Pinoy Hunk of the Year

Photo by Philip Tan

There is an ongoing online contest for the “Pinoy Hunk of the Year.” As I see it, the contest is actually a personal project of a photography hobbyist named Philip Tan. He wants to have the public choose among his 26 male models the most deserving to be called “Hunk of The Year.” As I do not know Philip Tan personally I am not unnecessarily vouching for the veracity of the contest — however, what I am vouching for is the existence of his online albums which I have personally visited. Most of the models are so-so (IMHO) but you may find a handful who can perhaps fit your fancy. Here’s the emailer for more details.

Mr. Philip Tan is a photography hobbyist. He had taken pictures of male models and now have posted his pictures of 26 men and is now asking people to make a vote. The simple mechanics for a valid vote are:

1. Email him at [email protected]
2. Indicate your name and contact number (Basically to validate the votes as there are some candidates who are not only campaigning but also sending votes by creating email account and voting for themselves).
3. The email should contain a list of the ten candidates - no more, no less.

And once your vote is considered valid, you stand to win the major prize which is a Php 4,000 gift cheque from either Rustan’s or SM. If you like to see his photo album and details, feel free to check his gallery. Hunk of the Year  digg:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  spurl:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  newsvine:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  furl:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  reddit:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  fark:Pinoy Hunk of the Year  Y!:Pinoy Hunk of the Year


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  1. Karl Says:


  2. Jarus Says:

    Mr. Philip tan’s gallery is not available for viewing at fotki. any other galleries he might want to share?

  3. keeyzee Says:

    thats all????????

  4. rowaina Says:

    Arthur solinap the best ang gwapo grabe!!!!

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