Bruce Quebral, U.P. hunk


Bruce Quebral was once upon a time a student of the University of the Philippines, played basketball as part of the Maroons team in the UAAP. He also represented the Philippines in Manhunt International in 2002. He’s so Pinoy looking, and I loooove it! Now you see him in this picture, don’t you think he should be showing a wee bit more?












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76 Responses to “Bruce Quebral, U.P. hunk”

  1. argo Says:

    he’s so HOT! its killing me.. and its freaking me out..!! Good baller, gorgeous Bod, beautiful face, what more can u ask for?? I love Him na…hehehe!

  2. tito arms Says:

    okey lang po humihinga pa!!!!! graaabbbbbbbeeeeehhhhh!!!!

  3. jze Says:

    he’s my batchmate nung high school…

    now he’s hot… kung alam ko lang.. sana noon pa!

  4. kurara_chibana Says:

    since we’re on the subject of UP hotties, may i remind y’all that the annual OBLATION RUN is happening this friday (dec. 15) at 12 noon at palma hall. see you there!

  5. Dave Montero Says:

    Hot indeed!

  6. jc Says:

    i never imagined bruce would be that sexy. we used to serve at the edsa shrine.

  7. datruth Says:

    one word: gifted.

    in so many ways. haha. wala lang. :).

  8. neil Says:

    a class act…

  9. euges Says:

    Very beautiful Pinoy !!!!!
    More of him please

  10. Ang-ang Says:


  11. tonyboy Says:

    we used to join him in mcdo philcoa when he was a up varsity yet. some find him payat today. he’s now a fullfledge model, so he has to slim down and develop some more his abs and show a well defined pelvic bone, ala zanjoe. his body in the pics above pangbangaan sa basketball yan eh, and pang-male pageant…bikini open…pero may dating sya…my browny brawny pinoy hunk..

  12. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ang cute nung brown undies niya hehehe!

  13. ERWIN Says:

    PWEDE NA SYA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. josh Says:

    hi school mate..

  15. lez Says:

    gravehhhhhhhhhhhhhh….game to!

  16. aggie Says:

    he is the best face and body you have featured!!!!!! more of him….and i mean MORE OF HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Albert Adrales, UST hunk | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Being from UP myself, I like Bruce Quebral the UP hunk better — hahaha! (how babaw can I get!?) — yet Albert here still deserves some highlighting. Albert Adrales, according to some postings in the net, was an accelerated Biology student in the University of Santo Tomas, apparently graduated with a Summa cum Laude, and pursuing medicine. He is also rumored to be gay (what else is new, huh?!) and have been seen kissing a guy in public. Well, well, well… what can you say? […]

  18. andrew Says:

    Pamatay ang moreno looks. I sOoOo drool all over him. Pati ‘bukol’ pamatay rin, haha!

  19. Jivan Says:

    Migs, can u give us an update on him? and please……more sexy photos (from manhunt, etc.)

  20. spld97 Says:

    Can I get more private pics of him?

    send it to my e-mail po.. and
    kahit na anong daring pics of
    anyone that’s HOT.

    Thanks po.. I would really
    appreciate it.

    Please and Thank you!

  21. Jimbo Says:

    Yes..Sa Bukol Pa lang ..patay na lahat ng mga Dyutay ng showbiz. patay silang lahat sa BIG BIRD niya (pahiram james yap)

  22. Bruce Quebral on PBB2? at pinoy big brother Says:

    […] This hottie of a model (I sound so gay saying this) used to play for the UP Maroons in one of their never–ending losing seasons. But who cares? His fans don’t give a damn about the Maroons, they just want him bare! […]

  23. Bruce Quebral in Pinoy Big Brother | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Rumors are afloat about Bruce Quebral, the U.P. hunk, being part of the latest batch of Pinoy Big Brother housemates. Wooohoooo! A delicious reason to watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. More Bruce Quebral pictures here. […]

  24. asia Says:

    hi can somebody tell me the title of the song used in leandro akobe video…pls pls

  25. Little Fish Says:

    Angelo…is this you?
    Ang sarap…ang ganda…ang saya!
    PBB will be on my viewing list…
    Ezekiel is a hottie too, another Sam Milby on the making…the German-speaking guy is another reason to watch PBB, and now Bruce, Wow!
    Angelo….miss you!

