Another Victor Basa Secret?


The first one is that he’s gay. This other one is….

that he kept a Livejournal-based blog, now deleted, but thanks to Google’s cache, I was able to salvage one post. He (as LoveInVinyl in LJ) says:

I Need More Credibility

I want to take some short courses in New York. I really should get a visa already, with luck my sister can help me out.

He included the following pics in this same post:


Of course this can be just a work of a crazy fan; and even if it was Victor Basa’s it’s no big deal. If we take Mark Carandang’s word though, that blog is Victor Basa’s. And Mark says Victor “is more than just a pretty face and a salivating-over body, he’s a photographer, a fashion stylist for a magazine, and an eloquent writer and music afficionado.” Sounds pretty gay to me. Hehehe! And there’s nothing wrong with that ha! It makes me love Victor more!!!

And a bonus, which I chanced upon just tonight — I thought Dolly Anne Carvajal was referring to Victor Basa in this blind item: “Guess who this new ‘Crush ng Bayan’ is. His admirers will surely be crushed when they find out that Mr. Hunk is gay. His ex-GF broke up with him because she found out she was just being used as a front. Recently, he was spotted in Bora smooching a guy! But as a pretty young star told me, ‘It doesn’t make him less of a hunk. It adds to his charm. I wouldn’t mind being his GF!’ His being unattainable makes him even more desirable! Hmm … Better ‘hunky’ check your next ‘beefcake.’ He might be ‘inCORRECT’ for you! Clue: The hunk’s initials rhyme.” I thought this was VB - Victor Basa. But I may be wrong.

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46 Responses to “Another Victor Basa Secret?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Oh. My. God.
    A lot has happened since I left Manila! I’ve been hearing this tale of Victor being one of us, but never really gave a thought about it. With issues such as this surfacing, then maybe it’s true. If there’s a smoke, there’s fire for sure.

    Yes, I believe Love In Vinyl was Victor’s blog on LJ, until he deleted it, for some unknown reason. I don’t remember his last entries, but I felt that there was something wrong with his lovelife (with photographer Jenna Genio). His entries became sporadic, until I acme upon the demise of his blog some weeks after.

    I’m so glad Manila Gay Guy is there to keep me posted on these things!

    And I hope he gets that visa to NY. We love him more than ever now, don’t we?

  2. James Says:

    more evidences i guess..

    “It doesn’t make him less of a hunk. It adds to his charm. I wouldn’t mind being his GF!’ His being unattainable makes him even more desirable!”

    I agree.

  3. Tan Says:

    22o po ung blog n un. i’ve read most of his entries nung buhay p ung accnt. ang maganda kc sa LJ, is malawak ang network ng users. me LJ accnt dn ung who ‘i think’ is ung GF nya. since nde q nmn cla pareho klala. ung 4 pics sa baba was “i think” from fluxxe. meron p dn yata xang mga pics dun.

  4. neil Says:

    let’s just leave the poor dude alone… gay or straight… he’s still charming…

  5. euge lngpo Says:

    sooooo? It is but his right to be happy! Being gay doesnt make one less papable, ano ba namannnn. Love ko looks nya no.

  6. X Says:

    That is his blog, and he probably is gay, but as far as I know he broke up with Jenna and not the other way around.

  7. bananas choking Says:

    who cares? kung bakla ang victor, Go! hot pa rin sya.

  8. Joey Says:

    who cares? these days, being gay is a non-issue. it is actually “in” to be “out”!

  9. southdude Says:

    i ain’t complaining! victor basa is for boys only! lolz!

  10. troyboy Says:

    At this day and age, it doesn’t matter. The journal just proves the guy loves the finer things in life … and that is a measure of how successful the dude is. Go Pareng Victor! pa-Kiss!

  11. nickster0221 Says:

    here’s something from the rumor mill ( a photographer friend of mine told me):

    victor basa and that einar ingerbrigtsen (mosssimo bikini summit 2005 winner?) hooked up?

    at a magazine cover launch party for UNO, drunken ex-girlfriend of victor goes anti-miss manners when she indiscreetly declares, “hey vic, why don’t you show them your guys4men profile?”

    if it was him and einar, ouch!!! einar oh my einar…

  12. book of secrets Says:

    HELLO he’s nt gay. he hd experiences though.

    yes he was the one that broke up w/ jenna genio. they both met when jenna ws already doing exhibits n going to fashion shows. she took him w/ her wherever she went, n at th Mega Young Designers Competition in 2004 (winner: gian romano), he ws discovered n asked to model. he then joined the agency Faze, which gave him th magic flakes commercial. he decided t go freelance, but he’s with a very competent agent now.
    victor basa n jenna genio were inseparable for 2 years. they were going t marry bt their issues n passion n shet drove them crazy. they got into weeeeeeeeeeird adventures. crazy adolescent punks. parang they expected too much frm each other. victor thot it ws best if they became bestfrnds lang, so they broke up on valentines day this year!

    then victor basa had a secret girlfriend. ppl say tht the girl was the ex-bestfrnd of jenna genio. they both betrayed jenna n forced her into major depression. victor started dying hs hair and getting a lip piercing n jenna dyed her hair and got tattoos. supr funni!

    then the secret girl broke up with victor kasi she got so pissed that he ws an asshole and he couldn’t EXPOSE hr becoz he said it would ruin his career and loveteams.

    bet u ddnt know that. its so easy to find this stuff on the internet kaya. it’s all in jenna genio’s blog. that girl should stop writing about hr life so honestly. very controversial stuf.

