Dennis Trillo in Men’s Health


Nice! Enjoy Dennis Trillo!


[Image scans sent in through email by MGG reader Jesse R. Thanks Jesse!] Trillo in Men's Health  digg:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  spurl:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  newsvine:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  furl:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  reddit:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  fark:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health  Y!:Dennis Trillo in Men's Health


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33 Responses to “Dennis Trillo in Men’s Health”

  1. ba_by_1_8 Says:

    hahahaha..first to comment!..

  2. jang chul soo Says:

    his body isnt very extraordinary but he says he got this look without going to the gym, home exercises WOW di ba?

  3. eric Says:

    mukha siyang natipus…
    me dont likey…

  4. Mark Says:

    I couldn’t believe Dennis came out of his shell after school. He would always hang out in the library back in college, looking like this timid young lad, with his two closest male friends. And even back then, my girl friends and i would drool over him. Those were the days when we could just look at him from across the room, or the table. Sigh…

  5. andree Says:

    “”with his two closest male friends”"

    according sa isang friend ko, ung Partner/Lover ni dennis is from makati.. @ a certain firm there, nakikita silang dalawa.. at xempre, i leave your imaginations @ its optimum fxning..

    As usual……….

    (how passe… it’s such a cliche)

  6. Bakleeta Says:

    hindi naman ganoon kakaisig ang katawan eh.

  7. DENNIS Says:

    Talaga? May lover si DENNIS T? Lalaki?

  8. Tim Says:

    dennis trillo is alrite-looking.
    he’s never gonna be piolo pascual, no matter how much push-ups or sit-ups he does every day in his ‘home exercise’.

  9. pepron Says:

    Hindi naman sya mukhang built; parang nagpagutom lang para lumabas ang bituka ;tapos magazine cover na?!

  10. silinglabuyo Says:

    hehehehe, may mga lover pa kayong nalalaman… hmmpf… basta from a reliable source as in first degree reliable source… tumira sya sa condo ni popoy caritativo (his manager) for a long time doon sa may san francisco gardens sa mandaluyong bago sya lumipat sa pioneer street… during their 10 day US tour magkasama sila natulog sa hotel pati narin sa mga provincial tours! laban kayo!?! swerte ng kafatid nating si popoy… let us all be happy for our dear sister…. hehehehehehe

  11. from1fagtoanother Says:

    Napaka-choosy nyo! hahaha I love dennis trillo

  12. Kai Says:

    Dennis Trillo remains a mystery to me. He’s obviously good-looking and sexy but he wouldn’t make my Mr. Winkle tinkle, if you know what I mean. Ewan. nice to look at but that’s it.

    But kudos to Men’s HEalth team.

  13. Jesse Says:

    Unlike many of the hunks shown here, Dennis looks “real”. His appeal isn’t nakakasawa

  14. argo Says:

    whatever u say bout him, bsta ” he’s the father of our only son..and i lov him wit all mah heart!” -carlene
    hehehehh.. sorry pero feeling ko ako c carlene aguilar nowadays..

  15. Asyano Says:

    Sarap ng kili-kili niya.

  16. Mark Says:

    I didn’t mean to imply that he’s gay because of his “two closest friends” ha. talagang close lang silang tatlo, parati silang magkakasama. :) well, i don’t know the rest of the story about his partner/lover… basta it was so dreamy looking at him. ang linis linis tingnan.

  17. Andrian Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy — he has some certain appeal but the cover pose, or nearly all of his poses are just off….

  18. russel Says:

    I will agree to adrian’s comment. Dennis hay i dont know why him?

  19. mrs.j Says:

    migs i did na hw will i knw f pasok aq?

  20. tubibi Says:

    Masyado namang photoshopped yung cover niya for MH.

    Inayos yung abs at tapos pinaliit yung frame niya.

    I agree na he looks cute pero not enough para umikot ang matres ko.

  21. tazmania Says:

    Finally, a magazine that gives an ordinary bodied guy a chance to be on its cover. Why not?! Maybe it was funded by GMA!!!LOL!!! This time expect to see more ordinary looking guys on mag cover. Well done to that magazine!!!

  22. red ice, nagbabaga pa!! Says:

    sa tingin ko wala pa syang gots na mag cover model for mens health ano ba naman katawan nya, compare nyo nga mga model ng men health mag kay den…mas bagay lng si dennis sa pang pa cute na mag..

  23. tinapay Says:

    It does not mean naman na if he once loved with his manager eh they are already sleeping together. If a man and a gay live under one roof , it does not mean they are already an item. Naniniwala ako na may decent gays who knows the true meaning of respect. Mahirap lang maraming malisyoso.

  24. andree Says:

    actually, si dennis ang palaging sumusundo sa guy..
    ayoko ding maniwala at first pero nagluksa ako ng 1 month ng makita ko…huhuh

  25. DENNIS Says:

    Ows? Talaga??? Is that the reason why he and Carlene broke off?


    I am working in Makati. San banda rito? Hahahaha.

  27. V itantonio Says:

    Photoshop galore na naman ang cover boy ng Menshealth. Lagi na lang. Wala silang makuhang honest to goodness na totoong ripped ang katawan.


    Oh well. That’s business.

  29. peak fantasy Says:

    dennis is a product of showbiz media hype. he isn’t drool worthy.

  30. chris Says:

    nanghihina ang tuhod ko sa tuwing nakikita ko sya. kamukha nya ang mahal ko.

  31. Candy Says:

    Ang Yummy! Tama lang…not to bulky for my taste.

    Sana lang may larger version ung pics. *wink*

  32. Candy Says:

    best site for a Dennis fanatic. pero i think alam mo na to.

  33. chris Says:

    thanks candy. dami pala nya pix dito.

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