  26. cebu_gwapa Says:

    bruce hangs around a bunch of really hunky male models who are under the ’sponsorship’ of a rvery rich and good-looking bakla. the bakla looks lika a model too and malaki din ang katawan! i am not saying na bayaran si bruce but i always see him with that group of male models with the queen bee and birds of a feather… you know the rest…

  27. antonella Says:

    yan nanmn, di porke nakikitang kasama ng gay binibigyan na agad ng malisya.unfair naman sa taong napararatangan. I am gay and i go with real hunky gentlemen almost day and night during our days off, there r 6 cometimes 7 of them and 2 of us, gays, we even sleep together in one room and fit in 2 beds but walang nangyayaring kabulastugan. maski maiwan ang 1 gay and 1 lalaki solo sa room. i say n fairness, hindi lahat ng sumasama sa gay ay ganun na tulad ng iniisip ng iba. maaring mayroong ibang pumapayag, pero tulad ng mga daliri natin, di pantay-pantay, di pare pareho ang motibo ng lahat. yun lang…salamat!!!

  28. antonella Says:

    napapansin ko lang, tuwing may roong bagong mukhang pumapalaot sa mundo ng showbiz, instead na tulungan, especially ng mga nagsasabing kailala nila si ganito-ganoon, ay kung ano-ano pang paninira ang sinasabi… ang sa akin, if you have nothing nice to say about a person, better be quiet na lang kawawa naman yung gustong maghanap buhay. this only my opinion, wala akong gustong banggain, inaakala ko lang na may karapatan din akong sabihin ang aking mga saloobin…freedom of speech and expression!!! thanks!!!

  29. CHRISNDES Says:


  30. DENNIS Says:

    OK Bruce. Go for the top prize of PBB. I know you can make it. Your basketball fans will definitely vote for you. And the whole UP community.

  31. Joey Says:

    bruce entered the pbb house last night. haaay, mapupuyat na naman ako!

    and to antonella (barba?): easy lang, ang puso mo… :-)

  32. tasha Says:

    I dont hv any comment about bruce,,I really like his brief……i mean inside of it!!!mwahhh!

  33. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Kamukha niya yong dating artista dito sa Singapore na si James Lye. Super hunk talaga.

  34. mark Says:

    dati kong dormmate sa peyups. he has the looks and the heart. girls like him, guys love to be like him. mabait na tao toh, so dude make us proud!

  35. jazzie Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaay!!! sana after ni bruce pumasok sa pbb house dito naman xa sa house ko mag stay…. hahaha!!!

    at ang task nya everyday… hahaha!!! alam nyo na yun!!! as in!!! 24/7 ang action!!

  36. jenn Says:

    he’s sooo hot talaga i wish i could slip wid him lyk some of the guys that do magkano ka ba??? hottie

  37. Ben Says:

    Bruce is super nice, super sexy, super handsome, and super devoted to his girl friend. Hay bruce…. one of the reasons why i wish i were a girl. HAHAHAHAHA

  38. bananarama Says:

    i have met this guy already and i swear, di sya bading. yun lang. sa up, simple lang tong tao na to, totoong taga up kasi nag jejeep at nag eeload lang yan. so sa mga madaming pera dyan, inyo na! tama si ben, maypagka loyal sya pero it has been a while na din so tingin ko baka wala na…

  39. gravity Says:

    ang cute cute naman ni bruce…he’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  40. bRiGeTTe 4 bRucE Says:

    hAy…naKu pO…aNg guApo taLagA nG baBy kuE…
    hAy….sAnA maGinG

  41. potpot Says:

    Bruce is a very down-to-earth guy. He was my dormmate sa UP at masaya talaga siyang kasama.

  42. cast Says:

    love you bruce….