  13. jenna Says:

    what the f*ck!

  14. mikhail atienza Says:

    what ever victor will be, in the end it’s his volition that will dictate his fate.. leave him be, youth are licensed to make mistakes and discover the world that they really love..
    for you victor, move on amidst all the noise and haste, and learn what peace there may be in silence…
    just move on silently and eventually it is the time that will prove that indeed your a person worth living and loving, thats the essence of the life the you chose, they may blabber til kingdom come, but in the end, its your happiness the will redeem everything0and whatever you chose you will always be loved…

  15. neon Says:

    more chances of having sex with him… ehehe. joke.

  16. josh Says:

    i better watch this basa sa At home ka d2 ni charline this sunday jan 7!

  17. rainy Says:

    That was his blog. I used to read it even before he started with abscbn.

  18. pat Says:

    he frequents our store (an uber famous coffee joint) in Makati and whether the guy’s gay or straight is purely irrelevant as he is gorgeous in person. talk of whether a good-looking guy is gay or not is becoming tedious because the person’s sexuality would be the last thing anyone should be bothered about if he/she is as attractive as Victor badesa Basa. Ãœ

  19. hyungchul Says:

    well, right now he seems to prefer being seen with the female of the species. ran into him a week ago at glorietta when i was shopping for shoes. how’d i spot him? i was only looking at shoes, but you know that feeling that you’re watched? i looked to my left, and lo! victor basa looking “straight” at me, albeit with broad clasped onto his arm like a louis vuitton…

  20. Ninko Says:

    Confirmed. I just saw him at gov club smooching a guy on the left corner of the 2nd floor

  21. Mark Says:

    Oh god! Is it true?

  22. obey Says:

    that was his real lj but he deleted it just right before he started acting.
    i believe he’s still going out with his DJ girlfriend. yes, she’s a dj. and they’re just keeping their relationship private.

  23. Niel Says:

    Victor and Brent javier night stand! kaabang abang yan

  24. stanger chic Says:

    victor basa used to date jenna genio, a photographer, artist and stylist. she even spins [DJ] once in a while. they broke up almost a year ago, early last year. mallorie did betray her, but jenna accepted it, but victor basa seemed to be hostile towards jenna. jenna is still madly inlove with victor and she claims that it is an unrequited love. victor doesnt even talk to her, im not sure if mallorie and victor are still at it, but jenna is clearly out of victor’s lovelife. these are all from jenna genio’s blog. it is really hers, for my friends know her very much. people communicate with her there, even mallorie and vinyl aka victor basa.

  25. ternal Says:

    loveinvinyl is not victor’s. i know that for a fact. it’s an old journal of someone closely related to him. the person’s a photographer (which explains the photos).


  26. 101190 Says:

    Come on. If you look at loveinvinyl’s other cached files you’ll even see pictures of VICTOR that he took HIMSELF when traveling. The explanation for the photos is not because a ‘photographer’ owns it. It’s because Victor likes to take pictures, he even has a deviantart account. He once talked bout bringing her (Jenna) to this awesome hotel somewhere in Europe (Denmark?) and made countless of other references to her as his girlfriend. And we all know Victor was the one with Jenna that time. Unless you’re saying both Victor Basa and this ’someone closely related’ to him both dated Jenna back then?

    Even JENNA (who has obviously seen all of these judging from her comment) introduced her ‘boyfriend’ way back in 7/10/2004 as LJ user loveinvinyl AKA Victor Basa. Even FLUXXE has pictures of loveinvinyl dj-ing and those pictures are of Victor’s. Everyone who had come to know Victor during that phase call him Vinyl and referred to him with the username loveinvinyl. I could go on and on, really… if you want me to.

    On another note, no, him and Mallorie aren’t together anymore.

    I do think he’s BI though. He doesn’t have qualms about getting close with the same gender… (very flexible. XD) Even Jenna is Bi, and he didn’t say anything bad about that. They even had the same crush on a male model turned actor then. Plus Jenna teases Victor that she could share him with all the boys. XD

    Einar Ingebrigsten worked as a model with Jenna and Victor when they styled and art directed jointly “High Fidelity” for MetroHim. Don’t know any more connections to it.

