer Vince Lopez from last week’s Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007. For those who would like to contact Vince for his photography services (e.g., portfolio/setcard/fashion photoshoot or event photo coverage) he can be reached at 0928.5018626 or email him at [email protected]. He has a Multiply account too.

Jon Mullaly
/ Avila:

Derek Ramsey:

Luke Jickain:

Marvin Wijangco / Raymundo:
cosmo-mw.jpg Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  digg:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  spurl:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  newsvine:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  furl:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  reddit:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  fark:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2  Y!:Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2


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12 Responses to “Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 Pics 2”

  1. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    whatever happened to rob duat? ang papayat na ng mga cosmo men ngayon =(

  2. Suckit Says:

    Bsta lhat cla,yummy!

  3. aj Says:

    Marvin is calling me to his side… hahaha…

  4. Kai Says:

    i have to say, Jon Mullay’s body is getting yummier by the minute! he’s been seriously working out! this photo is better than his bench ads… beefy beefy..

    and oh anyone knows why he changed his name?

  5. vince Says:

    jon mullaly should work on his pecs. they’re not proportional to the rest of his body. in some shots, he looks absolutely flat up there, and his little nips don’t help improve shortcoming. at least he has a pleasantly distracting face.

  6. tonyboy Says:

    derek and luke look gurang na for this….

    john avila….no sex appeal

  7. jazzie Says:

    hahaha!!! i bought the cosmo mag september issue just because of marvin!!! i think he is so yummy!!!

    super crush ko talaga xa…. hope i can see more pictures of him here…

    sana maigs makakuha ka pa ng ibang pix nya… sobrang crush ko talaga xa…

    eniweis congratulate me guys!!! i have a boy friend now!!! he’s a bodie cruz look-a-like… so feeling ko parang ako si gee-ann(pbb)

    yun lang!!!

  8. angel03 Says:

    sayang at wala si papa jake sa pag rampa but grabe,sya talaga ang mas delicious!!! ever!!!

  9. Vince Lopez Says:

    Hi Migs! thanks for the plug/adver of my contacts ….just seen this tonyt. I really appreciate it especially the consistent photo credits given to me. Hugz!!!

    Your site is so influential… always in top search Google or Yahoo. How did you do that? You’re the best!!!

    I assure you… will provide you more quality pics of hottest event in town!

  10. margaux Says:

    that mr. ramsey is DAMN sexy! lol

  11. bettyerz Says:

    Gosh at derek… makes me wanna insert IVF hahahhahaa

  12. lanz Says:

    i bought the september issue ng cosmo kaya para lang sa cosmo bachelors…

    pucha nalibugan ako nung first time kong nabasa…lalo na nung nandun na sa mga centerfolds…grabe hindi ko na kaya nakayanan nung point na yun…

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