Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild

Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild in this series of (shirtless) photos, screencaps from Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. Go juicier, go wetter Bruce! We want more!





bruce41jpg.jpg Quebral goes wet and wild  digg:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  spurl:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  newsvine:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  furl:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  reddit:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  fark:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild  Y!:Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild


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14 Responses to “Bruce Quebral goes wet and wild”

  1. Mimi Says:


  2. tonyboy Says:

    so far bruce doesn’t impress inside the house…i doubt if he could last long

  3. chad Says:

    gusto kong makita kung ano itsura ni nel habang ginagawa yan ni bruce!

  4. CADyouth Says:

    migs, please feature naman EZEKIEL of PBB2, he is the real hottie in the house…

  5. Kaleena Says:

    Bruce is so fugly. Very houseboy-looking ang face. Related kaya sha kay Robby The Horsey Mananquil?

  6. chriscapade Says:

    ampangit nya lalo na nung bagong gising sya.. parang… parang…wala lang!

  7. James Says:

    Bukas hahalikan ni Bruce si Nel. Watch the episode on primetime and see Nel’s reaction.

  8. barbie Says:

    Bruce Quebral is very gorgeous..He doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody coz he already got the glamour and the looks. He is perfect. I like to see him one day after he gets out in PBB house. Those who are giving negative comments and reactions to Bruce are just insecure.They cannot accept the fact that there is someone who is as perfect as Bruce alive.I love u BRuce

  9. chriscapade Says:

    kaya naman pala….

  10. jemmahh Says:

    papa ka bruce, sarap dilaan ng kilikili mo.

  11. dokd Says:

    hello mga friends! if you really like bruce and want to see him nude, you should get big brother 24/7! on the slovene 24/7 video feeds, they “show” much more! i was watching the guys take showers after they used the spa - it was three of the slovene housemates (alen, pero, and miha) - and i got good glimpses of their uncut “members”. they are nice “sized” as well. unlike sa pbb, they don’t wear their underwear while showering on sbb. so it will be interesting to see if bruce showers like his slovene housemates in the nude . . .

  12. projekchill Says:

    bruce is not that gwapo girls…he’s only got the real macho profile..ill go for kian…hot body and cute face.!!

  13. rommel Says:

    chaka ni bruce parang ma kyoho!

  14. trist_cum Says:

    mukha xang piranhang naging tao!

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