Kris Martinez, more, more, more!

Can’t get enough of finger lickin’ good Kris Martinez? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s more of his yummy pictures!

Kris Martinez

More, more, more! Well, proceed at your own risk.

Boots… butts… and boing-boing, bling-bling balls! Enjoy!

kris_martinez2.jpg kris_martinez3.jpg kris_martinez4.jpg Martinez, more, more, more!  digg:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  spurl:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  newsvine:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  furl:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  reddit:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  fark:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!  Y!:Kris Martinez, more, more, more!


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16 Responses to “Kris Martinez, more, more, more!”

  1. Ian Says:

    I have not seen the movie Twilight Dancers but my initial reaction is “Not another movie about Filipino go go boys.” This is the third Mel has directed and while it may be a great film. surely there is some other story of gay life in the Philippines that can be told.

  2. Sam with the Yellow Shirt Says:

    True, I agree with what Ian says. Though I do believe there’s an underbelly to the society puhlease!!!

    Maybe that’s why Maximo was so endearing. There’s a sense of reality without being preachy to what ever it is that happens between two guys (two gays) or two bi’s ( bibi?)

    Anyways, I find that when guy dances naked in front of me I have two reactions I laugh and get wet.

  3. Kris Aquino Says:

    This Kris really makes my panties wet.. Have seen Twilight. But there were lotsa cuts..Hadnt seen more of Kris..More pics of him pleaaahhhhhssseeee…

  4. huge Says:

    more pix of kris please

  5. mtguy Says:

    i really like this guy in fact i got a crush on him…

  6. leo Says:

    i saw twilight, and frankly halos hindi ko napansin si kris doon… where did you get the pix?!?!

    si kris din yung nasa SUper Inggo di ba?!? ay wala na pala siya, pinatanda na character niya…

  7. Migs Says:

    they published a Twilight Dancers mag, containing these pics. yup, nasa Super Inggo siya dati, partner ni Nova Villa.

  8. Pipes dela Cruz Says:

    bango ng pits!!! im sure dami na nakalick jan,,, hehehe

  9. what_boys_want Says:

    seriously, hindi ako nakahinga nung makita ko yung singit niya!!!

  10. chuckiedoll Says:

    naging boylet na siya ni ai-ai de las alas..and she’s too fond of his kilikili and singit..kasi neat freak tong si kris! ;)

  11. jap Says:

    babalik pa siya sa inggo, you watch out nagtaping na siya at hahaba pa ang role niya as diok

  12. DC Says:

    he wasn’t that beefy back in high school. but i’m surprise that he went all the way leaving only the hat…

  13. andrew Says:

    Ganda ng eyes. Kissable red lips. Hindi OA ang muscles. Makinis. Masarap si Kris Martinez…

    Masarap s’ya dilaan, hehe!


  14. michael Says:

    Kris is hot looking

  15. mabuhay!!! Says:

    he is yummy and delicious..
    i like him eevn during close up days….

  16. michael Says:

    kris has great moves

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