Credibility and the corporate world

G-Quotient.gifIs your workplace homophobic? Do you have a work environment that is less than optimal for gays? There is no point in waiting for something to turn it around — we ourselves should be the change agents. We should do something about it. The effectiveness though of such environment altering, culture change depends a lot on the change agent’s credibility. Here are some tips from Kirk Snyder, author of leadership book G-Quotient, on how to increase your credibility in the workplace.

Three career behaviors that will increase your credibility:

1. Commit to your job and your role within the organization. Don’t spend time bad-mouthing the company or your position. If you hate where you are, move on.

2. Go above and beyond the call of duty to do consistently superior work. Once you establish yourself as a talented and skilled professional, being a catalyst for change is a piece of cake.

3. Support other employees — gay and straight — by being a supportive and communicative teammate. At some point you’re going to need help, so pitch in when you can. This creates good “buzz” in your direction.

If you practice these three behaviors within your organization, you’ll have a better chance to get the opportunity to be heard — and to make the organization even better for others. and the corporate world  digg:Credibility and the corporate world  spurl:Credibility and the corporate world  newsvine:Credibility and the corporate world  furl:Credibility and the corporate world  reddit:Credibility and the corporate world  fark:Credibility and the corporate world  Y!:Credibility and the corporate world


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  1. pepe Says:

    migs, feeling ko na discriminate ka na din tulad ko? ako, i moved on. I had an early retirement at age 31. I worked for 11 fucking years trying to fit in sa organization ko. anyways, nagtayo na lang ako ng sariling negosyo at walang kumukotya na bakla ako. kahit mahirap magtayo ng business, mas less stressed yata ako ngayon kasi no one bothers na bakla ako. di na ako nagpapamasahe sa maid namin dahil i dont feel stressed. para bang relaxed palagi. i think, sa akin lang, let us all be entrepreneurs, mas magaan ang feeling.

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