    Point is, that journal IS his. And I don’t care if he’s gay or not. I just wish he’d be happy. :)

  27. 55555999 Says:

    honey, victor is on his way to professional photography really. he’s currently studying under a photographer friend. loveinvinyl is victor’s blog, he erased it sometime ago because it revealed too much of him which is a big no no for an up and coming celebrity. and yes, mallorie and victor broke it off. but victor is in a relationship now [with a girl]. but victor is bi, well not a BI in a serious relationship type.. just for fun. now, people let victor be. he’s ex with jenna, he owns loveinvinyl, mallorie is his ex too and yes he his BI[for fun].

  28. jeremy Says:

    i think victor is not a gay in fact he really is a good model…………
    and he really a cute guy……….
    inggit lang kayo.

  29. pumpkin Says:

    most of the cool pics of him out and about that have a similar style were taken by jenna.

    in her blog,, she even had a photo of him half naked in bed with another young male model, who they supposedly had that rumored threesome with.

    victor basa and jenna were seriously emotionally unstable and extremely moody, they even fought in public.

    i was at a gig in freedom bar, in quezon city. victor was screaming downstairs at her by the street “don’t you care about me at all?!” that’s all i remember. this was a long time ago. 2004.

  30. fluxxer Says:

    victor is now dating savannah lumen

  31. 55555999 Says:

    yea thats what i know too.. he and savannah soooo darn cute

  32. heartbeats Says:

    if you’re in the scene the manila scene, you’ll know who victor really is. he’s no big secret, his personality is very out in the open, no pretends. yes, correct victor just flirts with boys for fun but he’s in fact very much straight. and yes, he does own loveinvinyl but erased it now, used to go out with jenna genio dj/stylist/artist/photographer. mallorie is victor’s ex too, she works in NU107 right now. and currently, victor basa is dating savannah lumen. for the record guys, victor is not gay. sheesh. kissing another person of the same sex does not equals gayness, sometimes people do it for fun.

  33. coocoo for victorboo Says:

    savannah lumen and victor were so cute, but she is abroad now n does nt like him anymore. mallorie does nt work at NU anymore, and jenna is not a dj (professionally). VICTOR BASA IS NOT GAY. ask his exes about how he is in bed and they’ll tell you. he is open about expressing his admiration for other men, but thats becoz he treats both sexes like human beings when it comes to aesthetic appeal. as for “no pretends”

  34. Kyle Says:

    Savannah Lumen what a beauty she is{ they were so beautiful together}

  35. Zond Says:

    Victor is a very passionate, talented young man.
    & fine, fine,F_I_N_E young man.
    Savannah Lumen and Victor Basa were not just cute
    they were two very beautiful people to see next to one another.
    Savannah has been tortured even though she put
    up a resistance towards the sins of her Father. Poor
    Savannah got caught up and into a world where pain paid
    no rent to stay within her.Her own Father carried it’s
    luggage in and gave “pain” free rent _ Why do you pick on the young
    kids still trying to discover themselves yet embrace the
    oddities and crimes of thier elders who have taught their
    children that in Manila there are no morals.Being married, or
    sleeping with sluts mean the same here. Victor is F-I-N-E !
    No matter what his choices are. When he and Savannah were together they were
    like two beautiful brilliant Lights . It made you smile just
    to see them together.IF VICTOR BASA IS GAY so _he more
    more of a man than savannah’s own daddy.

  36. james Says:

    Victor basa is great to look at no matter what.

  37. billybop Says:

    Delicious na fafa victor basa

  38. zunwoo Says:

    what a body! Keep your eyes wide open!!!! he got charm , he’s got Karisma, and is a fantastic person down to earth, warm and friendly,talented my list could go on and on. I met him when he first started dating savannah lumen. They look wonderful together. He is one worth watching!

  39. tailchaser Says:


  40. Gerry Says:

    Victor is gay and….Brent Javier can prove it! haha Just use the key word: Linden Suites lolz

  41. acid69 Says:

    Wow I like that girl! he would even be a boyfriend of a gay guy.

    If someday I’ll meet celebrities like him just pure talk maybe I’ll have some second thoughts about them. Well, that wholly depends on what kind of person they are.

  42. westley Says:

    basta luv ko c victor basa and im dying tlaga promise

  43. shatteredwerks Says:

    Vinyl’s recent ex was Savannah Lumen and before her, Mallorie Carangalan, any way back was Jenna Genio. ^^ lovekohsivinyl

  44. joms Says:

    whatever people say about him being gay, i don’t give a damn. he’s one goodlooking, cool guy who’s not an airhead. im glad he joined showbiz. he gave glamor to the soap, Walang Kapalit with that sexy pool scene. that pretty mestiza girl he was paired with was so lucky to have him stand before her dripping wet and in sexy black trunks…WOW!

  45. Ryen Says:

    ive read his journal… oh my, so gay, she, i mean, he wears women’s jeans.

  46. mark Says:

    kilala ko c angel bautista ng aaral sa pampangga clasmates k cya hangang grade 6

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