Victor Basa revealing…


Victor Basa… wanna see a much more revealing picture?


Hehehe! Have a great week guys! Basa revealing...  digg:Victor Basa revealing...  spurl:Victor Basa revealing...  newsvine:Victor Basa revealing...  furl:Victor Basa revealing...  reddit:Victor Basa revealing...  fark:Victor Basa revealing...  Y!:Victor Basa revealing...


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23 Responses to “Victor Basa revealing…”

  1. Baklang AJ Says:

    He’s hot! I was watching the Piolo-Claudine soap on TV last week and my world literally stopped when he came out of the pool in super-skimpy trunks… slurrrp.

  2. *jake* Says:

    ur so oh ryt AJ! so hot! *wipes sweat* in walang kapalit, victor basa just came out of the pool with super skimpy briefs! *slurp* pls oh pls! migs feature it! tnx in advance!

  3. giodude Says:

    yeah! i totally agree with both Aj and jake! puhleeze?

  4. Trish Says:

    missed that….any file in u tube?

  5. chriscapade Says:

    waaahhh! asan ba ko nun? bat di ko napanood?

  6. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    ako rin eh d2 ko napanood? bading vah talaga zya?

  7. Q Says:

    …. my sister and my maid usually watch it, so I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THAT!!! Ugh. Victor Basa :X :X :X

  8. popo zaragoza Says:

    he is a true gay…

  9. ian Says:

    oh great, i missed that. (sigh)

  10. tobby Says:

    ano ang ibig sabihin ng he is a true gay? just asking?

  11. peterpic Says:

    is this a trick question?
    meron bang may ganang tumanggi?

  12. reyville Says:

    HaHaHa, Nabitin ako dun ah.

  13. inday_garalgal Says:

    freakin read the wikepedia… & i quote “victor basa is an open homosexual..” bwahahahha…

  14. buffyboy Says:

    What’s an “open homesexual”? Are there “closed homosexuals” too?

    Are we still in that age where people must accuse guys of homosexuality to appreciate their beauty. Why don’t we just take Victor Basa as he is: A REALLY HOT GUY regardless of sexual orientation/leaning/preference!

  15. Fernando IX Says:

    Visit Victor Basa’s webpage and he categorically denied he is gay… but whatever, I really dont give a damn if he is because he is hooooooooot and some of us here would just salivate like mad dogs for him… and that’s the truth..

    So sisters, hwag na laitin ang tao because that would just suggest envy.

  16. bluehballs Says:

    I was shocked by the wikepedia trivia! I think they should remove that. I think he’s not aware of it, unless he was asked before it was even posted.

  17. teofs Says:

    victor is oozing with sex appeal that even one is closeted, he is forced to abandon what is hidden and will come out into the open…

  18. donald Says:

    who cares if he is gay or not… he is still the hottest model / actor in teh country… and yes pls feature the walang kapalit out of the pool scene ni victor… i saw it… WOW!!!

  19. what111 Says:

    ano ba ang eposide na lumabas si victor na skimppy ang trunks niya?

  20. sinned Says:

    a saw that epesode, from that start i admire that guy, i research for his name, then i found out this name Vctor Basa.

    wow grabeh yung sence na yun sa walang kapalit!!!

    as in naglakad pa sya sa pool side wearing the red with blue and black i think, basta laki gulat ko!!!!

    and few day from that nakita ko naman sya sa tendesitas with someone parang close sila!!!

    pero i dont care, who ever he is, basta for me he is realy hot….. malayo mararating nya, suplado efect nya ang galing!!!!

  21. Perfida Limpin Says:

    Well, you can have sightings of Victor at Fitness First. Short, dark and can’t be mistaken for a wannabe-star. He also has the irritating habit of hogging the machines, especially the bench press. He’s unmistakably fag.

  22. pepron Says:

    more hair pleaseeee

  23. purple09 Says:

    i dont think victor basa is gay,. people are just creating rumors about him being gay. he’s way too cute to be a gay guy!=)

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