Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin’ Good

Kris Martinez is the Male 1st runner up in 2005’s run of Close-up To Fame Season 1. He starred with Tyrone Perez in the recently shown Twilight Dancers.

Kris Martinez (1).jpg

More pics…

Kris Martinez.jpg
Kris Martinez (2).jpgKris Martinez (3).jpgKris Martinez (4).jpg

In Close-up To Fame Season 1, Kris was edged out by fellow contender Reyson Yap of Davao. Previous Close-Up winners include Gabby Concepcion and Rudolph Yaptinchay during the 80’s. A decade later, fans swooned over the gleaming smiles of Dale Villar, Robin da Roza and TJ Trinidad. Today, Close-Up winners John Prats, Rafael Rosell, TJ Trinidad, Maike Evers, Karel Marquez have branched out into glitterville. Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  digg:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  spurl:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  newsvine:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  furl:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  reddit:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  fark:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good  Y!:Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin' Good


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17 Responses to “Kris Martinez, Finger Lickin’ Good”

  1. Kris Martinez, more, more, more! | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Can’t get enough of finger lickin’ good Kris Martinez? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s more of his yummy pictures! […]

  2. jhe Says:

    sya ba? kung sya ay finger link’n good ayoko n syang iluwa…hehehe joke..cute nmn sya kaya ok lng po….crush ko sya eh…thnks migs..

  3. sabina Says:

    walang hiya ka! akin lang sya! eh ikaw sino ba type mo?

  4. lol Says:

    ang sarraaaap papabol!!!!!!!!

  5. mtguy Says:

    you don’t have to show some flesh ur still sexy inside and out! whattaammannnnnnn…!!!!!!!!

  6. Inquisitor Says:

    can someone pls remind me what event or fashion show was this..? ung nasa first photo thanks

  7. watduh Says:

    i don’t see anything in him…walang dating.sorry

  8. DC Says:

    he was my classmate in high school at crush ko sya dati. hehe

    i luv your site!

  9. andrew Says:

    Masarap talaga si Kris. Talap, talap!

  10. Yummy Kris Martinez | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] I think it’s the eyes! I’m a chinito lover! More Kris Martinez pics here and here. […]

  11. loidy Says:

    i like his pubes

  12. mitch Says:

    kuya ko yan!!!!!!!!!!char……….. cge pa kuya go!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. monsour abraham Says:

    Shalom & hi ! you’re such a nice guy inside & out … I adore you as a real hunk.I love you baby face… i’m one of your avid fan in Jerusalem ; Israel

  14. Denvi Ho Says:

    Ang sarap nya, paano ko sya mako-contact….ano cell no. nya.

  15. Calvin Says:

    don’t like the finger licking… gross! :(

  16. GLENN Says:

    This guy really steams and one of your best personalities by far.

  17. slut Says:

    shit! he`s hot! iwant him @ my side..

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