World Peace: A Gentle Reminder

Hello dear MGG readers! Commercial break muna tayo from glistening bodies of macho men ha… I just want to remind everyone regarding my wish for all time: WORLD PEACE. And I would like to invite you to help me spread the same idea. Please read on.

I surf the blogosphere more often than most of you guys probably do, and my observation is that some sites tend to be either too vulgar for my taste, or too negative for my comfort. In MGG, I’ve always tried not to fall into the extremes of ranting because deep in my heart, perhaps I have my family to thank for my upbringing, I am in my best form, and I can give my best if I am with my most positive outlook. This is what I really mean when I say WORLD PEACE. Yes, my own little version of it. But I invite you to at least try and have that same outlook too.

This also means I moderate comments in this blog. If I see a comment that is too aggressive, or too belligerent, then I delete it before it sees the light of day. Friendly banter is fine, but comments that invite written combat is a no-no. If I find a comment too obscene for my comfort, I also delete it. I hope you guys give me this little censoring fancy of mine — while and because I am gay, I believe in good taste. Ayaw ko ng balahuraan. Sabi nga ni “Mader” Ricky Reyes, everything has a place.

Finally, I repeat my invitation. Help me spread optimism and positive outlook — in the blogosphere, through the blogosphere, and in real life. With each of us doing even the tiniest thing, the world will definitely be a much better place. WORLD PEACE! Peace: A Gentle Reminder  digg:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  spurl:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  newsvine:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  furl:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  reddit:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  fark:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder  Y!:World Peace: A Gentle Reminder


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16 Responses to “World Peace: A Gentle Reminder”

  1. josh Says:

    Peace to all of you brothers! sisters! thnx migs. Yeah, this blog is one that makes a person interact in good taste… Well thats why i like visiting this place in morning, mid morning evening,midnight…:)

  2. gheh Says:

    wow migs never thought that you were like that, and knowing it makes me admire you more and more :)

  3. Meister Says:

    I would like to applaud and give my highest praises to you Migs, whoever you are, for adding more color to the Web. I have just started reading your website just this week, and I must say this is the only gay website done in very (and I mean VERY) good taste. Not like the other sites out there that are just plain tasteless and of little substance. Finally, a website that entertains and educates me - a great supplement to my gay lifestyle. I’ll always look forward to your new articles. Heck, I even subscribed via RSS!!!

    Kudos to you Migs, and keep up the good work!

    - Meister (Club Madonna Philippines)

  4. chismoso Says:

    off-tangent topic…

    migs, diba dati linked ang blog ninyo ni mandaya moore? nagtataka lang ako bakit nabura siya. i wonder if mandaya is okay.

  5. KittyQT Says:

    That’s right Migs, way to go girl!

    Migs’ topic ‘Homophobia Among Us, March 19th, 2007′ really is an eye-opener. Sana tigilan na ang paglait lalo na yung di-makataong pagpupuna (transalation for our international readers- ‘let’s stop criticizing particularly giving inhuman comments’). With this, we could get the respect the Gay community needs.

    Keep it up Migs! (ay, baka iba isipin mo sa what to KEEP UP, hehe!)

    Migs, there’s still a problem in accessing your blog. The ‘over the quota’ notice keeps cropping up. Now lang, I had to access it five times. Grabe, in demand na talaga blogsite mo.

    Again, world peace. purr purr purr…

  6. pirena Says:

    korak ka jan!!!!we should love and help each other dahil nobody lives for his/her own sake, we are interconnected kahit most of us here eh ndi naman talaga magkakakilala and walang interaction…and holy week na mga ate….so to all of you sisters….peace BE WITH YOU ALL !!!!have a nice day ahead migs and world peace….

  7. josh Says:

    speaking of world peace, what better way to promote this idea than thru the visual arts… (migs permission again pls, email ko sana to your for support privately but i think i already lack the liberty of time).. hey people of MGG, those who are interested to join Silent Art Auction are corfially invited to the fund raising of Manila Waldorf School, today, March 30 (sat) from 3-6 pm at the LUMIERE GALLERY, grnd flr L.V. Locsin Bldg., cor. Ayala & makati aves. I donated a painting for it (just dont ask me what the subject becoz its on the extreme of what i like in mgg, perhaps Khalel knows about this-miss u here bro.) Try logging on this site for details The participating artist includes (aside frm me of course) augusto albor, hermes alegre,lao lianben,arturo luz, roel obemio, ramon orlina denise weldon,… one of the organizers and also participants is Ginny Dizon (infamous & multi-awarded jeweller) who is a friend of my girl boss. I’ll be there to grace the affair. Food & beveranges will be served throughout the afternoon. PAX romana!

  8. Jo Says:

    You’ve taken the right direction Migs.

    Though there is freedom of expression, the rule is not absolute. Being the owner of the blog, you’ve all the right to filter replies made by your readers. I really find some of the replies indecent and inappropriate to the point of making Migs blog filthy and insulting. Just because you use your pseudonyms/alias, it does not give you the right to maliciously defame other people. I’ve called your attention before Migs about certain replies and I support your decision in censoring some comments.

    Kudos in making a valid stand.

    I agree on the above comment, on several occasions, there’s difficulty in accessing your blog.

    From Sanfo with love, I wish you Migs more fame and fortune.

    Yes, world peace!

  9. Nicolo Says:

    Yes WORLD PEACE to all of us.

  10. Ace Says:

    You definitely have my support, Migs. I think there is enough mean-ness and ugliness everywhere else. As free thinking and informed group we don’t have to agree on everything but I’m sure we can put forward our ideas with respect and civility. I’m not a prude by any means but I do tend to wince when reading extreme language. I have to admit though that a lot of your readers are pretty hilarious and it is a good thing. Thanks, Migs. Keep up the good work.

  11. kamay Says:

    no wonder i read your blog.



  12. pete Says:

    way to go, migs! the world and the web could use more people like you! (especially if you’re as hot as you seem to be. :-))

  13. andrew Says:

    Ay, parang si Sandra Bullock sa ‘Miss Congeniality,’ hihihi! Klap, klap, klap! :)

  14. mcvie Says:

    BRAVO, MIGS! Ika nga ng Spice Girls:

    “Smiling, dancing, everything is free,
    All you need is positivity!
    Colours of the world, spice up your life!
    Every boy and every girl, spice up your life!
    People of the world, spice up your life!

  15. josh Says:

    mcvie, i just opend ur blog this morning and enjoyed reading ur entries. I included u in my favorites para i can also read ur blog daily! and world peace..

  16. cast Says:

    nice one migs….. you have my support on this… world peace… and i believe in that too…hanga naman ako sau

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