  43. marshane dolz Says:

    gosh………….bruce u really are so maapeal as in….hay ur my ultimate crush, crazy over u..

  44. Kib24 Says:


    His a hot buddy…

    Hope may mga new pics pa xa….ung mas daring je3x.

  45. Bruce Says:

    ei guyz plz visit the fansite of bruce quebral post kayo dun

  46. nell Says:

    Something wrong sa website na yan? Di ma-access. Try ulit later.

  47. sebastian ramos Says:

    grabe i like bruce when i first saw him on t.v…sana met kame… you bruce

  48. j0anna Says:

    oh oh ohwooh… hehehe

    bruce, ur the man!!!

    great physique!


    gosssshhhh…. super sexy….

    makalaglag panty talaga!hahaha

  49. athan Says:

    wala jo!!! ka gwapo naman ni bruce

  50. Lance Says:

    bruce nc tlga >.

  51. narciso Says:

    gwapo mo talaga bruce can u be my bf joke gwapo mo at sexy pa

  52. john_aspen Says:

    Antonella, I agree. I go out with straight hunky guys too. One of them is my best friend. Hindi naman lahat ng gays basta basta na lang. At hindi lahat ng suamsama sa mga gays ay ganun din.

    About Bruce, I think he is like Rocky Salumbides. Very hot and very exotic ang dating. Ultimate Pinoy Hunk dapat ang category nila e. And I think Bruce is the best choice for the Big Brother Swap to Slovenia. Good looking and smart.

  53. jun Says:

    can i have a sexy photos of bruce quebral? plssssssssss.

  54. Julio Says:

    ok si bruce, kaya lang dami peklat

  55. astig 23 Says:

    ang cute tlga ni bruce!!muahhhhhhhhhhh!!ang gwapo mo tlga

  56. aileen Says:

    ok c bruce kaso ayaw ko kay wendy para sa knya kc sobrang arte cya

  57. ladi mae Says:

    grabe bagay talaga sila ni wendy idol… #1 fan nila ako sa dipolog

  58. bench2000 Says:

    shit…. angsarap ni bruce

  59. projekchill Says:

    pinoy na pinoy ang mukha..=p

  60. eponine Says:

    My best friend loosk like bruce. Only shorter. he’s got the nose, the lips, the color, the eyes…. and the bulges. :D

  61. eponine Says:

    on the 9th pic, isn’t that John Lowpeeez leaning on Big Bruce’s big leg?

  62. ronan fidel Says:

    he is so hot, i want to eat him like a hamburger

  63. Tats Marquez Says:

    Reptilian eyes–I don’t like it! But for the body–it’s a jaw-dropper!

  64. fattyacid Says:

    yuck talaga hahaha…

  65. erilyn1989 Says:

    july 5, 2007

    grabe tlga bruce. super hunk. sna 22ong wla kyong iwanan ni wendang. ure so bgay tlga. calling direc loren wla pa bang youre song special cla featuring the song when she cries.

  66. johanna Says:

    papa Bruce! I really really like you! your my ultimate crush! My God! I love your body, your face, everything about you! ka luka ka! Good luck with your career!

  67. mikelle Says:

    hehehehehe.gwapo naman ni bruce ko

  68. paa Says:

    ang panget kaya ng legs nya, knocked-knee

  69. helena Says:

    yuck! looks dirty!

    wala syang pag-asang sumikat! noh! feeling nya! pareho naman sila ni wendy kaya okay lang sila! Wag na silang magpumilit ni wendy…

  70. gelly Says:

    hindi tlaga sila bagay ni wendy…….

    dahil kami ang bagay…..


  71. jonah Says:

    naks kakabaliw ka bruce idol kta

  72. kies Says:

    i’ll never expet for what i’m seeing…hooh…i’m taking a deep breath…..wooh…grabe..

  73. erica Says:

    ang ganda ng katawan mo bruce yummy

  74. lily Says:

    i love you bruce

  75. YuriKa Says:

    t*****a! deliciously different!!

  76. rodier Says:

    mas ok si janvier!

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